Ok sistahs, I promised and I deliver.

I LOOOVVVVVE this bag.. it is so functional and it can also house your cuttlebug folders, nestabilities etc.. the gusset is on the “CORRECT” side, so it doesn’t “constrict”  expansion.  It is clear.. it can stand on your table while you work.. the only thing it won’t do is serve you brekkie but I will work on that 🙂

I actually have the whole line of these products which are PHENOM and will try to post soon.  They are made of tent material, stands up to bad weather and honestly, is SUCH a great quality and has beautiful attention to detail.  This TOTALLY gets the Bella Stamp of APPROVAL.. LOOVE IT.  Did I mention that I love it?

 I also wanted to thank everyone for their responses regarding the Copics and I would be more than pleased to give the list.  Please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I understand that the investment is very great so what I think I will do is take my “54 that I adore” and break them up in color families.  this way you can “collect” and it doesn’t hurt the pocketbook.  I am hoping that that will help.  So here are pics of my favorite copic “tote” and I think I will continue this MYFAVORITETHING bidniss n’k?  like posting goodies I sell that I adore

[photopress image=”copicpack1.jpg”]

[photopress image=”copicpack2.jpg”]

[photopress image=”copicpack3.jpg”]

[photopress image=”copicpack4.jpg”] <—- a closeup of the detail

[photopress image=”copicpack5.jpg”] <—- now how GORGEOUS IS DAT?

[photopress image=”copicpack6.jpg”] <—- upright so you can see the colours

[photopress image=”copicpack7.jpg”] <— standing up so that it is easy to work with and pull out markers on an as-need basis

[photopress image=”copicpack8.jpg”] <— ready to boogie whenever you are!

you can find the case here

Hope you lovey it as much as I dooooo

Mwah to da sistahs who can HIDE their “alcohol” in a gorgeous dotty bag


what a bizzy day today

can’t really tell you what I have done but I have not STOPPED whatever it was that I was doing (note to self, see where time goes during the day)…

So it seems that da sistahs liked our tutorial on Friday so we may have to repeat it *winks*..   So I have been thinking very long and hard about DA COPIC SKETCH MARKERS… and I love them so much.. and ME + LOVING SOMETHING= DISASTER…LOL.  Soooo I have made a decision.  I will be taking special orders on copics.  Nicky and I have made a list of the “54 that we adore”… LOL (cute name, no?  THANK YOU KRISTIE!!!).. So…  this is the scoop.  The colours we have chosen, in our humble opinion (humble.. WHUSS DAT?) are from different necessary colour ranges, minimum of 2-3 of each color chosen to allow for blending and basically a comprehensive set where it doesn’t make you cry for more.. (I have cried and cried until finally I accumulated over 250 sketch markers.. YES I AM NUTS).. the colours chosen are blendable and BEEEE-UUUUUUUU-TI-FULLLLLL and pretty much foolproof once equipped with the proper tools and lessons.  We will be focusing some classes in the BOOtique on Copics and will try to teach online as well and share the love.   Ok this is SO not important BUTTTTTT I have also found THE PERFECT CASE to house 48 copics.. OMG.. IT IS PHENOM and CUTE and PINK and LUSCIOUS and AMAZING and STUNNING and I LOVE IT and and and… I will post pictures tomorrow and it will be up for sale tomorrow.

Now, I will not post the copics/price online.. it will be a special order only so bear with me and should you have any questions at all, PLEASE don’t hesitate to call me or email me… I am trying to gauge demand so please email me or comment on the blog to let me know if you would be interested in our very exclusive bella-esque list

Mwah to da sistahs who love alcohol

alcohol markers, DAT IS


Today is FRIDAY and we decided

after 1.5 years of being a cardmaking blog/shop that it was TIME to post 1 tutorial..LOL.. ya think?  So here is DA TUTORIAL for DA WEEKEND.. make copies, share with friends, call everybody you know cuz DIS MAY BE IT.. LOL.. or at least LET US KNOW, if THIS SHOULD BE IT.. LOL!

This card is PHENOM and of course by Nicky.. The technique is called FAUX TEARING

This is what the end result is..

[photopress image=”coffeebordercard.jpg”]

now to prepare for this card

you need

low tack masking tape

ink colors of choice

stipple brushes (one per color family)

coloring medium of choice (we used Lyra Colored pencils with spirits)

Bella DOTS (but of course!)

Bella handpicked ribbon


quickie glue pen

coffee border stamp 🙂


1. Tear masking tape or paper very jaggedy to create dimension on either side of the image

[photopress image=”picture1.jpg”]

2. tap stippling brush into respective inks and then swirl between the two ends of the jaggedy masking tape over the image

[photopress image=”step2coffeebordercard.jpg”]

[photopress image=”step3coffeebordercard.jpg”]

[photopress image=”step4coffeebordercard.jpg”]

3. Make sure you only stipple one color at a time and no more than three colours (Says NICKY who is sitting next to me).. or else it looks muddy/murky

4. peel off G-E-N-T-L-Y… YA HEAR ME???

[photopress image=”step5coffeebordercard.jpg”]

 do you see what I SEEEEEEE???? YUM!! Voila!  Faux Tearing!

5. Layer, Embellish and BE HAPPPY!

Nicky’s scallops were made by punching out a 1″ circle

[photopress image=”fullcircle.jpg”]

and then she cut them in half and glued under the layer

[photopress image=”halfcircle.jpg”]

and there you have it.. FAUX TEARING… CLEAR AS MUD?

[photopress image=”coffeebordercard_1.jpg”]

you likey da TUTORIAL?

if not, just write Nicky.. it’s HER fault. (LOL)

Mwah to da Sistahs who don’t need to TEAR no mo’


masculine cards? romantic cards? you nameS it, We GOTS it

First, I must acknowledge and SCREEEAM from the rooftops that our VERY OWN NICKABELLA has FINALLYYYYY started her own blog!!  You can find it here !  So please leave a comment and help her understand how THERAPEUTIC and how AMAAAAZING having a blog is.. n’k?  no pressure or anything.

I have posted lots more goodieZ 🙂  take a looky at Nicky’s cards! you can find ALL da stamps in the What’s new section

[photopress image=”nickytvcirclecard.jpg”]

[photopress image=”nickytvbordercard.jpg”]

[photopress image=”nickytiecard.jpg”]

[photopress image=”cardchandelier.jpg”]

this chandelier card is soooo cute and is great for birthday or anniversaries

more dots to follow





you know.. I mean YOU KNOW me by now, and realize that I am 100% bonafide MENTAL when it comes to embellishments, tools, storage.. hmmmmm… I think Embellishments are my FORTE (there should be a french accent at the end of the word but don’t have that “luxury” on this keyboard..LOL)…

So Nicky and I met with a company who could do anything we wanted… (loaded situation, I know)… So I LOVED my bauble and I wanted something a little more opaque, a little fancy shmancy.. a little STUNNING.. without a back (as I detest putting holes in my paper and then trying to cover up the back of a brad..LOL– detest is a little strong.. I no likey when there are holes in the back of my papers.. there.  that’s bettah).. Anyway, upon discussion and months of developments and samples.. DA DOTS came to fruition. Now I had butterflies and KNOTS in my tummy before we opened the first box… did everything I want come true?  were the colours chosen good?  or is it just a box of potatoes that came from overseas (honestly I used the word POTATO.. ask Ryan..LOL)… Anyway.. It was EVERYTHING I WANTED AND MORE.  It will take a few days to load the 100 different styles (either go big or go home is my philosophy..LOL).

Here is a new stamp called funky clothesline with new sentiments.. let’s hang out and hang in there.. I LOVE THIS BRA.. LOL!

[photopress image=”funkyclothesline.jpg”]

here’s a closeup showing da HALOWEEN orange dots.. yum! (these are the small 5mm ones)– p.s. not loving that color name so it may change..LOL

[photopress image=”funkyclotheslinecloseup.jpg”]

here’s a small mint tin

[photopress image=”smalltin.jpg”]

and a closeup

[photopress image=”smalltincloseup.jpg”]

and a funky DVD tin

[photopress image=”largetin.jpg”]

and a closeup of DA DOTS

[photopress image=”largetincloseup.jpg”]

the great thing about these are that (1) they are flatbacks.. so no need for holes just a glOO dOt.  (LOL-like how that looks).. the glitter, crackle and marble ones (which I will give more samples of tomorrow) are contained in the material of the dot.. so NOOOO dusting, no flyaways.. nice and clean and  BOOODIFUL :0

 You likey my new exclusive Bella Dotties?

I LOOOOOVEY them (and you)




I need to practice my breathing.. OMGOMGOMGOMG… THEY CAME IN!! the stuff I was working on last february is IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are freaking out at bella headquarters.. Making up some samples for you but all I can leave you with is that they will be called Bella’s DOTS…  OMG I am in dotted heaven

Mwah to da sistahs who love da dots. (heee heee… will post tomorrow)

**edited to add**

here’s a sneak peek.. I COULD NOT WAIT ANOTHAH SECOND

[photopress image=”dotssilver.jpg”]

and here is what to come and ryan thinking “what the heck are we gonna do with all this”.. don’t worry Ry!

[photopress image=”ryanthinking.jpg”]

mwah to da sistahs who can’t wait to see the whole SHEBANG!

lotsalotsalotsa GOODIEZ


Princess POOPY made a POOPY on the TOIDY!!! How happy are you?  (lol.. not sure but I know that I am)!  Having said that, I must say that I was INSPIRED to launch some new goodies… (everyone thanks you JAYDEN!!)

So check out my “what’s new section”.. OMG  we gots a  seal balancing a ball on her nose with the most PHENOM sentiment (sometimes life is a balancing act).. not only a PRETTY FACE here…(LOL), we gots some of the most amazing stellas EVAH (thank you Jan!!)..  stellas with cupcakes, with coffee, on the phone… hmmmm we gots some groovy VW’s… girly and boyish ones.. great for Father’s day and matches perfectly with the “feeling groovy” sentiment!  Thanks to Tiddly, we have an amazing wedding couple called Togethah Forevah… and last but not least….chichi’s ruby ribbonlace! love the movement in that image and her expression.. and I love causes!

Enjoy!  Happy long weekend!

mwah to da sistahs who will sit back, relax and enjoy




It’s been a bit cuh-RAZY around Bella HQ (lol– as if it is a headquarters..).. sistahs starting to discoVAH my little teeny tiny weeny winy boutique.. SO MUCH FUN!  Our store is always full.. always some coffee brewin (ok, well sometimes.. ok, well only when I am reminded gently).. our one conference table always has some sort of action.. that table means the world to me..  I know it sounds silly but it is THE place where we gather round, talk, shmoooze, create, gossip but most of all LAUGH… We try our hardest to make it the  warmest place on earth and me thinks we have succeeded! so thank you Nicky, Ryan, Dena, Hannah, Stephanie, Donna, Michelle, Irene, and of course our Shelley and Diane and Christine and Marjorea and Dia and Lana.. oh I can go on and on.  This is why I can’t wait to come in to work in the morning 🙂 .. My list can go on and on.  SO thank you sistahs for making my day so memorable.. every day.

Just to let da LOCAL sistahs know that I Will be open this Saturday from 10:00AM-2:00pm for a little shopping’ so come by and say hi!  I will even let you sit at DA TABLE…LOL!

I have also posted our 2 new classes for June so please call to sign up ASAP as the classes sell out very quickly…

This weekend we have our little Jayden’s 3d birthday party.. how CUTE IS THAT?  Now to battle the toilet training… Nothing works with her… I have now told her that when she has to “go”, she should tell us that  “PRINCESS POOPOO” (lol) has to go to the toilet and we will dress her as a princess as she sits on her “throne”.. she seemed remotely interested in that so I will keep you posted if it works..LOL (cuz my daughter’s toilet training interests you.. no?- LOL)..  Anyone want to share any toilet training stories??  I need all the help I can get!

 I have CONVINCED little Jayden that she absolutely needs this for her birthday.. I mean come on.. you know ME ahem I mean JAYDEN and her dollhouses.. I can’t wait to get my HANDS, ahem, I mean I can’t wait to play with her in this new house of mine, ahem I mean hers… LOL!  You get da drifty?

So I have snuck a few little things on my site… I have the new manly bag of inspiration.. the paypah is to DIE for and the little paper gear embellishments.. YUM!  the colours are phenom.. I hope the camera represented it.. I will be coming out with a few more inspiration bags in the next couple of days… they are now packaged in a BEAUTIFUL box.. YUMMA MUMMA! (do I really say these things out loud??).. I have also introduced a new bag of bordahs.. for scrapbooking and card making.. you can cut the borders in half for cards… MUMMA YUMMA! (yes, I am weird).. they will come in great colours! I will always try to mix the paypahs.. you will get some coredination paper, some prism and whatever other coordinating one.. trust me n’k? (famous last words).  I will also be posting some masculine stamps in the next coupla days tooooooooo.. I be SOOOOOO biZzy…

Mwah to da sistahs who don’t need to dress up like princesses to go potty


happy mothah’s day to DA SISTAHS!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend :).. we certainly had lots of fun!  I got a beautiful camera and can finally take some pictures of my family..LOL.. they have been soooo neglected!  We went for brunch to our friends house and the kids played outside all day.. what a beautiful afternooooooon! Hope you and yours had the best day too 🙂

Thought I would put a little SPARKLE in your day… Please meet BUTCH AND MIMI made by our phenom Christy from Tiddly Inks .. Are they the cutest or what?  did you notice his beard and her eyelashes?!  I thought they would be phenom for an anniversary card using to a wonderful pair?  or happy anniversary??? YUMMMMM! Also, take a look at her BOW and the background bows… Krista from Sunshine Designs has created this amazing bow in 3 sizes.. packaged together.. phenom for toppers, for backgrounds or for focal points.. I just think that they are so great (if I do say so myself..LOL!)

[photopress image=”butchandmimi.jpg”]

they are also far enough apart where you can cut them and use them singly… for an “I MISS YOU” card… delish or WHAT?

I have also posted “WOOFIN IT UP” by the same talented Christy from Tiddly Inks… LOOOVE this.. reminds me of taco bell crossed with Lady and the Tramp.. does that make sense?? Take a looky!

Da sistah has been verrrrrry biZzy ovah here researching and trying new products and have now posted the BIG BITE to make holes anywhere on a 12*12 page, through cardstock, metal, chipboard etc.. also inserts and presses eyelets soooo easily without massacring them..(lol on the massacre).. I have also found DA BESTEST PAYPAH EVAH for copics.. at least I love using this paper.. blends beautifully, doesn’t smear (after ensuring dry ink), and is a beautiful weight (150lb).. and has a creamy texture and color.. I LOVEY IT!  Definitely has da bella’s  stamp of approval.. (get it? stamp?  I know hardy har har)…

Hope you lovey the releases.. I will try to post more throughout the week 🙂

 Mwah to da sistahs who love da doggieZ


STAMP AND CRUISE 2008- wanna sponsor?


As many of you know, Nichole Heady from Papertrey Ink, Gina K from Gina K Designs are hosting a CRUISE this October!  OMG.. A cruise!  I mean the opportunity of a lifetime just to see me in a ‘kini! (NOT).. Ok, I digress…  We have a confirmed booking of approximately 160 stampers and a waiting list going on.  Please put your name down if you are interested as there may be cancellations .  Please contact Cruise One for more information 🙂

Now, if you know Nichole, Gina and I , you know that we love product and we believe firmly in products we promote.  Having said that, we have had many requests for information on how one can promote their business/product by sponsoring our beloved cruise with fabulous door prizes, goodie baskets, product to use in classes.. What better way to promote yourselves than by sponsoring product to 160 avid stampers :)?

At this time, all 3 of us will be accepting sponsorship requests for the cruise.  If you are in the papercrafts business/stamping/scrapbooking industry and would like to learn just how to participate in our sponsorship program, we are currently reviewing requests by email.  You can contact any of us through email (da bella at emily@stampingbella.com) and please please please put CRUISE SPONSORSHIP in the subject line of your email.

We would like to thank Scor-PAL, Core’dinations and Stewart Superior  and more who have committed to the three amigas!

Mwah to da sistahs who will float on our boat

P.S. we are soooo excited!!!