feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Sistahs.. OMG OMG OMG.  I just came back from Nicky’s house.  Hannah was there too.  I went there with a PURPOSE.  WHAT you ask?  Well, let me tell you!  I have discovered the MOST incredible tool.  OK, maybe this isn’t new to you but OMG.. it is SO new to me.  I tested it on my kitchen counter with Hub standing by my side and I literally FREAKED out.  I then shoved it in a bag and flew out of the house… you know how when a witch leaves quickly in a cartoon, you see her hair pins flying all over the place?  Well that was me.. but with a scrunchie (sp?) and clips.  I went to Nicky’s to see if I was not completely off my rocker and if she agreed with this new phenomenon.  Oh she did sistahs, SHE DID.  Hannah freaked too… Please don’t bust my bubble right now.. if you have heard of it, please just nod your heads..k? LOL (I just envisioned my fabulous 8 readers all nodding their heads). 

First, I would like to say that I LOVE using my stamps without a cushion and I always use it with Tack N Peel… but I have kept ‘in touch’ and realized that a lot of you like to stamp with cushion and are just much more comfy cozy wozy that way and I totally understand.  One of the reasons I was SO PUT OFF by EZ mount was the ‘guck’ factor.  YOu know what I am talking about?  I am talking about the fact that once your scissors touch that sticky stuff, they will never be the same… NOT ANYMORE my sistahs.  I have discovered a ‘hot knife’.  Forget the function of the hot knife for a second.  I would like to tell you that I ordered 1 to test out and if it fails in my kitchen, it ain’t goin’ anywhere.  I took the package and saw that the handle was a beautiful sage green… should I say more?  OK.  The packaging stated that ‘it was specially designed for a woman’s hand’.. WELL IT GOT ME RIGHT THERE in case you didn’t know my by now *giggles*.  First is the function factor, of course.. (but I really didn’t get there at that point).. this knife passed the first 2 tests.. ‘look’ and ‘feel’, and how it would look in my tool bag (of which I have many and NEVER take them outta my house but ANYWAY….).  Ok, so this little gizmo passed those tests with flying colours.  I plugged this baby in and it heats up to 950 degrees?!  Is that possible?  YUP. This method works perfectly with da bella line cuz it works with closely cut stamps.. .  You lay your ezmount down, put your closely cut unmounted on top of it and then with this sage coloured-formed-for-women-looks-good-in-a-tool-box-thingamajig, I proceeded to cut around the stamp(which was on top of the ez mount) with the hot knife.  SISTAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, this thing melted through the foam like BUTTAH.  I am so bad with exacto knives but you didn’t have to do a thing with this.. just ‘trace’ around the stamp with the knife and in 3 seconds flat your stamp is mounted on easy foam.. no gook.. no shnook.. the knife does not have melted gook on it as it is hot and must burn it off.. OMG.. HEAVEN.  I mounted 4 stamps in about 1 minute and 3 seconds.. the sheet of EZ mount can take you a lonnnng way too…. I mean, not that I am a convert but I must say that it was SO MUCH FUN doing this! the knife has plenty of other functions as well!.. 

Totally has the Bella stamp of approval.. located in the Bella’s favorites section.. it is honestly fantab and if you do mount your stamps on EZ mount, this is the thing to get!  I am now selling it and EZ mount and extra blades..

Hope this helps you?  Hope this has piqued your interest?  OMG I am in love.. NOT WITH A WOMAN (bella) but with a knife.  HOW SICK AM I???



Oh I feel so much better now

Just to show you that I haven’t lost my touch.. LOL… meet giddyupabella.. check out her buckle.. and could you ever imagine a bella horse to be as gorgeous as this horsy is?? OMG. 

Let me know what you think!  I love them!

 Ok Sistahs.. now we will be going back to Emmy stories once again… have lots to tell…!




sistahs sistahs sistahs

Have I E-VAH let you down?  I am reading all the comments about puppybella and kinibella and you have NOTHING to worry about.  I am recreating these for a reason.  There is a method to my MADNESS.. LOL.  so just trust me, will ya?  I have TONS of things and the list gets bigger so these 2 that I ‘reintroduced’ will never take away from anything else.  You have my WORDABELLA.  So no panicking! Bella’s orders.

Lots more will come your way soon.. and to PROVE that I haven’t lost my touch, I thinky I will introduce a new bella tonight.  So THERE.  I SHOWED YOU NOW didn’t I?




Ok, so I had to ‘redo’ walkabella for other purposes.. now I know I am absolutely never allowed to retire a stamp soooooo I added Puppybella.. the puppy is more defined, her dress and purse are fancier and she has a bow in her hair (to match puppy..LOL).

You likey?  or should I YANK walkabella? hmmmmmm




have I brought Ryan shopping with me??? WAYYYYY too many I tell ya… He ends up tuning out, holding my parcels and purse and OF COURSE he is thinking about hockey or running a marathon or channel surfing or or or…. SO that is how Retailfellabella was created (located in the fella and his bella section)… This stamp depicts so many of our lives.. unless you are SMART and LEAVE HIM AT HOME.. you can either address this stamp to a fella in your life or a bella… I shoulda made a stamp that says I’m SORRY.. LOL!  So I have “patience is a virtue” and “I’d rather be”… and you fill in the blanks.. this is OF COURSE my goofy sense of humor!

I just think they look so cute together and her outfit is TDF…..

Ok enough rambling!  Enjoy!


(maybe there is more to come)…


bottles and pacies and diapers OH MY!

So I decided to post another piece of the ‘new collection’.. of course it has to do with food.. cuz ME LOVES FOOD and of course it has to do with babies cuz me LOVES babies and when I had mine, there was not such a great variety out there.. so here goes.  BABYCAKES and sentiments are here to STAY!  I LOVE IT.. just think of the colouring .. YUMMY.  I just had to add “yummalicious” to the collection cuz I say it all the time and wanted to share … LOL.  I am going out for a birthday dinner with hubs tonight (birFday on the 25th)… I forgot to post a picture of his surprise to me at Tylers birthday party.. HOW THOUGHTFUL AND CUTE IS THIS???

 [photopress image=”bella_cake_001_1.jpg”]

(yes she’s a little creepy I know but I love hub for getting the original image from the artist and making it into a cake.. I mean COME ON.. is he the best or WHAT?)

Let me know if you likey the cakey!



p.s. more to come…

please remind me

to tell you the NUT MAN story and my new shoe escapade as those stories will be PRICELESS.. i may even write them later on..LOL. I just laugh thinking about it.  OK something juicy right now.  I have had this bella in my hands for the last 2 weeks.  I have literally been SHAKING to show you but wanted to wait.  Then I says.. Wait?  for WHAT?  So i decided I MUST reveal.  I was SO in the mood today you have no idea.. AND I think I will be revealing throughout the weekend so stay tuned.. let’s call it the revealapalooza…LOL! It reminds me of when I got married, I registered for these stunning dishes that were to be used only when “company” came.. well then the kids came and the company left! LOL.  I went to the china store to get more pieces for the set and I told her  that I didn’t understand WHY I was buying more since they were all wrapped up in my cupboard never having been used.  She proceeded to scream and shout at me telling me that you only live once and to crack open those dishes and to USE them.  So of course, since that day, I pulled those babies out of their wrapping and they are our every day dishes and I have been SO happy using them.. don’t you love when I digress?  Well I am not really digressing.. it kinda has to do with me hoarding bellas, no?

Anyway, this bella was inspired by all of YOU.  You told me what you wanted, I listened and boy am I happy about this one.  She and billboard are my favorites.. OMG.

Her name is HUGGYbella and I hope you LOVE her… she has sentiments too.. check the magnifying glass.




sneak preview to a new collection…

New collection..LOL. Just a little spice for life.. something I have been working on for a while.. being a mom.. being invited to many a kids birthday party where I have gotten to the point of having my son draw on the gift bag rather than producing a card due to lack of kiddy stamps, I thought I would come out with more of a variety and BOY will DA SISTAHS be pleased… I mean I be pleased, so why shouldn’t you be… being ‘pleased’ is SO not a ‘me’ word.. so I will change that.. I AM SPECFABULOUSLY PHENOMENALLY THRILLED with what we have created over here.. There.  I feel bettah now.

Of course, there is a bit of humour in the stamps.. after all, it still is an ’emmybella’ stamp, no?

So here is the first of a few that are gonna be launched in the next little while.. it will be SO MUCH FUN to colour and play with.. mmmmm yummy.

I named it Julia’s diaper bag and the sentiments to match are not just for kiddies but for life in general.. you’ll see why once you press the magnifying glass under the diaper bag.  Julia Stainton, a wonderful card artiste and previous dirty dozen artist was involved in a few idea discussions with me and this one was one of the ideas.. so one year or so after our discussion, I decided to make it ‘live’. And it is perfect.  Julia has a wonderful blog that would inspire you (click on her name on top to see it).  Unfortunately, Julia is going through a very hard time right now (more mentioned on her blog) .  I wish I could do more for her.

So, Sistahs,

take a look here and PLEASE let me know what you think! (only positive posts please..LOL. just kiddink)

Julia, this entry is for you.  Our hearts and thoughts are with you!



pinky dinky doooooo, where are you???

Sistahs,sistahs, sistahs,

 I had SUCH a blog entry prepared (coming tomorrow).. Had it all spelled out, i’s dotted, t’s crossed and then I had to postpone the entry.  I know I know, how COULD I do this to you???  But something even BETTER came my way. OMG, do I have to share.  I get a call from Ruby this afternoon.. you know Ruby?  AKA Roobs ( my right hand at home)?  Well she always calls me when I receive a package and she shares my joy by opening it up, and describing the exact contents of the package.  So she calls me today at the office and says…. “are you expecting something?”… I know right away that that is code word for a package.  I say “no”.. (and then I doubt myself and try to think back REAL QUICK to see if I had done any middle of the night shopping I didn’t recall.. but this time I was quite confident that I didn’t buy anything.. I knew she wanted to open it so we could share the excitement together but this time, I don’t know why, I wanted to open the package myself.  So I get home.. I see the package.. a LONG package. an interesting package…. a Canadian package?… hmmm.  So I open it up very carefully and this is what I see.

[photopress image=”mwah_sign_001.jpg”]

 Sistahs.. I literally cried.  How does someone “know me” so well but really doesn’t know me ? (does that make any sense at all?).

I received a bulletin board hand made in green and pink (is it that obvious that it is my fave color combo?LOL).. with ribbons and a huge MWAH at the bottom.  I swear I cannot tell you how touched I was.  And then.. oh and THEN, I see this thermal lunch bag in green with pink polkadots… YOU COULD JUST DIE at how cute it is.  I will be toting this with SUCH pride.  Looking at these two things and having read the card to match with such meaningful words inside meant the world to me.  Lori, my dear friend, this blog entry is dedicated to you!

BIG FAT JUICY MWAHS to all da sistahs who love eachother, have fun together, and most of all , love me! LOLOL.