wednesday musings…

Hiya sistahs!

hope you’re having a great week so far 🙂

I am busy shipping.. thinking.. artwork reviewing.. 2014 is gonna be CUH RAZY!! do you hear me???  heheheh that’s me torturing you..

I was surfing my IG feed the other day and just wanted to share a class, idea that my pals are hosting in the new year… This is why I love da sistahood.. we share, we share we share!  Ideas, Inspiration, classes.. I am all about that.. and when I saw this mini class, I thought I should share with you 🙂

I have always been a stationery/leather goods/pen/planner MONGER.. Since I was about 8 years old.. I had a pen collection, papers, stamps, agendas, filofaxes.. you name it.. I owned it.. or at least had it on my wish list..

Every December, I start buying my agendaS for the year because 1 never does it for me.. then I lose where I wrote down my appointment… uch I’m a mess.  So when I saw THIS idea posted on Instagram, I thought it would be perfect.. it’s a planner.. it’s an art journal… it’s whatever you want it to be in ONE PLACE!

It’s called “THE DOCUMENTED LIFE” project..   I think it’s so important to record our day to day.. for History’s sake.. for our legacy’s sake.. for people to understand US later on… for us to look back on.. to remember the good times, the bad times…I love it.  And I wouldn’t post it, if I didn’t truly believe it 🙂


there are AMAZING hostesses in this project.. if you go to Rae’s blog.. you will get all the information.. and don’t forget to join the FB group to get all updates!  And if you haven’t “LIKED” stamping Bella yet on FB, you should!  there are going to be many updates going on there too 🙂  oh and on Instagram.. I’m such a Social Media junkie LOL.

Just a little nugget of amazingness I wanted to share with da sistahs.. Oh and a little hint.. if you are into agenda “decorating”.. you will SQUEAL with delight when you see what I am coming up with :)..

Mwah to da sistahs who are EXCITED!!!



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