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a funny little NUGGET and some BLOG LOVE

hiya sistahs,

first I would like to tell you that I feel like releasing on THURSDAY rather than FRIDAY.. is that ok with you? LOL

I also have to tell you what Jayden said to me yesterday..LOL.  So Jayden and Tyler went grocery shopping last night and when I came home from work late last night she says to me “mommy, we bought ICE CREAM (i must add it is low fat yogurt LOL).. and I said, “that’s GREAT Jay!”.. so she says to me but you can’t have any cuz you are on a DIET (really? last time I checked my rear was still quite large..LOL).. I said ” ok Jay, i won’t have any because of my DIET.. Jay, do you know what a DIET is?” and she says “YES mom, it is when you can’t eat anything that you LOVE” Oh how correct that little one is… not even 5 and NAILED the concept..LOL.. is that cute or what?

Next is some new SNEAK PEEKS in case you haven’t hopped through our DT’s blogs.. OH ARE THEY YUMMALISH!  Have I mentioned that this is an amazing release???? HMMMM????

Paulabella used one of MO‘s new RUBBAH images named ANGELINA.. oh how I love her.  I have this “thing” for kids with funny hair..LOL.. and I JUST loved the STATIC that the balloons were generating.. so when I saw this image, I knew she had to be “OURS”.. good choice no?  It would go great to send to your girlfriends saying “BAD HAIR DAY”? LOL.. I just love her.. *sigh* and the new GIRL’S PAPERIE LINE that Paula used? OMG …

Danabella used our new TIEDTHEKNOTABELLA on her card.. just makes ya wanna get married ALLLL OVER AGAIN… (just ask RYAN..LOL he’ll SURELY agree)

Jodibella made a gorgeous card using our new EXECUBELLA.. how retro!

Are these not PHENOMALISH!?

Mwah to da sistahs whose favorite day is THURSDAYYYYYYY



  1. Dia says:

    My favorite day can be Thursday if there is something exciting waiting for me!
    Maybe a fantastic release a day early?!?!

  2. Leslie W. says:

    Is it true? Really? Are ya gonna do it?

  3. Karen Steen says:

    how about a Wednesday release ………… mid week!!

    for those of us not able to go to Scrapfest, we would have a new stamp to play with!!!

    I vote for Wednesday …. you are teasing us with Angelina – I LOVE that one!!

  4. Jennifer R says:

    Is it Thursday yet??? Hopefully I can snag some of those new releases at Scrapfest 🙂

  5. Pinky says:

    Thursday will work for me! YAY, THURSDAY!!!! 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    I love thoese new Bellas, ‘specially Execubella. I am hooked on Madmen and this is just perfect for that retro feel. Love it!

  7. Dia says:

    I agree with Karen – I could definetly do a wednesday release – i would love to bring home some of those new goodies

  8. jen shears says:

    Your story cracks me up! My little person (just 5) asked me today if I was STILL eating healthy foods (cuz I”m on a diet too) 🙁 Followed up with ‘Are you EVER going to eat sugar again?’ Really? You’d think even at her tender age she’d already know the answer to that!!! *giggle*

  9. BellaG says:

    love thursdays! it’s a great TV night too!
    love your Jayden story; 5 yr olds say the darndest things! my 5yr old son yesterday was telling his brother that tomorrow they would be going to the toy store to buy a Mario Bros toy, so i asked him who’s money he was gonna use to buy this toy and he says: ” Daddy’s!” LOL! true but, I don’t think so little man!

  10. Jayne M says:

    Love that ‘Angelina’ stamp, and the story. My 5yr old said to me one day “Mom, I think you’re the most beautiful person in the whole world”. I said “really” and almost had a scrapbook moment til she said “Nah, only joking, but even though you’re not beautiful, I still love you”…Gotta love em! Can’t wait for Thursday and my newest addiction…….MoBella stamps!!

  11. Leslie G says:

    Yay Emily – THANK YOU for releasing early! You ROCK!!!!

  12. Kimberley says:

    Thursday sounds great! I love the little bait that you’ve been casting out……..

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