30 day color challenge! have you heard?


Hiya sistahs!

In case you don’t follow our fella sistah (not that she’s a fella…you need to understand DIS bella’s lingo LOL) Kathy Racoosin from the Daily Marker. I encourage you to follow her blog or on Instagram!  She hosts a 30 day colour challenge and she is AMAZING and so INSPIRING so please go visit and let me know what you think!

Because I love HER and her blog so much I have sponsored her challenge with a $25 gift certificate to our shop!.. so if you participate on her blog or hashtag your creation on Instagram, you will be eligible to win!  Check back on her blog daily to see what the challenges are and if you are a WINNAH!

I hope you enjoy her challenge as much as I do!





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  1. Jan D., FL says:

    I read every one of her posts and follow her challenges…I don’t have a blog or use instagram, facebook, or any of the social media sources (I’m old), so I don’t participate….but, I do enjoy watching her color and create. She’s a really sweet and talented person.

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