happily ever after…

sistahs?!  Where have you been? LOL.  I am now resurfacing from undeer our pile (which is still a pile) so please forgive us.. there was a huge volume from last week that we are working on so if you have anything RUSH, please email Ryan or I to expedite and we will try our BESTEST to please.. why is the title of this blog “happily ever after”?  Cuz I am in LOOOOVE with this new stamp..   Stella’s Chariot.. it makes me SOOOO happy… I mean what Fairy Godmother is COMPLETE without a chariot? hmmmm?

 I had so much fun coloring it and Nicky had so much fun with this layout!!  it’s so romantic and the sentiment I made for it is “happily ever after…”


Jan (Stella’s creator) had the most VIVID and BEAUTIFUL painting of the chariot that just may be bought by me to put into Jayden’s room… It gives me the fuzziest and yummiest feeling…

There will be more releases tomorrow.. sorry I have been MIA.. got multiple complaints 🙁 but I am glad that someone missed me 🙂

Also something is wrong with my blog where I can’t add any images so forgive the links for now!

OHHH.. also for the “local yokels”, please take a looky at my events calendar for classes! I just introduced a class for May 31st which is almost sold out!

Mwah to da sistahs who CANNOT wait to be pulled in a chariot 🙂 oh and who also cannot wait for more releases tomorrow!!



Happy Friday sistahs!!!

wanted you to have a PHENOM weekend!  PHENOM… after laughing my head off at my post regarding my coredinations paper.. showing my cutesie pie husband, my PILE O’ PAYPAH etc, I received comments and private emails regarding the wall decals behind my desk… wellllllllllllllllll guess whatttttttt?  I mean really.. GUESS WHAT??? Yep, we did it… we did  da sistahood in a wall decal for you!  We have included enough space in between da sistahs so you can cut them up and spread them around your craft room OR in one image (so you get 4 for one price!)! you happy? you likey?  Each package will include instructions on how to mount it… it is very easy.. we tried and tested it! So I hope you would love to bellify your room and think of da sistahs when you create!

I have also added my favorite Fiskars squeeze punches.. they stack and their shapes are quite unique.. and their NAMES??? right up my alley..LOL

I hope you have a PHENOM weekend and will be thinking of da sistahs 🙂

Will have more surprises next week!

Mwah to da sistahs who wanna stick themselves on a wall 🙂



Sistahs, you must read this post and if you don’t already KNOW Lauren, I think it is IMPERATIVE that you meet her… Lauren Meader, that is.  Please read her story and learn what she is all about.  I have been an avid reader of her blog and admirer for many moons.  Her talent is INCREDULOUS (word?) and her style cannot be beat… her personality exudes on her blog and just makes you fall in love with her.

This morning I was inundated with emails from sistahs telling me “did you see Lauren’s card?”, “it BLEW me away”.. DIDJA SEE IT? HUH HUH HUH?  So with my coffee in hand I sat at my computer and read Lauren’s post.  Of course the card was the usual Lauren style, but the content of her post was even MORE meaningful.  Lauren basically visually exemplefied what the true meaning of BELLA is… of what Bella was intended to be or mean to everyone around us.. that Bella, regardless of what she looks like, exudes a persona that can be identified with.. and that is what her card and her post are about.  About her MOM.. a mom who has many different functions and meanings in our lives.

Please read it.

Lauren, you have outdone yourself and kudos to you sistah for putting the “feeling” and true meaning  of ” bella” on a card for all of us to enjoy.

Mwah to da sistahs who may be sniffling along with me as I write this post



anyone out there? I’ve missed my sistahs!  It’s been cuh-RAZY over at Bella HQ (lol)… sistahs are starting to find out about my itty bitty boutique and we are having a ball (WAVING HI TO SHELLEY!).. we are constantly getting new goodies and playing and demoing and trying lots of new stuff.. how fun is DAT?  Ok, so who’s coming to visit??? you here yet? (*winks*)

We have now painstakingly installed a calendar of events on our website so our local sistahs and not-so-local-sistahs-who-wanna-visit can come and say hi and take a class!  We are still perfecting this feature so pleasssse bear with us!

We are introducing a new STELLA class…  Nicky makes an assortment of PHENOM and ELEGANT cards… we introduce you to her wacky character (not NICKY”S- ok well maybe hers too 😉 ) and show how versatile she is (Stella)… especially for the STELLA in YOU! 

I have put a new product online.. a product I completely believe in and love… it’s the Lyra 72 pce Colored Pencil set.. I LOOOVE THIS SET!  It is an amazing deeply pigmented colored pencil.. the lead is beautiful and soft (perfect to use with odorless mineral spirits) and doesn’t break! I own Prismacolors and LOOOOVE THEM and use them but the Lyras are soft soft too and don’t break (do you know how many times I have sharpened my prismas and ended up having a little ‘stump’ cuz it always  broke? ! LOVE Lyras!.. and you know what?  Lyra has 72 colours only and you know you won’t be missing anything in this set.. the colors are stunning and come in different shades of each color! A bit of an investment but in my opinion, worth every penny!


mwah to da sistahs who wanna take a class with us and fall asleep in a pile of SOOOFT colored pencillllsssss


SPRINNNNG FEEEEEEEEEEVAH (code 79fb9b- case sensitive)

Hiya sistahs,

I was surfing through our splitcoast forum and noticed that people were looking for some sort of coupon or something? (LOL)… I know that the economy is in a slump and I know that people everywhere are feeling it and are budgeting etc.. and TRUST me.. I totally capiche!  So Ryan and I decided that it would be nice on this gloomy rainy day in Toronto to have a FREE SHIPPING weekend.. just to uplift some spirits, allow some people to enjoy and afford some happy things 🙂

The minimum order for free shipping is $45.00 and the sale is on until Sunday April 13th at midnight.. and TRUST ME.. after you see what I will launch today, you will be SOOOO HAAAAPPPPPPYYYYYY.. each and every stamp in today’s collection.. OMG.. words cannot express how I feel about them.. I mean HOW redundant can I be???

So I will be posting throughout the day and will let you know when I am done 🙂

I will keep on editing this post with more information .. so always scroll to da BOTTOM

mwah to da sistahs who wanna hop into a free shipping envelope and come visit me 🙂


***** meet “all punked up and nowhere to go“*****

[photopress image=”punkycard.jpg”]

>>> check out the metallic texture.. CAN YOU FAINT??? stay tooooned, the metal will be for sale next week!!!

LOOOOVE tutuface.. you lovey?

[photopress image=”tutufacecard.jpg”]

made with our square window card kit!

Here’s FABBYYYYYYYY notice her little nostrils and crooked smile? LOL

[photopress image=”fabby_card.jpg”]

little johnny depster and his sentiments (people made fun of me with YAARRRGHHH) but I lovey it.  I was screaming Yaargh for about 2 days at the office.  People were NOT happy with me..LOL

[photopress image=”cardjohnny.jpg”]

check out the CORE PAYPAH.. is it amaazing or wha?

to go with happy forest comes HAPPY NEIGHBORHOOD

[photopress image=”nickyhappyneiborhood2.jpg”]

[photopress image=”nickyhappyneighborhood.jpg”]




meet CECILY CINNAMONSTICKS… she goes with life is how you bake it..and it’s a cupcake thing.. cute no?



stella stella bo bella banana fana fo fella FEE FI FO FELLA S-T-E-L-L-AAAAAAAAA

Nickabella (rhymes with Stella, Ella and BELLA-in case you haven’t noticed) was a biZzY BeE this week.  We had SOOO muc fun with DA stellas… Stella is a funny, goofy, ageless character.. she has swollen feetsies at times, she can drink a little, and that darned wand.. she hangs on to it for dear life.. sometimes she may “misplace” it… you will see that in another stella coming out soon (LOL)

so see Stella come to life.. Thank you NICKY and thank you JAN for da Stellas 🙂


[photopress image=”stelladaisy.jpg”]

[photopress image=”stellamartini.jpg”]

[photopress image=”stellapeekaboo.jpg”]

[photopress image=”stellastandingcard.jpg”]

 please notice the LIP EMBOSSED PAYPAH! LOL

mwah to da sistahs who want to DIP into a martini glass



the “AVENT” (pronounced EEvent)


we had DA BESTEST time at our Galabella day (well at least nicky and I did..LOL!). Meeting all the sistahs was the highlight of my day!

ok here is how the table looked the night before (nicky makes sure everything is nice n’ neat)

[photopress image=”thenightbefore.jpg”]

notice the matching chairs and the bare wall? LOL!


[photopress image=”theclass.jpg”]

this is a “snippet” of the laughter that went on here… loved every minute of it!!

[photopress image=”jaydenstamping.jpg”]

we also had a GUEST STAMPER! (Super Jayden)

and I got lots of gifts from da sistahs but had to show off DA CUPCAKES

[photopress image=”cupcakes.jpg”]

can you believe how STUNNING they are? my colours! my flayVAHS! Thank you Maralyn Karen and Esther! Karen, we MIIIISSED YOU!!!!

Now, I am CONVINCED that SOME of my sistahs read my blog… cuz LOOKIE what ELSE I GOT? La Piece De Resistance!!

you readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I mean reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ready???

[photopress image=”bonjovi.jpg”]

Yes, I gots da Bon Jovi FIGURINE.. jealous? hmmmmmm????

Mwah to da sistahs who wanna crawl into DAT BOX with da JON


I wanted to leave you all with some of Pinky’s Prose

Em announced a class
I knew I must attend
to sit, craft and learn,
to meet my Sistah friend

A road trip I did make
Five hours in the car
Dreaming of all the Bella’s
the journey was not far

Once upon the threshold
a store of green and pink
my eyes gazed upon
bella’s, fella’s, paypah and ink

Up from her desk
in true Bella style
rose Emily herself
offering a hug and a smile

Then to meet Nicky
a true artist and crafter
a darling she is, full of
life, love and laughter

This card making class
was so worth the trip
our cards we did make
are pretty, fresh and hip

So to Em and Nicky and
the Sistah’s who took part
thanks for the memories
I’ll hold close to my heart


ever wish

that you had your own fairy godmother?  there have been SOOOO many times where I have said “I WISH”…. you?  Well Bella has said the same thing.. ovah and ovah and ovah again.. so here we go.. this is the story about how I met Jan Dolby www.thepinksuitcase.com. There is a “ONE OF A KIND SHOW” every year in toronto.. actually twice a year and Ryan and I go and spend a lovely evening downtown just browsing, buying and minding our own Bidniss.. until I saw JANNNNNNNNNNN.  Jan was sitting and eating (first time all day I am sure since being on her feet all day) and I started FREAKING OUT… I am not sure if it was that obvious (winks) but I almost HUGGED this stranger.. I saw her artwork and LOVED her sense of humor..  I immediately commissioned her to make this painting for my wall at work.. just imagine taking a class with Nicky.. looking up and seeing them:

[photopress image=”thegirls2__4_.jpg”]

When I saw them, I fell in love with them and with Jan (but we will add an eye to the middle one  right Jan? *winks*)… we exchanged phone numbers, I gave her a business card and hoped that we would connect… of course did I wait long?  did Jan?  It was Kismet… we met the following Tuesday and recreated STELLA… the fairy godmother.. sometimes she retains water in her feet (don’t we all)?  sometimes she acts a bit goofy (don’t we all?).. sometimes she may drink a little too much (HICCUP!) but she will be doing MANY things with us and the bellas.  She is always wielding (is that a WORD?) her magic wand… and she always has her little displaced tiara.. just in case.. YA NEVAH KNOW WHEN YOU NEED A WAND OR A TIARA ya know.  I love that she represents different ages.. grandmas, 30 somethings.. she is ageless and full of spunk.   I have her up in front of me and she just makes me smile… I see her with sparkly shoes.. I see her with a sparkly tiara.. I dunno.. I am hopelessly in love.  With all of my artists.  Who draw my favorite characters.

Big fat kisses Jan

thank you for taking a risk with me

let’s watch our relationship blossom and grow.

Mwah to my Jan


the parTAY has begun

to celebrate our first galabella class tomorrow I have decided to launch some new images so you will see them appear throughout the day!

[photopress image=”cardsuperty.jpg”]

[photopress image=”superjay.jpg”]

[photopress image=”nickylovevine.jpg”]

these are some of the new ones.. YUM