YA I caved

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Ok, those who are just tuning in, you will probably think you arrived at the wrong page.  Unfortunately you haven’t.  Read a coupla posts down and you will understand.  I went shopping with my kids and hub today and YES, I had to buy this camping marshmallow kit.. JUST for the marshmallows.. I am not sure if you can see them or not but they are C_U_T_E! hmph.  I will never get better..LOL.  I am one crazy chick but am about to have a blast when I (I MEAN WE) crack this baby open!

 Toodles to the sistahs


so who is this masked woman?

Christie Ortman that is!  I don’t know how I found Christie, but I think, actually, she found me (we are not affiliated in any way, just new friends)!  If you really want to know who she is, I can tell you.. she is a mother of 4 boys with LOTS of time on her hands (not–LOL!).. she has designed the Stamping Bella Gallery the way it should be.. except it is in the wrong place!  It is on HER blog/website and NOT MINE! LOLOL.  My gallery is still under construction, OK?????? really!!! I SWEAR!!!!  Christie and I firmly believe in the PAY IT FORWARD theory (rent it, buy it, I don’t care, just watch it! with Kevin Spacey)… Since that movie, I have always tried to follow that philosophy.. helping one person in such a little way can really snowball into an effect of kindness that is unbelievable.. so please SISTAHS.. always pay it a little forward.. let’s see how far we can get!

Ok, yet again , I DIGRESS.  Christie has developed a new ‘sensation’.. a card in a box.  She is investing her artistic abilities and giving it to you in a box.  What’s a box, you ask?  Basically, you can read up on it on her blog/website.  She has created a new business called Paper Pretties (Is that NOT a spectacular name?) and what she does is designs a card (you have all seen samples of her work on her blog.. if not RUNNNNNN, GO SEEEEEE), and supplies you with all materials (see her website for exceptions) to reproduce this card 6 times!  Now I know PLENTY of people who need this inspiration and knowing and seeing the quality of her work, I think you will likey!

So all of you, sign up for her membership, get the boxes, make the cards, buy more stamps, have a smile on your face, enjoy, relax, and ALWAYS remain a sistah.


Love to all



I LOVE what you sistahs write

in SCS.. and make sure you KNOW that I read them all.  I cannot really participate as I would really like other vendors not to be upset with me and to give them the opportunity for their lines to be posted too.. I respect all of my fellow stamp companies as I have been a “collector” myself and have supported them lots!   soooo I rely on my blog.. I keep on sneaking in new stuff (I try daily).. so if you THINK it is new, it probably is!  Just wanna keep you on your toes!!

I am taking all of your recommendations and ideas into consideration as they are AWESOME!  SO please keep the inspiration coming.. if I LOVE it, it will come true.. Unfortunately for my wallet, I have no time to wait.. I need to have it in RUBBER pronto!!

Keep reading ladies, PLEASE and keep posting on SCS.. I really love you for it!


chief bla bla once again

Barbie, ahem, I mean BELLA dream house

[photopress image=”house_card_002_1.jpg”]

Hello sistahs,

 Well, it is Saturday night and what am I doing, you ask?  Packing orders with love and glee.. but I did have to make a card.. I was shaking wanting to express myself on colored paper (sounds obscene, but you know what I mean!–*belly laughs*).  I read on one of the Splitcoast posts that the bellas are considered “Barbies” for stampers… I thought long and hard about this and you know what?  They SO are… That’s exactly how I would describe them!  They are total barbies to us!!  Instead of dressing them, you color them.. same type of thrill, no?  To me?  YES!  So I decided that Barbie.. I mean Bella, needed her own ‘dream’ home.. and here it is.  I LOVE IT!  I had so much fun coloring it (mineral spirits and prismacolor pencils-HENNA is my new fave colour), you have no idea!  Used my favorite Bazzill parakeet paper and a mystery die cut.. OMG my next post will tell you all about this.. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this line!  Sorry to keep you in suspense, but I HAVE to.. as I need to devote more than a 1 liner to this vast array of die cuts.. so TRUST me ladies and gentlemen (??? YA THINK?).. it will be well worth the wait!  Oh, I must also admit that in every single one of my card where you see bling? they are REAL swarovski crystals.. nothing but the BEST for my babes.. honestly.  I am such a nutjob, eh? (just gave away my ‘canadian-ness’ once again!).

Oh, and I also must tell the story about the dollhouse and accessories I bought for my 19 month old daughter (i mean me).. Amy R and I discussed this at length how we need barbies and dollhouses for ourselves–ahem– I mean our kids!  I had to get the BIGGEST dollhouse and some of the accessories (will buy more daily).. my girlfriend bought for ‘her daughter’ a camping set..LOL.. with teeny tiny marshmallows to roast!! COULD YOU JUST FREAK OUT?  I think I will stop now before you think I am totally nuts.

 I hope you love this card as much as I do, because I SOOOOO DO. 




plaids and argyles and stripes, OH MY!

Ok, I have received MANY requests for a golfing bella.  I kinda wanted to name her GOLFABELLA.. clever isn’t it?  Well, I decided against it.  So her name is TEEOFFABELLA.  she is right on the homepage!

I hope you *LOVE* her.. cuz I do.. makes ya wanna golf!  Oh, have I told you my golfing story?  NO, YOU SAY?  Well, ok, if you insist, I will give you an abridged version.  SO I go into this store with Ryan.. he used to enjoy golf before kids (hee hee.. I NEVER stopped him from playing, I swear!).. and I spot this FUN-KY golf bag.. black and white and red checks.. SO CUTE.. and these cute clubs that were ‘special for ladies’.. well that’s all I had to hear before I bought them *LOTSA GIGGLES*– you guys probably think I am really nuts!-  they were a fortune and Ryan said they would be for my birthday.. SO.. I get the gear and the coloured pink golf balls to go with it (LOLOL) and off I went to a class.  Well, let me tell you.. I was so BAD at this sport (not that I am good at any sports–is stamping considered a sport? ).. I basically dug a hole in front of me with the club.. NEVER hit the ball.. the instructor had to explain to me that this was NOT bowling..LOL.. So that was the end of it.. but I still have the bag.. and the clubs.. and the pink balls in the pocket (they never went very far) and husband who shakes his head EVERY SINGLE TIME he sees that bag wondering what is next! 

Hope you enjoyed my little story and that you LOVE teeoffabella!  let me know!

 addictabella extraordinaire

how cute AND PRACTICAL is this?

[photopress image=”fiskars_caddy.jpg”] 

I am in love.  Remember a coupla posts back I wrote about the whole remorse, should-coulda-woulda-don’t-need-it fiasco???  Well, I forgot to mention.. “i shoulda gotten two of them”… “should I get another”?  Usually, when I find something I ADORE, I need to have multiples.. YES I KNOW I AM NUTS but that’s how I feel?  If I can’t tell you, who can I tell?? LOL.  So this is it… Nicky and I grabbed 2 at Joann’s and now of course, guess what?  I SHOULD BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!! WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.  As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE prismacolors.. I have never bought a set of them.. actually, I have never bought a set of anything in my life!  I pick and choose how I like it and I usually tend to build my own collection… My philosophy on sets is that you absolutely KNOW that there will be something in the ‘set’, whatever the set may be, that you don’t like.. so what’s the point.. be free ….CHOOSE!  That’s what I tell all my clients… it’s better to build your own even if it has to be little at first.. at least you know that it is handpicked by you..

 So this is it.. the fiskars Caddy (cannot find it on their site.. otherwise I would totally link it on here).. I love the color (my lime green) and I put most of my prismas in there.. actually I have more to go in there but you get the picture..

 So I shoulda bought 2 huh?



baby love, my baby love

 [photopress image=”nickybabycard1.jpg”]

I certainly am NOT the next American idol but I am having THE BEST time watching it!  I feel like it has become a little more heartless per se, and I really don’t know what is UP with Paula, but I blame all mothers out there who disillusion their children (* BIG FAT JUICY GIGGLES*).. “oh honey you have the voice of an angel… honey you are THE BEST SINGER.. I mean, we are all meant to build up our children but what if they are really not good at a certain something?”.  These participants come there FULL of confidence and then they open their mouths.. OMG.. I am actually cringing and muting at times… YIKES.. ok enough about American Idol.. although I can go ON and ON and ON .

I actually entitled this post “baby love” thinking of the baby theme of the card above and then I get into this whole tangent about American Idol.. only me, I tell ya (as I was singing the song out loud writing this.. hmph)

Ok, the card above.  There are many things to do with my 3 line borders.. I just LOVE THEM and I have created them in several themes… this one happens to be baby.. oh and I just love baby noises so of course I had to include “goo goo and ga ga” in the baby 3 liner… YA, I AM SOO WEIRD but you love me anyway, no?

Ok again, the card… Nicky designed this card using my 3 line baby border and my baby booties.  I love booties because they are not gender specific and very versatile.  So started with a square white card (5*5) and stamp the baby 3 line across the card in lilac ink.  Then take square of lilac and black and glue to middle of card.  Stamp booties in black and color in with Bella spirits (how cool am I?!)– bella spirits are odorless artist quality mineral spirits and that combo’d with prismacolor pencils?  MWAH! (Em kisses her fingers and raises hands in the air–do you get the image?  Like an Italian person saying MAMMA MIA, clenching his/her fingers together, kissing the tips and raising their hand in the air).. oh I do hope you get this picture! (BIG FAT LOL right  about now).. at least I entertain myself.. this technique (not the kissing the fingers but the mineral spirit technique) is absolutely wonderful.. I would say about 90% of my coloring work is done with prismacolors and the bella mineral spirits… I ABSOLUTELY LLLOOOOVEE IT.  I cannot watercolor although I have every watercolor imaginable (you can just imagine) and the first time I did this technique, I fell in love! it was like immediate watercoloring with no effort!!  A lot of people call this the Gamsol technique.. Gamsol is the actual brand name of the mineral spirits.

Once you color the booties in, you , of course MUST sparkle the top and laces… Beautiful (mwah thing again)!  Almost finish off the card with “congratulations”, which is part of a plate called ‘mini words’–LOVE that plate.. you can see it here.  Final step is silver edging all around the card.. you need a silver marker with a flat tip (broad).. by rubbing it against the paper, you develop a notch in the middle of the feltish tip  (NO NOT FETISH, n’k?).  Once you get that ‘notch’, it is easy to just edge your whole card!  Slip the notch of the marker on the card edge and Go for it!

Most other people’s blogs have their cards showing with TEENY TEENY TINY words describing materials used etc.. Mine, happen to take up the whole blog…LOL

That’s it for 5 minutes, I am gonna post a pic of what i bought in Buffalo


love to DA SISTAHS



and the winner is….

after MUCH deliberation with my lovely and talented mother in law (she’s reading-*wink*), we came up with the winners.. first I am COMPLETELY surprised but someone did get the answer..LOL

grammastamper:  I AM the chief Cook and Bottlewasher! LOL

Alli – I AM a completely crazy bella– so you definitely win too


Everyone’s answers were superfantastic.. really I was laughing my A** off!  so congrats to all and I thank you for participating!  Please continue reading my blog as I will have lots more contests.. I like them!


So Alli and Gramma, please email me @ emily@stampingbella.com directly and we will discuss your choice of prizes!  (oh ya and they are DELISH)



chief cook and bottlewasher AKA. completely crazy bella