She’s here… a little wobbly, but here.

Check winobella out… I LOVE HER.. she is NOT the one I spoke of yesterday so there is more to come but she is one of my faves… the tilt of the second glass makes me so happy.. I dunno why?  DOOOO YOUUUUUU LOVEYYYYYYY?????????????

So I made a decision… I take pride in making my cards.. I know I am a bit of a spendthrift and enjoy top quality and therefore always end up spending a little more.. BUT, when that card comes out with the swarovski crystal (can’t use anything else anymore) and the perfect charm and the most beautiful ribbon.. I mean, how can you resist?  I wouldn’t use these treasures on bulk cards but on very special single cards.. OMG.. So this is what I thought I would try out.  Lemme know what you think…  I have brought in some charms (Oh have I mentioned that along with every container out on the planet, I LOVE little things?  Like mini things.. miniatures, doll house furniture.. etc.. sick I tell ya!).. So Ya, as I was saying, I brought in some charms that I handpicked myself (with Nicky’s help *winks*) That I thought would go AMAZINGLY with the bellas and fellas.. you know, to hang on the ribbon, to stick on with a glue dot etc.. I dunno, I just feel it completes my card.. you may not agree with me (but you better..LOL).. I have bought MANY charms from dollar stores.. and I LOVE them and would still continue to buy them.. but they are not quite as detailed as these and not quite as detailed as these.. and frankly don’t look ANYTHING like these..LOL!.. I have put one up that is so mini and cute (looks ginormous but is really maybe 1″ high *0.5″ wide).. and it is AMAZINGLY cute.. I will include a jumpring with them so you can apply easily….. I LOVEY bella’s bottle opener.. do you lovey?? the picture doesn’t do it justice… Ok lot’s more charms to come.. I don’t have many because I wanted to try it out to see if the sistah’s liked this type of thing?  I will also post the most amazing swarovskis in my favorite colours.. will package them in 10’s.. I LOVE them so much.

 Ok, ’nuff said (someone said that on an SCS post and I LOOOOOVED IT)

mwah! mwah! mwah!


this is so freaky

I just had a thought.. I know that it is scary but it is late and I am working and participating in some chats on bellaholics yahoogroup… I got SUCH a visual.  Is it not AMAZING that we are all connected?  I mean I am at my desk in Toronto working, typing etc.. and another sistah is in another part of the world typing on her computer while snacking and watching tv and the next sistah is feeding her pet while checking her emails and chatting.. I mean it is totally AMAZING?!

just thought I would enlighten you by letting you into the ‘bellas’ thoughts.. did I just sound like the biggest loser?

loser MWAH’S

yet another addiction…

actually the continuation of an addiction.  HELLLLLOOOOO Sistahs!  mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah! (thaSS me making up for lost time).. I am so sorry I haven’t written in a while.. I figured I couldn’t beat the “stuffed pickle” story so I just wanted to lay low…LOL.  Actually have been crazy busy.. furniture has arrived in my new place minus a BELLA.  I am waiting for a computer to be set up there (this week) and then I am gonna move!  I have so many things to talk about but have NO IDEA where to start.. lemme think.. (can you tell I don’t plan these blogs? I am the only person that can type out my thoughts.. step by painful step)… 

I have been chained to my desk and trying my hardest to get your goodies out.. I am still at about a 7 business day turn around time but things should change by next week.. I promise!  Once I am set up and have my peeps with me helping oh boy sistahs.. watch out… Emabella will have ‘time’ on her hands… I have so many ideas that I will be able to work on and have come to fruition (hopefully) that you will FREAK out and be so happy (me thinks and me hopes). Lots of GOODEEZ (love that sp)

Storage–it’s READY.. can you believe?  now this is the problem (don’t mean to tease).. I am waiting to add a module on my system for shipping.. different levels people can choose from with options (trackable too!).. just trying to keep everyone happy and give lots of options.. So once it is done, I PROMISE it will be up!

So my obsession.  OMG my obsession (are there 4 s’s or just 3???).. I know I have mentioned my coloring obsession and thought I had it all… NOW, I can confidently say I have it all…the theme of this round of colouring obsession is watercolour.. I will not dare list what I own but I can tell you that I have now purchased, liquid watercolors (in bottles), cakes of watercolors, and PEERLESS watercolors.. I lie.. I had the Peerless for the past few years since a stamping convention I attended in Novi Michigan.. YUM!  I do believe that GINA K’s website sells them.. they are AMAZING.. a dry, deeply pigmented watercolor booklet!  There are 15 blendable colours.. one colour per page and you just pick up the colours with a wet brush and colour away! OMG OMG.. AMAZING… I definitely need practice (of course spent a kabillion on amazing brushes too.. AMAZING kolinsky watercolor brushes).. I have so many of the best tools.. if only I knew how to use them properly.. ho hum.. but I AM SOOOOOO BLOODY HAPPY.. you have no idea!!

Here’s a card I made using the peerless watercolours.. I think the colouring needs more work.. BUT I love the card anyway :).. I also used a new cuttlebug die.. the mesh.. I LOOOOOVE IT.. ! Anyone else as sick as I have been this week?  And of course I mean “SICK” in the best of terms *winks*

[photopress image=”fella__s_shirt_003.jpg”]

 you can find the “fella shirt” over here… it is so versatile.. you can put little teeny tiny buttons to embellish, you can stamp once on patterned paper and cut out the tie etc… LOVE IT.. but what don’t i love?

this is becoming a problem ladies….

hellllpppppp mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 MWAH MWAH MWAH! (continuation from earlier)


Tag Shmag

I love every single blog on this planet.. it’s nuts.. how do you choose?  I mean, I sit in front of my undies drawers thinking about which pair to wear so you can imagine what this means in terms of all of the wonderful blogs out there. Can I point to a couple that I visit daily?  I can… Like I said I have a list that is SOOOOO long, I visit all the sistahs blogs.. any time someone posts that they made a card, I immediately look etc.. but these 4 blogs are what I always check almost daily.. you ready?  I am not sure I am doing this properly so all you tag shmaggers out there, please correct me if I am missing something n’k.  This is is NO ORDER at all..  (p.s. can you tell me no likey this?? LOL)

(1) Ellen Hutson -she has a wonderful store with wonderful goodies.  I have bought many times from the Ellmeister.  You can be 100% confident that EVERYTHING posted on her site is tried/tested/approved but Ellen.  Her cards are beautiful, her techniques are amazing.. just really a wonderful read.

(2) Julie Ebersole– I mean, need I say more? LOL. Julie is hilarious, has a contagious personality and lingo, oh and she makes kinda nice cards (*MUCHO WINKOLAS INSERTED HERE*).. a wonderful talent, a heart of gold and really a supportive friend and ‘anchor’ as I call her.

(3)  Amy Rysavy– is there such a thing as too much?  LOL.  Amy has wonderful cards, techniques, information, tutorials.. you name it, she gots it! Awesome.

I think when people are tagged, they stop after the name and don’t give a huge shpiel about it afterwards.. oh well.. you know me and the blabbing thing.. it just doesnt’ end.

so that’s my tag shmag story.. i no wanna do it again unless I can fill 75000 pages to acknowledge EVERYONE who inspires me, makes me laugh, and just plain old loveable people out there who are part of my life.

Did I do this right?

love to all my tootsie rolls



it’s yucky out

and I am sure that Ryan would rather be doing this!

[photopress image=”beerafella_001.jpg”]


I LOVE beerafella.  He’s just chillin’..literally!  I had so much fun.. I just bought about 6877 sheets of MME Tres Jolie paper… it is THE MOST AMAZING paper I have seen in a while..LOL! Actually that’s not true.. it’s ONE of the most amazing paper I have seen in a while!  I am gonna work on the bellas with the paper too.. YUMMY!  I am not sure if you can see the charm but it is a six pack of beer.. I bought them about a year ago just KNOWING that I would use it one day..LOL!  And here it is!

Just thought I would give you a little eyecandy

you likey?


all i have to say right now

is that I love my sistahs.. really nothing fancy.. no stuffed pickledness.. just plain ole love.



(p.s. no time to blog today but will try to conjure up a little som’n som’n in the next coupla days.. I have learned that life is too short not to express how you feel.. so there I am again with my jugular (sp?) extended.. but had to say the *L* word)

lookie what Donna did!

My donna M from my lunchbunch stamping ladies has made me some cards for my pathetic ‘gallery’.. She is such a wonderful stamp artist.. very simple and beautiful colour combinations!  Such a talent, I tell ya! Donna uses my 3 line happy birthday stamp (will upload soon.. thought it has been there for the last 4 months! LOL).. my oval flowers and high tops!

These scans are not the greatest and don’t give justice to beautiful cards but here goes anyway.. I LOVEY these cards

thanks Donna!



[photopress image=”donna__s_converse_card.jpg”]

[photopress image=”donna__s_leaf.jpg”]

[photopress image=”donna__s_oval_flowers.jpg”]

I have such

goodies up my sleeve that I just can’t save them.. I know I really need to to keep up the momentum but I can’t!!  So here goes.. I think Jenn B will really be happy (I think but can’t promise).. so I hope you like him.. have a few more but will try to space them out or else you will get sicky of me.. hmph.

Here goes.. newbiefella





being tagged

ok sistahs.. first.. why is my font so small?  hmmmm I dunno.  Someone emailed me stating that I have been  tagged.. I have no idea what that means.. I know it means you may read my blog and like it and now I have to tag a blog?  OMG.. somebody help me!!  BUT, if it means I have to picky, I no likey.. I can’t pick.. I love ’em alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

 again I ask… why is my font so SMALL?  even in CAPS it is SMALL….