pinky dinky doooooo, where are you???

Sistahs,sistahs, sistahs,

 I had SUCH a blog entry prepared (coming tomorrow).. Had it all spelled out, i’s dotted, t’s crossed and then I had to postpone the entry.  I know I know, how COULD I do this to you???  But something even BETTER came my way. OMG, do I have to share.  I get a call from Ruby this afternoon.. you know Ruby?  AKA Roobs ( my right hand at home)?  Well she always calls me when I receive a package and she shares my joy by opening it up, and describing the exact contents of the package.  So she calls me today at the office and says…. “are you expecting something?”… I know right away that that is code word for a package.  I say “no”.. (and then I doubt myself and try to think back REAL QUICK to see if I had done any middle of the night shopping I didn’t recall.. but this time I was quite confident that I didn’t buy anything.. I knew she wanted to open it so we could share the excitement together but this time, I don’t know why, I wanted to open the package myself.  So I get home.. I see the package.. a LONG package. an interesting package…. a Canadian package?… hmmm.  So I open it up very carefully and this is what I see.

[photopress image=”mwah_sign_001.jpg”]

 Sistahs.. I literally cried.  How does someone “know me” so well but really doesn’t know me ? (does that make any sense at all?).

I received a bulletin board hand made in green and pink (is it that obvious that it is my fave color combo?LOL).. with ribbons and a huge MWAH at the bottom.  I swear I cannot tell you how touched I was.  And then.. oh and THEN, I see this thermal lunch bag in green with pink polkadots… YOU COULD JUST DIE at how cute it is.  I will be toting this with SUCH pride.  Looking at these two things and having read the card to match with such meaningful words inside meant the world to me.  Lori, my dear friend, this blog entry is dedicated to you!

BIG FAT JUICY MWAHS to all da sistahs who love eachother, have fun together, and most of all , love me! LOLOL.


kini kini bo binny banana fana fo finny

Ok, you get the pic.  This is the scoopage.. Beachabella has quasi retired.. or has the potential to be retired cuz KINI bella has arrived!! OMG I love her… LOVE LOVE LOVE her.. not that I didn’t love beachabella (a limited edition now worth millions on ebay..LOL).. but she is DA BOMB.. she has daisies and polky dots.. (oh I love polky dots).. Let me know what you think.. I have now removed beachabella from the website.  So in case any of you “COUNTERS” are there..LOL.. you will see that a new one has replaced the old one.!!

do you LOVEY the KEENY on da BELLA?

 Talk to me…


card charms

more posted under Bella’s favorites.. a really cute retro ish one is the one for  Rockabella.. there are some sexy sassy lips.. with attitude of course.. Each one was SO thought out, you have no ideaR.  There’s a high heeled shoe.. hmm.. go browse.. you will see! Plus new swarovski colors and more to come!!

going night night now.. tomorrow is Ty’s birthday so we are going to bring cupcakes to his school for the kids tomorrow, then I have to be off work cuz my Ruby has the day off (THE NERVE).. so I am on full mama duty.. but of course I will be around to answer questions etc.. you know that!




I just had to show da sistahs

I made this card and have put it on my wall.. I mean I don’t want you all to get the wrong ideaR but I sooooo love her… See how the swarovskis just finish it off?  Oh I love her so.


[photopress image=”billboardabella_card_003.jpg”]


So I am thinking of creating a ‘happy’ wall in my office so anything I receive in the mail (hint hint) I will put up there.. what do you think?  I wanna call it the ‘wall of fame’




I have such visions

with musicabella.. you can embellish her hair, her dress you can glittah her musical notes.. OH HOW I LOVE HER.  I tried to make her quite generic with the treble and the note cuz once I start getting into specific instruments we can never end…

so let me know what you thinky!

do you lovey?



it’s that time of year again

This is the time where I am inspired to plant an herb garden.  SO HELP ME, every year for the past 7 years my darling husband accompanies me to Home Depot, we pick every herb imaginable including sweet basil, some sort of exotic thyme, dill, oregano, peppermint, catnip.. you name it, we buy it.  Then we buy a planter (EVERY FRIGGIN YEAR WE BUY A PLANTER-same color same shape).  We come home, I tell him my menu for the next 6 weeks and how everything will be ENHANCED by a FUSION of herbs and how brilliant and gourmet-ish I am.  SO that’s the beginning.  We come home today full of plant and soil (of course top quality insect free extra brown, super moist soil) we plant my 10ish herbs in the planter, the darling CHILDREN while in the kiddie pool decide to help.  Ryan lets Tyler water the plants.. well.. the herbs drowned.  They were WATERED to the point of oblivion.  All I saw was a shuddering stalk of rosemary.  **POOF** went the idea of gourmet meals.. Ryan assured me that all would be fine.  Now let’s take a step back a little.  For the past 7 summers, we started this way.. within 2 weeks, every single herb was dead due to lack of watering, too much sun etc  (you’re probably thinking.. THANK GOODNESS HER KIDS CAN ASK FOR A DRINK! LOLOL).  I cannot take care of ANY plant or herb for that matter.. My mom is a botanist.. has an award winning garden.. when I know she is visiting I RUN to my dead plants and inject water and miracle gro and say a few prayers and of course she comes to my house and says “so you watered these today, didn’t you?” and I look at her and say, WHATTTTT??? I water these every coupla days! and she just shakes her head at me… so by the end of the summer.. the herbs are gone, the planter is thrown out cuz we VOW never to plant again.. and 12 months later (kinda like groundhog day) we go and buy the same things all over again.  I must say it is fun to plant.. but I am SO not good at it… oh well.. let’s make bets how long I will have my drowned herbs for… LOL

On another note.. I have not scrolled down to my previous email where I mentioned the hair coloring thing.  I looked in the mirror today and guess what I saw???  a KAJILLION grey hairs again.. did I NOT JUST GET MY HAIR COLORED??? hmph.  double hmph.

MWAH to da sistahs.. I am sure I will ‘see’ you tomorrow


there is a new bella fan out there..

She may seem a little alouf.. a little cocky but you know what.. she is so satisfied being surrounded by her bellas.. she is a bit like all of us.  Her name is Kyra and she lives in the Netherlands.  So PLEASE welcome her.

[photopress image=”Bella_cat.jpg”]


I mean honestly.  Is she not COMPLETELY SATISFIED?  So Erica, my little blondabella (really a redhead) belongs to Kyra.  She sent this picture to Carmen.. another talented and AMAZING sistah in the Nethalands.. I LOVE her.. she is like a soul sister.  I mean I told her that I don’t really care what Erica says, I MUST post this (thank goodness Erica said yes anyway).

 I wanna be Kyra.  Right now.. so I will now take a few plastic baggies with bellas, put them very nicely on my bed and fall aslllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

oh, did I mention I will reveal something on Monday?  (oops did I say that out loud)?



did i mention

that the words come with her… OH and they fit right in the frame? OMG.. I love her.  and I love the teeny words even for tags, backgrounds.  OMG I am going to make a card right now.

I am in love.

with a woman.

holding a billboard.



is it normal to be SO in love

with a woman and be straight? LOL.. how the hell do I come up with these? tell me!  Well I am in love.  I mean… REALLY in love.  This is one of the most versatile bellas yet.  WAIT til you see her..

K fine.  I am loading her and YOU let me know how IN LOVE you are with another woman.  Come one.. humor me!