a little bit of DIS and a little bit of DAT.. and AJ TOOSDAY on TOOSDAY!

Hiya sistahs!  How was your weekend?  I’m telling you.. I don’t even know what day it is lately.. hmph.. been so busy and the weekend that just passed was a whirlwind…

This was my view pretty much for 3 days straight.  hmph.. we were all WRECKS by Sunday night LOL.. That’s my BOY with the spider man helmet.. goalie of the stars..LOL.  I honestly can’t complain as I REALLY enjoy watching him and cheering for the team.. it just takes the wind out of me… and the politics involved really drive me MAD!  Any othAH sistahs involved in competitive sports?  Would love to hear your stories..

Here’s another little tidbit of my life..LOL.  I pick up the kidlets every afternoon.. and this is what greets me.. a little scary but soooo cute 🙂  Makes my heart sing!  This little girl with the SMOOSHED window nose is a true “free spirit”..LOL.. sometimes a little hard to follow..LOL

Ok Enough about MEEEEEE… What’s going on with YOUUUUUUU?

Don’t forget to place a comment on BELLARIFIC FRIDAY post to possibly win $10 in bella bucks!  Also don’t forget this week’s SKETCH due Thursday night!  Come on and join us will ya?


This week’s theme was an ANYTHING goes theme..  Let’s see what everyone came up with shall we?

this is my page where I collaged and coloured and sketched.. I used my colored pencils and mineral spirits.. LOVED EVERY MINUTE making this page!

this is Heather's page

This is Violet's page

and for next week’s challenge?

I made some “PACKING TAPE  TRANSFERS” with Jayden last week.. here’s her manicured fingers, showing you the technique

This is a great technique and VERY easy.  I would like you to include a transfer in your art journaling page.. k?  You with me?  Here’s a link to a tutorial and it’s a phenom website to look through.. YUM.. you’ll thank me 🙂

On the radio today while driving my children to a program?

yup.. it occupied me for 10 minutes of my 1 hour laborious drive.. I sang SO loud I think the cars next to me heard me.. ECHHHH who cares what othahs think right? LOL

Mwah to da sistahs who sing with da tunes and will TRY AJ TOOSDAY NEXT TOOSDAY!




  1. Violet says:

    Love your page Em! So cute. And Heather’s page really spoke to me!
    Competive sports – oh yeah! All three of my girls were in soccer and bowling. It’s the parents that drove me crazy. One year the soccer club for girls about 8 – 10 had to have a restraining order against one of the fathers so he could not be near the field where his daughter was playing because he was so verbally abusive to her and the other players. Sad!

  2. Heather Goodson says:

    OOOOHHHHHHH! Image transfers!! I LOVE IMAGE transfers! Can’t wait to see what shows up next week!!
    When it comes to kids and sports some parents are just insane! My daughter was in a skills soccer club ( not a competative one) when she was 6 and there was one dad who used to push his daughter to the extreme. Nothing she did was ever right or good enough, and she always had such a sad despondent look on her face at 6 years old! Her dad was a policeman ( which I found hard to believe) and every week I wanted to go over to him and scream in his face Can you not see what you are doing to your kid??? I settled for giving the girl realistic compliments every time she did something right, and praising her for trying and having the courage to try and try again. And I pretended I didn’t see her dads looks of irritation directed at me when I was giving her these encouraging words! I really don’t get some parents. The world is hard enough parents and home should be a place of understanding and sanctuary.

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