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a little BLUE Q for YOU

Hiya sistahs.. just to prove to you how much I LOVE these bags.. I whipped up a little video (don’t ask how I did this please LOL).. AND don’t judge n’k?

If any of you have a current video set up.. any tips.. camera brands.. tools to edit, it would be much appreciated.  I taped this via my Samsung Note 3.. so it’s not so fancy.

I cut up some transparencies and stuck my stamps on it (fits lots) and tucked it into my BLUE Q BE BOLD bag.. this thing fits LOTS.

Have fun making fun of DA  BELLA 🙂












  1. Ayesha says:

    This is fab ! ^_^ i like the idea of a good storage system.
    Can’t have enough of your lovely stamps hehehe
    oh ya about mums ! me too no one understands .. sighhh***

    Ive played around with so many stamps will be posting my cards soon very excited xx
    Best regards ^_^

    PS: i always forget the spam protection :/ lol

  2. Cute bag and great idea to hide your stamp stash from Mom LOL!! I love the sentiment – and some of the vintage designs of the other Blue Q bags! Your video was perfect BTW – sound, picture, etc. was spot on!

  3. Flo says:

    Hey, you did great.

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