I have been keeping these and STARING at these and I couldn’t hold back.  THESE ARE MY FAVORITE FLOWERS EVER.. they were inspired by a picture I saw in a magazine and HAD to make it into RUBBAH.. The background (called FLUFFIES-LOL) is phenom!!!  I actually cut them up into little elements and make my own bordAH.. shhhh.. don’t tell… you can line them all up on a block or in a scattered pattern.. in this card I just cut one size and randomly stamped it around the card.. sounds a bit VIOLENT to cut it but I apologized beforehand and fluffy understood…  my NEXT bordah I did the same thing.. you will see!!



[photopress image=”bloominpotcard_1.jpg”]

I am in love

with a pot.


this is what you sistahs DO TO ME

[photopress image=”daisylampcard.jpg”]


LOL.  the lamp and sentiment make me sooooooo verrrryyyyyy RAPPY (said like scooby doo.. I am a freak and have children who watch it n’k?)  I used my Copics and my FAVORITE border called not so bored border.. you can find all ingredients here

I am uploading a few things today so stay tOOOOOOOned.




happy new year to my dear wonderful amazing sistahs

to my dearest 8 (plus a few quiet ones out there),

I wanted to wish you all a happy happy healthy and prosperous new year! 2007 has meant the world to me.  You sistahs have always been there for me, encouraged me, kept me going and for that, I must thank you. The most meaningful part of 2007 has been meeting all of you.. and I thank you so much for  all of your support.

Well if you think that 2007 was ROCKIN’ you just wait until 2008 and what we will be introducing!  You will go crazzzzy!  We are busy designing, and creating and will knock your socks off!

Hope you had a PHENOM new years eve.. we had a WII night.  A LAZY WII night.. we had our friends Melissa, Ian , Caryn and their kids over.. we shipped them to the basement and the 5 of us sat like vegetables, exhausted playing the Wii.. you have never seen anything like it! No movement, NADA.. LOL..  but my new years resolution is to play an ACTIVE wii game..

So let’s hear what some of your resolutions are.. I need some inspiration!

Mwah to the resolutione’d sistahs


Sistahs, the mailman has gone with today’s orders

and all is quiet over here… ho hum… LOOOVE IT! so I have a coupla moments to talk to you.  It’s been a while!! I hope your holidays were PHENOMALICIOUS (love that new word.. just made it it up-in case you thought you would be able to find it in the dictionary-LOL!).. lots of food, comaraderie, an excuse to be with DA FAMILY… it’s so nice, idn’t it?  So I had a couple of days off and my computer was down (insert SHRIEK here) so I couldn’t even do any work from home (insert another bigger SHRIEK here)… It was a blessing in disguise!  I actually got to spend LOTS of quality time with Ryan and da kidlets… we had so much fun!  Had friends over, went out, went for walks..

But this isn’t what this blog post is about ya know.  It is about DA Wii (nintendo wii that is).. Ryan decided that our family absolutely NEEDED one.  I told him that it was mighty expensive and that I would not be participating in anything that has to do with the Wii.  He said “no problem” and he bought it.  CAN YOU BELIEVE?  and he bought this silly little game called guitar hero.. HAVE YOU HEARD OF IT? (lol).  Well weren’t those famous last words…

He cracks open the box..tyler is jumping up and down with glee, Jayden is holding the other ‘mote control (as she says it) which is unplugged but SHE thinks it works..LOL.  and they proceed to play these FOOLISH games called, bowling, boxing, football etc… I am watching this while I am sitting on the sofa and LAUGHING to myself that this is the most INSANE game I have ever seen and I would NEVAH humiliate myself and even go so far as to HOLD one of those remote controls.  So I do a little research about some of the games available (even tho I have NO INTEREST whatsoever in playing-*winks*) and see that there is a game called “carnival” and in that game, there happens to be MY FAVORITE GAME of all time called “skeet ball”.. you know the bowling game where there are rings with values and you have to have them land in those rings?  Ya anyway, before Ryan went out I sayS to him “well if you are passing by the video store, why don’t you just rent this carnival thingie game or something (you know trying to play it down…).. he says “SURE honey” with a little knowing smirk on his face.

He comes home with the game and says to me “ya wanna play?”… and I say to him, ABSOLUTELY NOT.. I thought it would be a great game for the kids to play and that they would enjoy it and NEVAH would I stoop to the level of being a jumping jiggling lunatic with a remote in my hand…

So the kids played.

Then the kids ate Suppah.

Then the kids went to bed.

Then Ryan took out the Wii.

Then he loaded SKEETBALL.

and he played.

And it looked like SO MUCH FUN.

THEN… you know what happened?

I LUNGED for the remote.  Literally.  I grabbed it out of his hand and became a skeet ball-carnivalfreak-sideshow.  I jiggled.  I wiggled.  I flung that ball like nevAH before.  I dunked people into water.. I was the STRONGEST WOMAN ALIVE as I POUNDED the hammer on the scale thingy..

I was scary.

Ryan had to force the remote out of my hand and he began to play.  And he beat my score.

Since I WAS the strongest woman in the world, I yanked it away from him and really tried to beat him.. and couldn’t.  I even threw in a little extra jiggle and wiggle.

He then takes out that silly guitar.  I mean, COME ON sistahs.. you think you are a rockstar while you are STRUMMING on a guitar?????? Ryan asks if I wanna play.. I say NO.  Then he plays.  And I watch.  And I hum to the song he is playing.. and i proceed to LUNGE for the remote again.. grab it from his hands and STRUMMED like I nevah STRUMMED before.  Yes, I was BOO’ed off the stage but with lotsa practice (*winks*), I managed to make it through the whole song… LOL.  Ok so all that was on Tuesday night.

I have nevah been the same.  our BESTEST friends (RYAN AND NATANYA and kidlets) came over (YES RYAN, you are now in PRINT.. and yes you ARE our bestest friends) and their daughter Jordyn decided to play the Wii … she played for 2 hours while her DADA was watching and giving advice from the peanut gallery (move here, Jordyn, swing ON AN ANGLE, Jordyn etc etc) until FINALLY, he got up (the virgin wii-er) and had a hard time putting the remote down when they had to leave… He actually “Threw” a ball in the air when he served in the tennis game–LOL.. and added some wiggle to his jiggle.

I good laugh was had by all.. I am so sorry about how LONG and BORING this post is but I just had to share…

guess what “wiiiiiii’re” doing tonight?  we share that look.  that “i am SO GONNA BEAT YOU IN THAT GAME” look.

Is that a RIOT or what?  You know my advice to not care what other people think around you?  Well I took my own advice and I Wiiiiiiiii’d  till I could Wiiiiii no mo’

Mwah to da sistahs who would pay MOOLAH to see me Wii


so i decided not to wait… Ya I know

I have issues.. LOL!

So if you check out my “LOOOOOOOOVE” section (said in a sexy voice.. kinda like “LEEEUUUUUVVVVV” section..).. I am one sick pup.

I tried to make some versatile images.. the one thing I LEEEEUUUUUVVV (lol) about valentines day stamps is that you can really use them all year round (phew! cuz I don’t think I can do this again for a while..just kiddinK… still have SOOO MUCH MORE)

 So here goes:

We gotS

a curly EWE.. who looks like ME in the morning (LOVE HER) she comes with “Having a bAAAAAAAAAD day?”  get it?  B’ahahahahaha  (sound of a sheep)… and she goes with my sentiments “i love ewe” “thank ewe” “you are the best”

we gotS

a love canister set AND a love SCOOP.. sentiment to go with it? sending you SCOOPS of love…


Wilbur, the valentine piggy (LOOOOOVE him)


DA LOOOOVE (LEEUUVVVE) pumps can go with “sole sisters”… I just think they are so cute to give to a girlfriend on Valentines day!


a VALENTINI.. a play on Christmatini.. with the cutest charm hanging from the stem and a heart stir stick



can be for springtime and for Valentines day!


a HEART ROW… you can cut them up, use them individually and as backgrounds.. the plaid can be used for the GUY in your life

and we GOTS da Bella… YA A BELLA.. I am gonna start calling them ZELLAS so that you will have to go through ALL the other stamps to get there..LOL!  yes Stamping Bella has other stamps.. LOL

her name is TOPIARYBELLA and I lovey her..


SO sistahs.. DO you likey what I GOTS?



valentine wishes

I know that you are still trying to get through Christmas…LOL.. but I think it is time that I reveal my new Valentines collection, no?  If you don’t want me to do it just tell me.. but I was thinkin’… just thinkin’…. that perhaps tomorrow would be the day to reveal?  Samples will follow..LOL! but you know me.. it just depends on how I feel.. and how I FEELS is, that I can’t TAKE IT NO MO’ and have to show you what I have been up to!

 I have missssseddd you so much and was away Monday and Tuesday.. now here I am staring at the phenom images and wanna share with you… so you know what?  TOMORROW IT IS… I’m a launchin’ whether you likey it or not!


Mwah to da overwhelmed sistahs


shipping updates

good 7:26am in the morning sistahs!  It is a snowy blechy day here in Toronto.  I am sitting on my teeny laptop in front of my tv with my kidlets who have decided to “Organize” their toys.. can you say DISASTER ZONE?  OMG…   I am drinking my coffee and looking out the window.. It is so peaceful in the morning, even if the little ones are screaming their heads off..LOL

Ok, so this is the update for shipping.  The volumes have been crazy  and with the holidays and less help, it has been a challenge.. but we have been working day and night trying to get all your goodies out.  We will be working later on today as well.  A lot of you will be receiving order confirmations today for shipping tomorrow.  I will be off on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as I have to go out of town but work will still be going on… shipping will resume on Thursday and I will be working on and off until after new years.  Again, I apologize for the delays.. if you have anything rush, please let me know today and I will try my bestest to get them out. 

mwah to da patient sistahs


Penelope and Elmer

Once upon a time, there was a stamping bella momma who had a 5 year old stamping-minifella named Tyler and a 2.5 year old stampingbella-ette named Jayden.  Well, the momma had to make birthday cards for all the birthday parties the minis were invited to.  Stamping Bella always used high tops in her cards.. would colour them in pink for the young ladies and blue for the young men.  SHE LOVED that stamp and still LOVEEEESSS that stamp.  She always found there was a “missing link” in the toddler, young boy/girl stamp collection so Penelope and Elmer were born.  Penelope was Stamping Bellas’ imaginary friend when she was little and this is what she looked like in her imagination … Elmer, is just her perfect companion looking so innocent but really up to mischief.  Two stars have been born.. Penelope and Elmer.. they have siblings as well who also have been in the works for months on end and will be coming to fruition shortly.  Penelope and Elmer have accessories as well which will be coming throughout the week…

Stamping Bella is in love.

In love with a Penelope and an Elmer.

Are you?


~stamping bella