Nicky came to visit today

or so she thought… (bwahhahahahahah). 

I was so excited today.. got lots done and of course came home with homework.. but that’s besides the point.. Another reason to be excited?  My 2 year old is getting into this toilet training thing!! “MUMMMMMY PEEEEPEEEEE”, I know too much information but it is SO CUTE!  She is on the toilet and a few drops fall and I scream or Ruby screams “ONE peeeepeeee”!  she laughs hysterically and sucks it back in.. then she lets a few more drops and we shout “TWOOOOO PEEPEEEEES” and at this point, she is hysterical, the two of us are hoarse and exhausted from screaming and dancing etc.. you get the picture but HOW CUTE IS DAT?

 See how I jump from one subject to the other?  hmph.. this is how my brain works..LOL.  Ok, back to the Nicky thang.  She told me she would bring me lunch today and just hang out so she called me that she was downstairs and to meet her.  I met her at her car and she looks at me and says “WHAT?? NO SSSSMARTTTT CARTTTT?”… I respond back to her “for lunch??” “How much lunch didja bring???”.. she then starts ‘unloading’ her car.. We brought all these bags upstairs to my office (aka ‘digs’ ‘crib’) and she begins to unpack… How sweet is THIS?  She bought me a tea kettle (she drinks tea, I don’t LOLOL), a COFFEE MAKER, a tin of coffee and some tea, 3 stackable containers (NEED I SAY MORE?) for sweet n low, stir sticks, tea bags etc.. pink forks and green knives (my colours) and matching funky napkins AND a little kleenex pack that matches the napkins, cuz she said THE BELLA needs cute kleenex.. and a pink ceramic mug that plugs into the car lighter to keep your coffee warm (CUTEST IDEA).. I almost cried.. that was THE NICEST package I have ever gotten.. oh and some paper towels (do ya think she thinks I need to clean a little?) but no windex? hmph.  Was so happy.  So she sat down and I put her to work.. she did a wonderful job and the company was PHENOM..

I had a great day.. still trying to catch up but I see the light!

Today was a great day.. got lots of goodies and felt so loved.. I be so happy

oh, did I mention there will be a reveal on Friday?  huh?  did I?


love to DA SISTAHS


weekend update

So my little Jay formally turned two yesterday.. if you ask her how old she is she hold up 2 little fingies and shouts “TOOOOOO”.. so cute.. she had a blast.  I, on the other hand, amd completely and utterly EXHAUSTED.. we entertained family from out of town all weekend.. between cooking and cleaning and eating and cooking and cleaning and eating (you get the pic) it was really hectic to say the least!  It is a long weekend here so tomorrow is off.. I was ABSOLUTELY forbidden by all to go to my office or work.. hmph.  However, LOL, I managed to say “I must show my parents my new digs” sooooo I managed to squeeze in a coupla hours and you will be seeing some updates throughout the next coupla days (even if I am not ‘allowed’ to work)… I will be tackling the 12-13th of may right now so still within my 7 day processing time… I will try this week to really boogie harder (is that possible???) and get lots sent out and then by the end of the week both storage and reveals will be up!! I hope you understand.. actually I KNOW you understand and I do appreciate it so much.

 So off to make dinner (food AGAIN??)

Love to da SISTAHS





Remember THIS?

[photopress image=”jaydeninvite_1.gif”]

Yes yes! You remember a little over a month ago I stayed up late to create my daughter, Jayden’s birthday invites?  Do you remember how much I fell in love with this invite and couldn’t wait to replicate it a million times and send out to all close friends and family?  Do you see where I am going with this?

Jayden’s 2nd birthday is on Saturday.  Yes, 2 days away. So what do you think the organized queen stuffed pickle did 1.5 weeks ago ?  Yes, you got it… I CALLED EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON MY LIST and told them all the info about the party cuz I didn’t have the time to make the invites! LOLOL.. I guess there is always next year?  So sistahs, block this card from your mind in case I resurrect it next year and want a kajillion comments on how original and specfabulous I was in creating such a card.. n’k?  It’s like the shoemaker and the shoes.. he makes em, but has no shoes on his feet (I hope that is how the story goes.. if not.. it fits so well so don’t correct me.. LOL).

I have my son, Tyler’s, 5th birthday in a month.. what do you think I did?  Yup!  I went to the indoor gym place where we are hosting it and they have FREE invites with maps on how to get there etc.. HOW CLEVER AND CRAFTY am I? *giggles*

That’s my story for the day.

Digs or “crib” as someone mentioned which I LOVED, is great.. still bringing stuff everyday and slowly getting organized.  I am getting my speed back .. still behind but promise will get there and once I am done I will reveal  something JUIIIICYYY! (or 2 things)


love love love you



well, kinda.  I gotta tell you this funny little anecdote.  A few days ago I was visiting one of my favorite suppliers (which one ISN”T I ask you!).  Of course my partner in crime (nickabella) joined me and we both spot this cart.  Yes, a shopping cart. (please don’t roll your eyes.. I KNOW YOU ARE).. ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, this is the cutest shopping cart you have ever seen (you are now asking yourselves.. a shopping cart?  cute?  WHATEV- ).. I will snap a pic tomorrow and show you and I am SURE you will agree.. Ok so anyway, we spot this cart.. called the ‘smart cart’.. so that sold it to me.. I admit it!  Anything with that name has got to be purchased, no?  So this cart is teeny relative to the normal supermarket cart (if I say CART one more time….).. there are 2 levels to this ‘C'(art) and 1 basket fits in each (both top and bottom) that you can remove.  Nicky and I immediately stare at eachother with the understanding that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary that I own this cart.. for work of course .  I can keep it in the car… I can take it out and put stuff in it to make it one trip to the office.. I can use it to pick and pack orders.. OMG. the places I would GO with this cart! (think Dr. Seuss book.. ‘oh, the places you’ll go’ (OMG wouldn’t that be a GREAT sentiment for DIPLOMABELLA???? just thought of that).. So I BEG.. I mean BEG the woman to sell me 2 of these carts.. you know in case one breaks down?? (I am laughing out loud just writing this).. she goes to ask the manager and sure enough, yes! I mean they’re thinking if this idiot wants 2 shopping carts, who am I to stop her from spending?… Anyway I ended up taking one.  I put it in the bella’s minivan and Ryan takes a look in my van when I get home and I am surprised his eyes did not remain crossed when he looked at this ‘thing ‘ in my car.. I went into my list of why this is the best thing on earth and he just held his hand up to STOP as he really wasn’t interested in the reasoning.. *giggles*… So of course I had TONS of stuff to bring to the office and I send him to home depot to buy a dolly to bring the big stuff up.. and what do you think he said??? no no no.. I think we should use your sssmmmmaaartttt cart (well at least he listens, no?)… I said to him to stop being a *()$*(%* and to buy a dolly.. of course he did.. SO.. he took his lunchhour and then some off.. I had packed my van up all morning and we met at the office.  He proceeds to take out this dolly that has trays, and the handle can pivot and you can lift it and squash it.. the only thing it doesn’t do is give you $$.. this was HIS smart cart.  So  I must admit there was a little bit of competing going on.. I whipped out my smart cart and he whipped out his “smarter” cart.. We loaded them up (mine fit 3 stamps..LOL) and his fit a fridge, 18 miliion boxes and 4000 acrylic blocks–ok I am exaggerating a little but I just wanted you to get the visual.

Well, the next step was to get to the front door.  They are repaving the parking lot and the path to the door… YOU SISTAHS woulda been HYSTERICAL.. the two of us wheeling our smart and smarter carts over PEBBLES.. can you just imagine?  We couldn’t go in a straight line.. things were threatening to fall.. we basically had to LIFT our carts over the pebbles… I knew I was smarter with my smart cart and loading it with 2 stamps.. less to fall!!! SEE? I WIN afterall! LOLOL.. (I so am really laughing as I write.)

So we get in my new digs and I have to tell you.. I SOOOO HAPPY there.. Hannah came to help me.. she will be with me a couple of times a week and we finished unpacking everything.. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!  It’s MY place.. MY place to share with my sistahs when they come and visit where I will have MY goodies to serve and MY KETTLE to boil and of course MY COFFEEMAKER to make… It’s really nothing fancy at all but it’s MINE!

So tomorrow ladies, I will be hibernating in MY NEW PLACE, packing orders, listening to music and emailing you guys 🙂

I so happy I could just bust!  Stressed but happy!  Things should be getting back to normal soon!  I will try to take pictures and Natanya will be picking the winners to the contest by Friday!

Ok, now whomever recommended that labeler to me in the last competition, please email me privately.. I would like discuss your prize!! THAT THING IS THE BESTTTT THING IN THE WORLD.. well besides my smart useless cart, that is!

love you


in case no one has noticed…

I did SNEAKILY put in 2 new stamps..!  I love when I do dat.  My Happy Peas honestly make me so happy!  They look so SNUGGLY and cozy and they are a little bit of a bella and fella combined to keep with the theme!  I watercolored them (I have no clue how to watercolor but own EVERY SINGLE watercoloring medium out there) and they look specTACular!  They give me the warmest and fuzziest feeling EVAH.. how about you?  do you Likey?  I have sentiments to go with them.. just click on the magnifying glass! A little bit of a note about how the peas came to life?  My right hand Ruby ( I say RIGHT HAND cuz If I didn’t have her by my side every day and on weekends I would have never coped and would have probably given up).. Anyway, Ruby’s daughter Robyn (not only the most BRILLIANT 9 year old little girl but STUNNING..) said to me one saturday… “PEAS come to my birthday party.. and she said, Em, why don’t you have a stamp of peas???.. well that was it.. the next day, they were created thanks to Robyn.. the cutest story that goes with that one is that I told her to think more more more so we can design more stamps and i hear her muttering to herself “hmmm what rhymes with carrot?”  LOL! 

Oh and there’s a new fella.. SHHHHH.. you all asked for him.. so ya HAPPY NOW? LOL

Processing time is now about 8 ish days and I have moved all today and will bring my inventory over there on Monday so will try to get everything cleaned up and organized for Tuesday which will be PURE processing day… Hmph.. As you all know this is SO frustrating for me.. I can’t stand making you wait and I do know that you understand and your supportive and lovey dovey comments mean so much to me.. HONESTLY!

Love to all


I HAD to post this

Is anyone aware of the “crocs” phenomenon?  Crocs are the UGLIEST shoes you have EVER seen in your life (actually they are coming out with cuter styles) but they are SOOOOO comfy womfy.. you never want to take them off!  About 2-3 years ago I was in Montreal shopping and spotted BRIGHT pink crocs in the window. I went nuts.. didn’t know what a ‘croc’ was then but bought them and wore them proudly all over the place… Ryan thought I was a PSYCHO.. my friends had no idea what had landed on my feet etc.. but I continued to wear them..(would you doubt it??).. Toronto still didn’t have the crocs at that point.. well.. wouldn’t you know it.. a year later, it becomes the latest craze and EVERYONE and their grandmother had to have these shoes! ALL the people who made fun of me are now wearing them ..LOL.  Well, I bought Tyler a pair last year and he wore them to death last year.. I swear it is like walking on two mattresses!(giggle)…  Ok, so then I am watching Oprah while working and hear the most incredible story about a stay at home mom who was at the pool and created these croc ‘charms’ that everyone went NUTS over. These charms hook on through the holes of the crocs.. kinda like an accessory.. Sure enough this woman who created these croc charms, made it on Oprah and BAM.. the rest is history.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE stories like that.. you know about what people invent and sell kabillions of? I saw a story about a young girl who wanted pastel nailpolish so she took nailpolish and mixed it with white and called her company HARD CANDY, made it to Oprah and bingo bango.. the rest is history once again!! LOVE IT!

Ok, I digress (what else is new?).. the whole POINT of this post was to show you these legs

[photopress image=”jayden__s_fet_002.jpg”]

 I mean HONESTLY.. could you take these legs and SHOVE them in your mouth whole???  And of course, checkout minibella’s crocs with all the charms.. THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! 

Ok, that’s all I had to share..LOL.. sorry I got off track yet again! And Winners will be announced for the contest early next week




urgent message from DA SISTA

Hello sistahs!

Thank you for participating in my contest! I AM LOVING the stories! (well, some are very sad..) so I laughed and I cried and laughed some more and cried some more.. isn’t it refreshing to just sit down and read and really get to know each other?  Can you tell I studied sociology?  I just love learning about people!  Ok.. now the urgent message.  I am now ready to move into my new place.. actually for the next few days and into the weekend.  This means delays on processing.  I could just SCREAM, it is very frustrating because I want to ship ASAP and I can’t process as fast as I would like to.  So.. things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks:

(1) juicy reveals of course

(2) speedier processing time as I will be getting more help!! (YIPPEE)

(3) Different postal options which will be pricier but trackable AND 4-5 day GUARANTEED delivery!  How’s that for a treat?  I am SO excited for that.. no more horse and buggy! (Although I will still offer the horse and buggy service)

So please please please forgive me for the next few days as orders WILL be delayed and I know it is so unacceptable but right now that’s all I can say.. I would like to apologize a million times over and I can PROMISE that things will get MUCH speedier.. so please most of you have been with me from the beginning and I am suffering from some growing pains right now.. (my stomach, my bum… no just kidding (not).. I am talking BIDNISS)..I am hoping you understand and will forgive me…

Love to all



Fixafella is SO BIZZY

fixing all the leaks and plumbing.. and he is also doing a lot of measuring for some new furniture etc.. he may even paint!  He is such a doll and if you colour him up and put a little charm here and there.. how ADORABLE will he be?  I am LOVING his boots and his pencil behind the ear….. hmmmm


Hope you likey!



happy birthday to my hubba hubba

today is Ryan’s birthday.. actually was…  numbah 35… I still remember when we were 20 and I was fixed up on a blind date with the CUTEST boy you ever did see…. 15 years later, he is that same boy  who picked me up for our first date (and was a little late–why can’t I forget that?).. my girlfriend fixed us up and came on our first date with us.. I knew right then and there that he was “THE ONE”… Ok I am gonna tell you about our first date (even though I may bore you to death)..He picked me up (not as late) and we went to the most amazing coffee/sandwich place (didn’t expect so much then-boy have things changed!)  so we sit down and we are talking up a storm and all of a sudden I see his jaw drop.. I am wondering what is going on and sure enough what do I see/feel?  His jaw dropped cuz as we were talking I was crossing my legs under the table cloth.. as I was crossing my legs, I caught onto the tablecloth and started pulling it off the table.  Along with the ginormous sandwich AND.. yes AND.. a huge scalding cappucino.. all over my lap… I WAS SO EMBARASSED at being such a klutz.. Ryan IMMEDIATELY jumped up and told me he had a spare pair of pants in his trunk (didn’t think to ask why..LOL) and he said he would go get them for me to change since I was BURNT and had alfalfa sprouts all over my pants… Ok so NOW.. the panic set in… Sistahs.. do you know why???? I WAS PETRIFIED that his pants WOULDN’T FIT!!!! What if they didn’t?  that’s it if they didn’t, he would TOTALLY never ask me out again.. I was suffering sistahs.. really suffering.. So he brings me the pants.  Black DRESS pants.. he put them in my hands and told me to go change.. OMG.. I wanted to spill more COFFEE and WINE all over the pants so I wouldn’t have to change.. but I couldn’t cuz he was watching my every move…. So I go to the bathroom.. hold my breath and HOPE for the best…. whaddya think happened?!?!?!?!?  THEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and were even a little loose (loose?  what’s that?  those were the days.. hmph). So of course I strut right out of the bathroom dramatically repeating to him over and over again that the pants are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO big on me (while I hold in my tummy and pull the pants forward so he can see just HOW big they were on me.. LOLOL!)… Well, it was love ever since.  Hope I didn’t bore you.

Of course I am a little guilty too as I didnt make or buy a card for him.. so this is my tribute to my love… Happy birthday  to my fella!

So lets have a little contest… Let’s forget about stamping for a second (ok not for that long) and tell the sistahs about your first dates with your significant others or any other funny stories you would like to share!  I love to listen to this stuff!  It will be a great prize of course.. to be discussed… I also owe for the last contest so I will send that out too!


I am SO EXCITED to hear the stories? DId you “MWAH” or not? LOLOL


Mwah to da sistahs

love you muchly


charmZ and crystalZ


throughout the day I will be posting charms and crystals.. I just want you to know that the charms are priced as singles! (didn’t want anyone to be confused).. The more I look at them, the more I am going MENTAL.. they are just too cute for words!  Ok.. going to take pics and post..

oh they will be located under Bellas favorites!

love to DA SISTAHS