Ok now. I’m SERIOUS. FOR REALS.. 100% TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY…. and a chance to win of course :)



Random Integer Generator

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172-	KRAFTY AUNT you win!  Please email me and in the subject line "I WON PETUNIA gets a PIGGY BACK " and "SAGE loves SCIENCE"!
please include your cnail mail address!

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 02:52:47 UTC


I seriously have a problem.  A BIG ONE.  I think I am FICKLE.  Or undecided.  Or pressuring myself for no reason.  Why oh why do I FEEL like I have to have favorites in this release? LOL.. Like a sistah said in the comments.. you can’t have favorites.. its like choosing one child over another (there are times… ok I won’t get into that .. too dangerous.. and sometimes they read my blog .. HA!).. but I DO feel like I have to have a favorite…. and the bottom line is, when I put a line of images together (trust me sistahs.. between working closely with the artists to get the images “just so”.. then researching and trying to find THE PERFECT sentiment..  then NAMING them), I have so much time and love invested in these images that seriously, I LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY and ALL for different reasons.  It’s the truth!  There is not ONE image that I have released that I did not ADORE.  They all mean something to me.. they all tell my story (as I mentioned in my first blog starting this release -I hope you’re all still with me!)

Ok so here are my FAVORITES… for today!  And I think you will love them just as much as I do.  they are really AMAZING and FUNNY.. and CUTE.. and Whimsical.. ahhhhhh! here I go again.

First I would like you to re-aquaint yourselves to  our famous Petunia.  She just seems to find herself in different “situations” shall we say.  I am not quite sure who found who first, but she managed to steal this little townie’s heart and boy are they headed towards some BIG adventures.. I feel it in my bones.  They even have matching headbands.. not sure how they coordinated that 😉

Here’s Petunia gets a PIGGY back… GET IT?  PIGGY BACK?  (i kill me LOL)  This is a great image for friendship.. for room mates.. or just like that.. it’s such a playful image.. that’s what I love about it. And the sentiment?!  LOVE.


Here’s a card made by our very own ALICEWERTZABELLA


Here’s a cardmade by our own KERRIBELLA


Here’s the INSIDE of Kerri’s card.. the card had a circle punch showing the top of Petunia gets a piggy back.. GORGEOUS idea!


ok Seriously.. is Petunia gets a PIGGY back not TO DIE FOR??!?  Those faces!! Sheesh .. i gotta stop.

BUT I CAN’T!!!!!

hehehehe.  This next image is close to my heart.. ya know why?  Because it was inspired by my little FREE SPIRIT Jayden.  This girl is such a character I tell ya.  She marches to the beat of her own drum (hmmm I wonder who she takes after?)… She is BRAVE (definitely not me).. she is CURIOUS (ok maybe a little me)… She loves to try new things and EXPERIMENT (TOTALLY ME) …and she is definitely not a “girly girl”.. (I have to play with the dollhouse myself.. hmph).. And I embrace all of her little shenanigans …  So when she said “mom, I LOVVVE science.. I wanna be a CHEMIST”… I ran out and bought her a kit.. Well.. you had to see my kitchen table.. and HER.  She became INSANE.. LOL.. like a real mad scientist.. her hair all over the place.. goggles.. Well, YOU be the judge.  Take a look at my Jayden.. LOL..


Is she a nutbar or what?  You’re probably wondering  .. WHY oh WHY Em, are you sharing this annoying and long story with us ?  Well, glad you asked!  LOL. Just wanted to show you that LIFE and MY STORY inspire Stamping Bella stamps.. K?  YOU READY FOR THIS ONE?

Meet Sage the Scientist :)


SEEE??? And that SENTIMENT??!?!??!?!?!?!?!   OMG I would send this card to EVERYONE I MEET ON THE STREET I love it so much LOL.  So my Jayden became OUR Sage..  I love her so . very. much.  I guess she has a special place in my heart and now you know why!  This would be great for any great friend (or maybe not so great so at least they can smile -you know those types of people who could use a smile LOL)  and little adventurous girl in your life… Adult, little.. doesnt matter.  I try to make these images universal :)

This card using Sage was made by SHELABELLA


This card using Sage was made by Kerribella


Ok.. I have no words.. Im all FARKLEMPT.  Seriously I love these.  I love my Design Team.. I love my Artists.. I love my IHCC (in house colouring counsel LOL) Elaineabella… .


Place a comment here.. and let me know whatcha think.

I am working on an “add on’ to my blog where when I respond to your comments, you will be notified so you can come back and see.. I wanna comment on all of your comments but not sure there is any point, unless I know you are coming back!  So this will ensure and force you to come back to me :)

I really hope you love my stories and these images today :)

Mwah to my Sistahs and my Family for my DAILY inspiration.  now THAT’s for REALS.




3 sneak peeks, an amazing VIDEO and a PARTRIDGE in a pear tree.. oh and a chance to WIN WIN WIN!!!


winnah of these 3 stamps SCOUT’S HONOR, SILLY GOOSE and NACHO go to….

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

2	Jane Crisci you win!  please email me and in the subject line, please write "I WON SCOUT, SILLY GOOSE and NACHO" and include your snail mail address

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:01:16 UT




Hiya sistahs :)

I am SO SO SO excited for today!  One of our Colouring HEROS is featuring a video using one of our new releases!! WOOHOO! Not only is she featuring one of our stamps.. but she is also teaching how to use her new copic HEX CHART when coloring.  She is a PHENOM teacher.. so if you haven’t met her, without further adoooo… let’s meet SANDY ALLNOCK!.. Now I spoke about this miraculous chart a little while ago and on FB and then,  when Sandy contacted me wanting to help out in the new release AND TEACH how to use it, I was beyond ELATED.. Like I mean.. BEE-YOND.  If you’ve been following me over the years, you KNOW that I do not promote items I do not use personally, nor items I do not believe in… That’s a NO NO in da bella world.

I have to tell you, personally, that I bought this hex chart and plopped myself in front of the TV one night with ALL OF MY COPICS and my children staring at me in AWE and in SHOCK at a) how many markers an adult can own and b)  that I had PATIENCE to fill out this chart.. cuz THIS bella suffers from ADD and CANNOT FOCUS EVAH.. LOL

Here’s a pic of my markers and my chart: (please refrain from any HOARDISH comments n’k?)



Seriously, this chart has CHANGED MY LIFE.  It has made colouring more enjoyable, adventurous and CONSISTENT… It has made me reach out further than the combinations I have done in the past.  IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!  It doesn’t matter if you have 3, 33, or 333 copics,  it’s a phenomenal, indispensable, INEXPENSIVE (this is key here people) tool to carry with you whenever you are ready to colour.  Mine is next to me at all times.  RUN.. I say RUN (said in a FOGHORN LEGHORN voice.. remember him from bugs bunny?  Yes I watched too much tv as a child)  sistahs to buy this download.. print it on your Bella’s Bestest Paper or any copic friendly paper.. and you will be on your way to a WHOLE new colouring experience.  SCOUT’S HONOUR.  hmmmm  … Scout’s honour.  Funny I should mention SCOUT’S HONOUR.

Today’s releases are featuring Christine Groves illustrations which are QUIRKY.. FUN.. and just plain ADORBS (as my 10 year old would say).. Every image of hers sparks an emotion.. a thought.  That’s why I LOVE Christine so very much.  I hope you love these images as much as I do! I think THESE are my favorite LOL.

meet Scout’s honour.  When I saw HIM I almost collapsed from cuteness overload.  His body.. his handkerchief.. his glasses.. his backpack.. I could go on and on.  It’s a perfect friendship card.. a perfect card for a little scout in your life.  Just   plain perfect in my eyes.  All images were coloured in by our very own IHCC (In house colouring counsel)  Elaineabella.. aka @markergeek


Here are some sample cards using our very own SCOUT

Here’s Angelabella’s card:



Here’s TracyMACabella’s card using Scout





I wanna EAT him.  (i say that when things are so cute I have no words.. not because I enjoy exotic cute little animals.. please do not send any hate mail LOL)



see the bottom of the post for Sandy’s AMAZING video colouring him, using her HEX CHART and showing you how to doodle a little sign around him.  SHE’S AMAZING!

Now for da next sneak peek.. another one I couldn’t resist.. for any little boy in your life.. or silly man (I have one of those at home..LOL)… And those fat, squat little ducks looking at the rock star.. oh and the spiked HAIR-S??  I just COULDN’T contain myself and HAD TO HAVE the image LOL.  Ok fine.. I’m Crazy.. ok? isn’t admitting it half the battle?



Here’s DANABELLA’s card using SILLY GOOSE


For our LAST image reveal today.. we have NACHO (Ok I am patting myself on the back for his name.  It takes me a long time naming these stamps believe it or not.. this one to me is just PERFECT).  I don’t even think I have words to describe him.  I’m just gonna stop here and let you judge.  LOL .  When I look at Nacho, I am speechless and giddy.. LOL.


see what I mean? LOL.. just looking at him is ’nuff said.

Here’s Tracybella’s card using NACHO.. LOL. those eyeballs?



Here’s Sandy’s video.  I hope you subscribe to her amazing Youtube channel and of course immediately buy yourself a HEX.  I promise you won’t regret it :)


WANNA WIN these 3 stamps???  Place a comment here for a chance!

Show some love to sandy and let her know you came from here to buy the hex or watch her videos.  I Love when sistahs in the same industry SYNERGIZE and work so well together.. like peanut buttah and JELLY… yes there always has to be a reference to food.  LOL

All images available on JUNE 1st!  WHEEEEEE!

Mwah to da sistahs who made it to the end of this post :)



ohboyohboyohboy… this is ANOTHAH favorite LOL and a chance to WIN!!



Random Integer Generator

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11	-MARGO D you win!  please email me with the subject line "I WON BRITTANY" and your snail mail address and we will send you your stamp!

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:20:58 UTC



Hiya sistahs!  What would  a release be without an UPTOWNIE?  hmmmmm????  I dunno da answAH to dat because there IS an UPTOWNIE on this release!  She is quite elegant..and I just love her kimono-esque dress… I actually want one.. oh and I want her legs.. and her arms.. and her lack-of-chins LOL.. A woman can want no?

So here we go with today’s sneak peek!

Meet Uptown girl BRITTANY the BIRTHDAY GIRL… oh why oh why doesn’t she ever age?  hmph

image coloured by our IHCC (in house colouring counsel)- YES I AM GONNA USE THIS TERM FOREVAH..and repeat myself cuz I love it so much LOL.. ELAINEABELLA.  Isn’t she SPECTACULAR???


here are a couple of samples by our amazing BABEROONI-dom

Here is Shelabella’s card


and here is Stephabella’s  card


and here is Sandiebella’s card




Hope you LOVE her as much as I do!


Place a comment here.. I love reading them.. i’m a bit selfish that way :)



oh silly ME and a chance to win… AGAIN!

contest is now closed

winnah of TINY TOWNIE SALLY and her SNAIL is…

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145- RACHEL D you win!  please email me in the subject line, please write "I WON SALLY AND HER SNAIL" and please include your mailing address!	

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:22:37 UTC




Sistahs.. I forgot anothah sneak peek today!!! hehehe.. I’m all about surprises :)

Here’s another whimsical Tiny Townie.. I mean EVERYONE should have their own transportation… no?  Even if it is a snail?

Tiny Townie Sally and her snail are exactly the characters I would imagine myself meeting in a little whimsical forest..no?  I love her legs.. her tights.. her face.. SIGH.  I wanna be sally.   Ok sistahs.. I think SHE is my favorite LOL :)


Here are a couple of samples from our BABEROONIS!

Shelabella used Sally in this card


Danabella used Sally in this card!


Wanna win Sally?  Leave a comment below!


ok now FOR REALS… SHE is my favorite :) LOL.. AND A CHANCE TO WIN!



Winnah of Tiny Townie DOROTHY the DREAMER goes to…

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201	- NANCEE PURDUM you win!  please email me.  In the subject line, please say "WINNER OF DOROTHY THE DREAMER" with your mailing address

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:27:46 UTC





Hiya sistahs !  I LOVE reading all the comments you write.. makes me so happy.. some make me giggle.. some make me think and appreciate the little things.. It’s amazing how all of us are so far apart but can be so “close” together.. does that make sense?

I love seeing new sistahs who just “found” us and immediately felt comfy cozy and commented :).. Im a VERY happy bella :)

So WELCOME to all da NEWBIES.. and Welcome to all da NOT-NEWBIES :) (i figured that was better than OLDIES..LOL)

just a little note.. If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter (link on blog), you should!  I send out newsletters during release times and during “CRAZY TUESDAY” sales or sales in general :) I never “bombard”.  I just “gently remind” LOL.

Ok without further ADOOOOO.. Meet TINY TOWNIE DOROTHY the DREAMER and her sentiment.  Have you ever gotten so ENGULFED in a book that some of the characters come to life?  Well that ‘ s what happened to Dorothy.. and happens to me all the time.  Dorothy is an avid reader.. she loves to imagine.. she gets lost sometimes in her thoughts.. (sound familiar?).. and.. well… you can see what happens to her :)… she gets a little visitor.. a cuddly one :)



All of our images, are , of course coloured by our “in house colouring counsel” LOL ((IHCC).. I LOVE IT!)  Elaineabella aka @markergeek if you want to follow her on Instagram.

And here are some samples made by our PHENOMALICIOUS AMAZING DESIGN TEAM!  Have I told you I loved them lately?

here is SHELABELLA’s card


Here is Lesliebella’s card


And here is Stephabella’s card



Isn’t Dorothy AMAZING!!?!?!?


Wanna win her?  ok.. just leave a comment and tell me how much you love me.. LOL.. Just kiddinK. Leave a comment and you’re automatically in the draw to win her!

Mwah to da sistahs who “get” my humor and LAUGH  WITHHHH me  not ATTTTTT me.. hmph


Sneaky PEEKY sunday sistahs! and a chance to win!

contest is NOW CLOSED

winnah of TINY TOWNIE TINY DANCERS goes to

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21-	Barbara Ridley, you win!  please email me ..in the subject line, please write "I WON TINY DANCERS" along with your snail mail address!

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:30:51 UTC





Ok ok ok Ok .. THIS one is my favorite.  Ya for sure this one is my favorite.. mmhmm.. I’ll NEVAH say ANOTHAH stamp is my favorite AGAIN.  EVAH.  ok maybe I will.  Maybe tomorrow’s is my favorite too.. ARGHHHHH

At this moment in time.. THIS ONE FOR SURE is my favorite.. Totally.  But yesterday’s was my favorite too.. mmmmmhhmmm and the day before’s was too.

ok I’m done.

Meet Tiny Townie TINY dancers.  Can we please discuss the different tights?  no wait..  let’s discuss the pudgy little girl tummy in da MIDDLE.  .. the hairdo’s? the ribbons?  their JOIE DE VIVRE?   Their FREE SPIRITEDNESS?   That’s why I paired it with CELEBRATE EVERYTHING.. for KIDS.. for adults.. for 3 friends.. I LOOOOVE THEM.  Seriously.. you think this release is driving YOU nuts? LOL.. it’s driving ME nuts!!!


Here are 2 cards featuring Tiny Townie Dancers (I actually named them but never told anybody.. Lia, Pia and Mia)…

Here are some cards made using them.. TO DIE FOR!!

This card was made by ALICEWERTZABELLA


And THIS card was made by KERRIBELLA


I think I just fainted.


Wanna chance to win these delicious girls?  leave a comment below :)

Mwah again



contest is now closed

Winnah of Tiny Townie Amanda is AWESOME goes to…

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15-MARILYN S you win!  please email me .. in the subject line, please put "I WON AMANDA IS AWESOME) along with your snail mail address

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:17:54 UTC


Today’s image is, of course,  guess…..




Here’s Tiny Townie AMANDA is AWESOME.. I think she is Belinda’s inner girl.. she is playful and EXTREMELY patient… waiting for you to visit :)  She even bought you a flower right next to her for when you arrive :)

All these tiny townies are just so special!  And really they aren’t just meant for kids.. I mean.. I would send all of them to my friends wouldn’t you?

Ok I feel a “blabla” starting so let’s get to da POINT. LOL


Meet Tiny Townie AMANDA is AWESOME… and check out her sentiment.. I had to sprinkle a little bit of me in there LOL.. can you tell?

All images coloured by our ELAINEABELLA !


here’s a GORGEOUS card made by aliceWERTZabella…




WANNAWINHER?  Leave a comment at the end of the blog and let me know what you think!

Mwah to da sistahs who want a girl on a bench.  SIGH


Sneaky PEEKY number 3, 4, 5 and 6 and BELLARIFIC FRIDAY! AND A CHANCE TO WIN!


and the winnah of FOREVER MY ALWAYS,  GIRL TIME, SPOILED and PAMPERED goes to….

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

164-	ERIN you win!  please email me in the subject line please put I WON FOREVER MY ALWAYS, GIRL TIME, SPOILED and PAMPERED along with your snail mail address please

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:12:43 UTC



what could be bettah?!

OMG what a busy morning sistahs…. I am SO sorry I have kept you all waiting.. been running around.. had a sick boy child here the last 2 days.. hasn’t been fun.. but the RESPONSES ON THE TINY TOWNIES have been!  OMG I think I am more excited than you are for these images.  I LOVE seeing your reactions and reading them!

Today’s sneak peek is NOT  a Tiny Townie…  we have 6 more tiny townies to show so don’t worry!

I wanted to share this image by Christine Grove.  The sentiment actually came first.  A long time ago, my BFF texted me this sentiment and we both went crazy at how much we loved it.  And I have been searching for the perfect image to go with it and I have found it :)

Meet “FOREVER MY ALWAYS”.  Like I said.. I LOVE this sentiment for an anniversary card. I Love this playful couple.. love how they are looking at each other.. love the dance… Love how they are “in sync”…. I hope Ryan and I are that couple in 20+ years :)

Hope you love them as much as I do.  Seriously.. whats that dance when you are in that possition and are waving your hands?  is it the Swing?  OMG just looking at them I fell in love again LOL


Here’s a card by AliceWERTZabella using Forever my Always.. isn’t it GORGEOUS?!?!?



I also wanted to show 3 new Mo Images I could. not. resist.


Girl Time.

ok.. SERIOUSLY now… Can you DIE looking at the expression of the little one in the front EATING the cucumber?!?!?!  Well I almost did LOL.  THAT FACE!!!.. I thought this was such a sweet image for girls day out.. mother’s day.. birthday… Love them.



Another face I couldn’t resist .. with the “spectator” shoes.. the hands clasped.. the teeny mouth.. the bows… She actually reminds me of that girl from little house on the prairie.. NELLIE was it? LOL.. Ok did ANYONE ELSE ever watch little house?  Ya.. this girl may not be so nice.. LOL.. but she’s SLICK.  and gets what she wants with her sugary smile and adorable face.


Here’s TracyMACabella’s card using SPOILED





It’s that little cucumber face again.  HAD. TO. HAVE. HER.  I don’t think I have words for the dimples on the elbows.. the spread out toesies with that pedicure toe separator.. LOL.. I . Can.t TAKE IT.





Do you sense a theme here?  Am I crying out for a spa day?!?!?!  I think I am.  Hmph.


WANNA WIN THESE BABIES?  Place a comment in the comment section and we will reveal the winners on June 1st!!


This week’s theme was a SKETCHYPOO

sketch-10-may-22 copy

Let’s see what our AMAZING/TALENTED/ PHENOMALISH Baberoonis came up with shall we?


AliceWERTZabella used PETUNIA has a PARTY


Kerribella used WIZ


Sandiebella used ALWAYS BE YOURSELF



Shelabella used NICE TO SEE you Petunia


Stephabella used GAME ON





TracyMACabella used SMARTY CAT


Seriously.  Drool worthy.  AMAZINGNESS.

Now for my phenomalish sistahood which seems to be growing every week.. HERE’S TO US!  WOOHOOOO!


Chitra used PATIENCE


WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW.. I love all of these cards!  If you aren’t inspired now..ummm… let’s not go there. LOL

Next week’s theme is

ANYTHING GOES!  use a CURRENT stampingbella image on a car and **POOF*** you’re ready to enter.  JUST LIKE DAT.  For information on how to enter, click HERE


Don’t forget to post a comment here so I have something to read and show off to my kids.. ok? LOL.

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE da sneaky PEEKIES!



Sneaky PEEKY day 2-Y (pronounced “EE” like in SNEAKY.. so it Rhymes. ok?).. LOL- AND A CHANCE TO WIN!

contest is now closed

Winnah of BREE goes to..

Here are your random numbers:

198-KP you win!  please email me and in the subject line put "I WON TINY TOWNIE BREE) along with your email address and we will ship ASAP!	

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:08:36 UTC


Hiya sistahs..

Ok yesterday’s post was INSANE in the MEMBRANE (we used to say that in the 80’s).. Seriously I thought everyone gave up on me.. didn’t love me anymore.  But I won’t complain ANY LONGER .. I know you’re there.. You sure showed ME yesterday :)..

I am SO happy with the reaction of my little blossom.. the Tiny Townies.. I feel the excitement again.. the mojo.. the contagiousness… LOVE IT!!

THIS is what keeps me going!

Ok After yesterday’s BLABLA post, I am going to keep this short and sweet.. Ok maybe a little story to go with her but other than that, short and sweet k?

Meet TINY TOWNIE BREE loves BUTTERCREAM.  I mean who the heck doesn’t?  In yesterday’s post I mentioned I love children’s illustrations.. of course I love food too. (TRIPLE HMPH)… I also love sweets and cake and buttercream (quintillionth HMPH)

So without further ADOOOOOO…. meet Tiny Townie BREE loves BUTTERCREAM… I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

I mean SERIOUSLY.  The “bowleggedness” because she’s trying to balance that cake?  THE CAKE?  THE CROWN?  The BOW?  THE TUTU?  THE STRIPED TIGHTS?  I know you can see her, but I just get a little excited LOL…  And the SENTIMENT???? Ok, Im done now.  Phew!  OH AND THE WAY ELAINEABELLA COLOURED HER?  ok, now I’m RE-HEALLY done.







Tracybella’s Card



Wanna win BREE?  Leave a comment here.  And NO IT NEVER GETS OLD.. AND NO.. I LOVE READING THE COMMENTS… AND NO YOU BETTER LEAVE ONE.  Let me know what you thinky of my Bree.  *sigh*… my BREE.

Mwah to my sistahs who want a JUICY slice of cake.. WITH EXTRA BUTTERCREAM.


And the new Release Sneak Peeks begin! Meet Tiny Townie BLOSSOM loves BALLOONS and a CHANCE TO WIN HER!


winnah of TINY TOWNIE BLOSSOM goes to…

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

11-BARBARA RAY you win!  PLease email me and in the subject line please write "I WON BLOSSOM" along with your snail mail addy!	

Timestamp: 2015-06-01 03:06:05 UTC



Stamping Bella has been around for over 10 years… where the HECK has the time gone?  I have no idea.. but I look and FEEL 10 years older so it must be true LOL.

When I started this little business I had a passion for children’s illustrations.. and to this day the passion continues.  I can’t help but casually go to the children’s section with my kids at the book stores and get lost in both the stories (yes I am 4 years old) and the images that I seen when I turn the pages.   I not only love children’s illustration .. I  love illustrations that tell a story.. that trigger an emotion or 2 or 4 or 1500894.  My artists who work very close by me are so talented and are able to tell MY story… tell A story.. take an image out of my head and get it on paper.. down to the nitty gritty details.  These artists also come up with their own AMAZING ideas to share with you as well.    For 10 years I have tried to stay “ahead of the game” .. to stand out from the rest.. to be, well, less generic .. if I can be so bold to say that.

We started with the “Bellas”  which to me was so needed in the market place.. something that we could associate with.. career… hobbyist.. anything.  And when people would email me and tell me how one “reminded” them of so and so and this one would remind them of  so and so.. and I would hear them say “that’s SOOOO insert name here”.. it would make my heart sing.  Those were the types of stamps I wanted to produce.  Stamps that made a difference..  Listen, I’m not solving the world peace issue LOL but if I can put a smile on someone’s face, then I’m happy.  I even had one customer who had NO pictures from her youth and she used the different bellas to document her childhood.  How cool is THAT?!

From the Bellas sprang oh so many other artist’s work.. senses of humor, wittiness etc…

Then came the Uptown girls… a more modern twist to the bellas.. more sophisticated.. again with the same idea.. I want my characters to RESONATE with people.  And boy do these uptownies Resonate LOL.  They are a huge success!

Yes, I am such a child at heart.. and YES my inner child sometimes gets unleashed and goes crazy.. and YES, I embrace those moments.  And I realized that the Uptownies also have an inner child.  Who were they before they “became” the uptownies?  (I always say I take my stamps seriously).. Well.. they were the TINY TOWNIES of course!  Younger versions of the uptownies…  Playful.. Studious.. Risk Takers…   I watch my children daily in awe.  How different they are from each other…. I watch my daughter be SO MUCH BRAVER than I ever was… I see my son more cautious and thoughtful in his every day life… It’s so interesting to see and I really embrace those differences.  My kids are my INNER child (if that makes any sense at all)

Ok so I am really blabbering.. not even sure I make sense but I wanted to introduce you to a whole new set of characters.. the TINY TOWNIES.  The little playful, brave, studious, cautious little characters before they became uptownies :)

I hope you LOVE Tiny Townie BLOSSOM as much as I do

Colouring was done, of course, by our very own Elaine Hughes.. a HUGE part of the Stamping Bella family.  Between my artists, my DT, My friends .. SIGH. I’m one lucky gal.

Here’s Blossom


And here are some samples made with Blossom :)


Tracymacabella’s card


Shelabella’s card


Stephabella’s card


Our release will be On JUNE 1st. (hopefully a bit before).. All images will be available then.  Until then, I torture you, ok?

Wanna WIN HER?  Place a comment here for a chance.  All winners will be announced before the release.  Place a comment here just to show me you are still reading my blog and that there is a sign of life out there LOL

Mwah to da sistahs who EMBRACE their inner child :)