Nicky’s creations… TAAADAAAAAA!

Ok take a lookey.  Can you tell that she loves my 3 line holiday stamp?  We are going to work on a tutorial showing you how versatile and easy my 3 liners are… to be continued..

Ok.. here are the cards.. all stamps can be found in my Christmas section

let US know what you thinky!  The stamps are so juicy to colour yet so easy to just accent too for a different elegant look!

[photopress image=”nicky__s_christmatini_card.jpg”][photopress image=”nicky__s_ornament_card.jpg”][photopress image=”nicky__s_gifty_tree_card.jpg”][photopress image=”nicky__s_snowy_house_card.jpg”][photopress image=”nicky__s_snowman_card.jpg”]


Em and Nick

you likey da wreathy?

Ok monstah sistahs…

[photopress image=”wreathabella_card2.jpg”]

here’s another one to compensate for the lack o’ ribbon..LOL!  I love her…   As you can tell I need a new blade in my trimmer.. actually a new cutting mat if I MUST be specific..LOL!  She was a lot of fun to color.. I finally cracked open my Quickutz Cookie Cutter Circles and did the main circle in white and the rim in the doodlebug sugar coated glittery turquoise paper.. YUM!!! (did you know that they are coming out with the SAME glitter that is on those pages??? DOUBLE YUM!).. I coloured in with my copics, used more glitter and then some more glitter, tied a bow in a reversible satin (turquoise/lime) ribbon.. and then layered 2 buttons on top of eacher.. they are sparkly too! (turquoise and lime).. P.S. I NEVER use buttons.. I have no ideaR what came over me…

Hope you lovey the bella too!!!




scoop about da RIBBON

Ok sistahs, this is the scoop.  I have in my little chubby hands the most PHENOM flimsy beautiful silk ribbon.. in 7 colours. NOW, the reason why it hasn’t been posted yet is…… drum roll please……. that it came directly from the dyers in a figure eight… think 150 yards of ribbon in a figure eight.. think of 150 NECKLACES tied in a figure eight.. Ya now YOU try to figure out how to detangle..LOL!  Ruby is working on it at home.. she is wrapping it around an empty water bottle.. I told her to take out a VODKA bottle, FULL.. maybe that will make it easier to unravel..LOLOL!

So that’s my story and I am STICKIN to it.. I do have some goodies to post today… hmmmmm should I????

from start to finish

 Ok sistahs, here goes… I am a little annoyed cuz I took notes (LOL) as goofy things occurred … actually Ryan kept on nudging me when something happened that had potential to be funny and he would just whisper “blog” to me… and OF COURSE.. where do you think that piece of paper is??? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.. hmph.  so now I am going purely by memory so forgive me (not that you will know if anything is accurate or not..LOLOL).. here goes

So thursday night I packed all my goodies in yet another new rollie bag that I bought myself.. I actually ended up packing ALL my stuff in there and of course all the ‘extras’ went into Ryan’s bag.. I looked cute wheeling my bag while he SCHLEPPED his big yellow bag around.  EVERYONE stared at my bag.. honestly.. and whenever someone told me how nice my bag was, Ryan was sure to tell them that they made my day

[photopress image=”betsey_rolly_bag_1.jpg”]

can you blame me??

OK I digress for a change….  So I hardly slept cuz I was SOOO excited to leave.. woke up at 5:00 and of course we had to leave extra early so my hubby would be happy.. he has to be at airport extra early, and I am the one they are calling on the loudspeaker and I am the one running like a lunatic to catch my flight..LOL.  I am sure this doesn’t surprise you.  Ok, so in the car, Ryan and I are discussing the flight.. I asked if we had good seats and he says “OMG YES! I got great seats.. I said to him “what row”? and he responds “32” so I say to him.. that sounds like it is far back, no? and he says “no there was something good about the seats, I can’t remember what but there was something so don’t worry.  K sistahs.. do you think I shoulda worried? OMG.. we get on the plane and are following the rows.. I am getting more and more aggravated.. as my forehead HITS THE BATHROOM BEHIND THE LAST ROW!! I look at Ryan and say “what could POSSIBLY be positive about these seats??? WHAT???” umm he had no answer but finally came up with “oh we can push our seats backwards without bothering anybody”.. this is what he comes up with?  I look out the window and see an ENGINE.. the noise is SOOO LOUD as we are flying and I just look at him while gritting my teeth and say, “good seats, huh”?  I think I asked him every 10 minutes..LOL. 

We land, HALF DEAF, and of course have to wait about 17 minutes to debark cuz WE ARE IN THE LAST ROW.. did I mention that???

We take a cab to the city and arrive at our hotel.. this guy in casual pants and a top opens the cab door, WHISKS our luggage out (2 pcs) puts it on this pushy thingy you know with the loop on top that bellhops take for you? wheels our 2 bags in, says welcome and has his hand extended for a tip.. Ryan starts rifling through his pocket and says to him “sorry, I only have high bills”.. he says “that’s ok , I have lots of change”..LOL.. so since that day we GRRRR’d everytime we saw this guy.  The hotel was quite impressive.. it had a dean and deluca in there, and a great comfy lobby.. very cool as it was like 897 degrees outside.. we checked in, went to our room and LITERALLY, the door hit the far wall.. a SHOEBOX was bigger than our room.. our bed was on the floor, the tv was smaller than my portable DVD player (LOL) and there was this MASSIVE piece of artwork over our bed that gave me a headache and the creeps everytime I looked at it.  Needless to say, we drop our bags and head out… (did I mention that they don’t air condition the hallways????? ).

We hail a cab and we are going to a toy store I had to go to  (my first two days were going from toy store to toy store).. I don’t remember the exact coordinates but I think we were going to 79th st (probably not but let’s just say for the story) and we were at 55 st (for example).. so I say to mr. cabbie “how long til we get there”.. meaning minutes, right?  and he says to me “you can count.. we are at 55th now and we are going to 79th).. CAN YOU BELIEVE HE SAID THAT TO ME?? so I quickly shut up, and ryan was thrilled that “i was told”…hmph.

We get to this cutesy little toy store and we start talking to the owner who was a doll and a great girl who worked for her (HI STEFANIE–she made sure that I spelled it with an ‘f’).. and she asked if we were seeing any shows and we said that we wanted to see Avenue Q.. she knew some people and we got great tickets!  After the toy store, we were walking around Times Square and this guy approached us selling comedy tickets.. of course we are so paranoid so we are asking this guy a million questions (he was actually adorable and sweet).. and our whole investment was $20.. so we got the tickets.  The whole day we are wondering if the place actually exists.. we went that night and HAD THE BEST TIME.. the comedians were absolutely HILARIOUS!! We are still remembering snippets and giggling…

So that was Friday.. did I mention it was HOOOOTTTT?? Honestly, between being out in the heat and going into stores that were freezing cold.. I was starting not to feel so good.  So we went back to our room.. the next day was shopping and walking some more and “sephora-ing”.. sorry Ry! and by the end of the evening I was so exhausted, dehydrated, tired, sore and complainy.. so we rested a bit and then went to the play.. honestly, I had NO PATIENCE for the play.. by the time intermission came I was ready to RUN back to my shoebox.  I told RYan that those puppets in the play were annoying me and that my head was SPINNING.. so we went back, I went on line and we watched our DVD/tv.  Sunday came and at this point I was already wanting to come home and blog and blab and work (crazy eh?).. I actually tried to post a blog entry but had NO IDEA what my username and password was to log in.. then I tried to post a comment on my blog just so you would know that I was there and I couldn’t cuz I had no username and password.

So we did some last minute shopping on Sunday and we were off to the airport.. We had a GREAT time as usual but it was nice to come home.. I was so happy to see my kidlets yesterday and put them to bed and coming into my office this morning with all my favorite things surrounding me…

 I am so happpy (deep happy sigh)

and I missed my sistahs so much.. soo soo much



**you’re all looking to see if I am posting something, huh??**



so my dear dear hubby, who is AMMMMAZING.. surprised me!! He is whisking me off (maybe a few more years of weight watchers, he may be really able to ‘whisk’ me).. to NEW YORK CITY!!  It is my favorite place on earth and since next week is our 10 year anniversary (CAN YOU BELIEVE????), he decided to surprise me.. is it DIAMONDS for ten year or TRAVEL?  Either way me be sooooooooo happy!!!  So I am leaving tomorrow morning.. early early and going till late sunday night… I mean how AMAZING IS HE?? soon carpool starts and programs and pre nursery and dinners and lunches and and and.. in other words.. I AM SO EXCITED!! but of course will miss my sistahs and shhhhhh am bringing my laptop with so I will still be ‘connected’ to you..

 MWAH MWAH MWAH to my sistahs who will miss me based on my COMMENTS from the last post :).. that made me soooo happy.. so many more than my original posts where I addressed all ‘5 of you’.

love ya tootsies.. or yellow cabbies, or hot dogs from the street or cologne from the street or purses etc.. you get the pic


you are SUCH a hoot!

ok, here is mr. wise ole owl.. Actually “HE” is a “SHE” I really think she is adorable.  I actually called her  “baboo’s owl” because my mother in law LOOOVES and collects owls and my kids call her baboo.. don’t ask…

This is the card I made last night.. I coloured in with Copics, tied a little brown ribbon on the corner.. used Capuccino baubles and hot lips baubles and use Basic Grey’s infuse paper (lovey it) “you’re such a hoot”.. I also have “you’re so wise” to go with mr. owl.  Apparently owls are really HOT in scrapbooking?  could this be true???


[photopress image=”EMS_OWL_CARD.jpg”]