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The Release is TODAY! Free Shipping to da sistahs! coupon code is “mwah” (offer until Feb. 11th)

Sistahs!  I am working on the release as we speak!  Will be updating this post as we ‘speak’.

First I would like to announce the winnah of the $20 spree

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-02-06 16:49:28 UTC

  1. Shannon Roberts Says:
    Ummm ya! And I have a big fat list waiting to be ordered it would be so great to have that extra nudge! MWAH to the queen!

Shannon, I will be sending your $20 right now!

We have all been thinking here at bellaland how we can help our sistahs out.. I think that the economy has been really lousy and after having seen the attendance at CHA, I had a kind of wake up call… so in honor of VALENTINES day.. and the ECONOMIC BLECHINESS, we have decided to honor free shipping to da sistahs EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE in the world, for all orders over $45 as a thank you for your continued support even through this “blechiness”.. so THANK YOU sistahs for all you do!  Hows’ THAT for a bellarific friday? hmmmmm?  Please enter the code mwah without the quotation marks.  Off to post images now!

This free shipping is not applicable to the bella bead bonanza nor the free gifts.. that offer is completed!

Let’s discuss our new artist ELENA FRENCH.  She is super FABBY DABBY, ADORABLE, TALENTED.. and when I saw those turtles.. OMG.. I just about had a heart attack.. literally.  And when she said YES?!?!?! I think I really DID have a heart attack.. Honest.  Here’s a little bit about Elena

is she not adorable??

is she not adorable??

and here is a little bio about her

When Elena French woke up one morning dreaming of illustrated turtles she knew she could not put off the ideas in her head any longer! Working as a graphic designer for a government contracting company in Connecticut was a stable job but did not supply the creativity she was craving. So like any other closet artist she started drawing anyway! At night, on weekends, she could be found head bent over a drawing pad, dragging her set of Prismacolors wherever she went. She is stepping into the world of blogging, illustrating, Etsy, and now stamps! What a dream come true! Elena hopes to continue creating artwork that is full of whimsy, hope and childlike innocence. She has done graphite and charcoal portraiture for years but is now focusing on Children’s Room art and Illustration. To contact Elena or just get to know her heart, you can visit: Elena’s website at  or e-mail her

Please please please post her a comment on her blog and inspire to draw more for us!  SHOW HER DA SISTAH LOVE!!

Please welcome the beginning of the Turtle Tots collection. You can find picking posies here

I want to  EAT this turtle.. are turtles low fat? LOL

I want to EAT this turtle.. are turtles low fat? LOL

Turtle Tots CHEERLEADER– ahem did you notice the BOW on her HEAD? you can find her  here

how about LOVE IS IN THE AIR?  This is an all year round stamp.. with miss you.. I just love you.. LOVE THAT FACE! You can find her/him here

miss my sistahs!

miss my sistahs!

And finally the turtle tots BIRTHDAY WISHES!  LOOOOVE this one (shocked?)

introducing PREDICTABELLA.. you can find her here

LOOOVE her.. and please notice the hat on the cat? billboardabellas words fit in the ball!

LOOOVE her.. and please notice the hat on the cat? billboardabellas words fit in the ball!

and underwatergoddess-ABELLA you can find her here

is she not BEEYOOTIFUL?

is she not BEEYOOTIFUL?

Also wanted to let you know that I have the BASIC GREY MARRAKECH AND PORCELAIN papers in.. HOT OFF THE PRESS!  you can find what I have here

Here is our FAVE Christy Croll TIDDLY INKS goodies!

adorable or WHAT?

adorable or WHAT?

bon appetit!

bon appetit!





just a little break between stamps 🙂


for sale!

for sale!

and the individual charm 🙂

Ok, back to stamps:

More from the WONDERFUL and TALENTED Jessica Rose from VOL.25

great for scrapbook pages and cards!  LOVE these hanging blocks!

great for scrapbook pages and cards! LOVE these hanging blocks!

love completely random thoughts :)

love completely random thoughts 🙂

for scrapbook pages, for cards.. bridal showers, bachelorettes, weddings.. I LOVE this one!

for scrapbook pages, for cards.. bridal showers, bachelorettes, weddings.. I LOVE this one!

stars are HOOOOTTTT!

stars are HOOOOTTTT!

almost everything I saw at CHA had clouds.. you can journal right in here or stamp your sentiments!

almost everything I saw at CHA had clouds.. you can journal right in here or stamp your sentiments!always hard to find journalling for music buffs 🙂 LOVE THIS CONCEPT!another great memory block!Ok, posting the next two things then gotta take my kidlets to a birthday party 🙂 will continue later and will let you know when I am done!aren't these so VINTAGE and fun! Can be used for boys cards, layouts etc.. LOVE them.. and each set is different.. this one happens to be archie 🙂

so springy and sooooo cute.. LOVE these chickadees :)

so springy and sooooo cute.. LOVE these chickadees :)arent these great? very vintage-y looking and colourful! great for boy's cards, humorous or scrapbook pages/layouts! all sets are different

OK SISTAHS.. I AM DONE FOR THE NIGHT… Still hae a few more to post including another little collection by Christy at Tiddly inks.. I will try my bestest to post tomorrow!
Goodnight sistahs!
So how are you liking the release so far??   Here’s some more!
These suitcases are large enough for a scrapbook layout and small enough for a card!  I just looove Jessica’s style don’t you?
Christy from Tiddly Inks has come out with a new baby AMIMAL line.. yes you read correctly.. they are called aMimals.. my daughter used to call aNimals, aMimals.. so I decided to dedicate this line to her 🙂
here is the Giraffe aMimal
look at her looking at you.. could YOU RESIST HER?

look at her looking at you.. could YOU RESIST HER?

yummalish.. especially da TOOF (tooth)

yummalish.. especially da TOOF (tooth)

coooochie cooooo

coooochie cooooo

meet Ellie-Phant....

meet Ellie-Phant....



he's just chillin

he's just chillin



life is such a balancing act, no?

life is such a balancing act, no?

Last but not least:
Some flowers for you.. when Tanya from HIGH ON CRAFT drew this, I flipped!  I just love these whimsical roses.. can be used for absolutely ANY occasion at all.. and of course DA MINI stamp that goes with it 🙂
a wonderful end to a wonderful release :)

a wonderful end to a wonderful release 🙂

Now CHA goodies will be coming in sporadically so i will upload as soon as they are in.. some scrapbooking papers may go up as well.. but that’s it for the stamps!
Happy shopping sistahs!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Those turtles are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!!!! And I love underwatergoddessabella!!!!! Great job!!!

  2. V Reed says:

    Are ya done, Em? Is it safe to order? Because these are way to fab to wait!! 😀

  3. Julia Mills says:

    Wow, these are fabulous.

  4. Pinky says:

    With each scroll down your blogg page today ohhhhs & ahhhhs were ever present. All great releases Miz Em….you certainly know how to pick ’em.
    Underwatergoddessabella is absolutely devine!
    You are a rockin’ rubbah goddess darlink!

  5. Jennifer Bradley says:

    My jaw is resting on the keyboard!!!!

  6. Cheryl says:


    So I have got to have predictabella and a couple turtles

  7. Just keeps getting better and BETTER! Lovey that bracelet…

  8. Michelle says:

    love….loVE….LOVVVVVEEEEE the turtles! And Predictabella???? How great is she?

    Thanks for the free shipping, Em. I will plan on taking advantage of that one 🙂 good thing you are offering it until the 11th because I want to make sure that you have revealed all that you have to reveal before I order 😉

  9. …………………………………THUD!!!!! You knocked me out!!!!

  10. Penny says:

    I’m salivating, they are so delicious….eek am I allowed to say that in the land of diet? 🙂

  11. Arianne says:

    Em, they are all so awesome!
    And you are so generous! No shipping costs.
    Gotta spent some money now!

  12. Mitzi Koons says:

    I love the new images – I’ve been wanting some cute turtle stamps forevah! and these are BEYOND perfect! You are too kind with the free shipping and you have the most amazing eye for talent that I’ve ever seen! Thank you for bringing the rocking ELENA to us!

  13. Tracey says:

    Oh my! So much fabulousness in this post!! Love those turtles!!

  14. Janet says:

    oh my…i am going to be broke…very broke…

  15. scoooooooby doooooo!!! 😀 hawt diggity! I LURVE a TURTLE!!!! 😀
    I have to look around more, are those chickadees on rubbah too?

    you are going to be seeing me twice this week 😉

  16. Carol says:

    I think I love every new one this go around….I have no idea which ones to get – hmmmmm

  17. jamie says:

    i am excited about putting in my first order. thanks for the free shipping offer! it’s killing me to wait for the end of this release. i want to see it all before i order. will the release be done before the free shipping offer is over?

    ooo, the amimals are darling. can’t wait to see them ALL.

  18. Sarah says:

    Love all the new releases!! Thanks for offering free shipping…I’m totally placing an order!!

  19. Erica says:

    OMG! I love all of it. I also love the bracelet, but my friends who are not stampers would think that I have truely gone off the handle because I am also OBSESSED with Twilight and they would think it was for that and not for the stamps. The turtles and lion are just the cutest. I have so much I want to buy. You are going to get me in so much trouble.

  20. caz says:

    WOW what goodies… I just got my last lot of huggabugs last week! Cant wait to play with them. I’ll have to wait to order more though 🙁


  21. Oh boy, this means trouble for my pocket book. I am loving the new animals. They are so cute.

  22. Pat Batastini says:

    I cannot believe these, especially the Predictabella (looking at the cat, of course) & the aMinals, Cat. I have all of the cats up until now. I have 3 “I cannot live withouts”, but have to check the shipping. You need to tell the person signing disability checks that they need to “include shipping” & then Bella needs to only release at the same time as the checks are deposited.

  23. Thank you so much for the free shipping coupon – LOVE all the newbies!!!! HAD to get Predictabella and that yummy Mermaid… and the Queen Bee…. *sigh* It took me 3 days to narrow down my order! hee hee
    Thank you!

  24. Chichibouli says:

    gorgeous new releases! I have to stop by more often!

    Because you’re such fun and so is your blog, I had to give you and award. I hope you’ll come by and pick it up!

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