Marker Geek Monday: Colouring Bubbles featuring Bubble Chick

This week for Marker Geek Monday I’m keeping it simple with a Copic colouring video featuring one of the awesome NEW stamp sets and some tips for colouring BUBBLES!

Stamping Bella - Marker Geek Monday - Colouring Bubble Chicks (with video)

Quick Note:

It has been wonderful to see the response to the NEW RELEASE! We’re all excited to see your creations featuring the new stamp sets and dies – so please do remember to share them with us (social media info can be found at the end of this post).

If you haven’t shopped the new release yet, you can enjoy the 15% discount offer until Wednesday 5th July (includes entire store). The code is sbsummerfun2017 and should be entered at checkout for the discount to be applied to your order.

Colouring Bubbles using Copic Markers:

With the arrival of the BUBBLE CHICKS stamp set (and coordinating die set), I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about colouring bubbles!

I have left the bubble colouring portion of the video below in real time, so you can see exactly how I approached colouring the bubbles.

This is not a realistic image, so don’t feel like your bubbles have to be precisely coloured. It is enough to give the impression of bubbles with some visual interest.

If you look closely at the image and watch the video below, you will see that I leave a light edge all the way around, even next to the darker shading on one side. This helps to create the idea that the bubbles are round and have some volume.

Use colour! I started out with very light blues for the bubbles, then add in some other colours. For this image I used B0000,B000,BV00 and RV00. You could also try adding in some pale yellows. Using additional colours adds some interest and a little realism – bubbles reflect objects and colours around them, and are of course, transparent, so you could make this as complex as you like. Do an internet image search for bubbles and take a look at some photos for reference. You don’t need to copy a photo exactly – use them as inspiration for colours to use.

If you wanted to add some brighter highlight spots, grab a white gel pen or white acrylic paint and a fine brush. This would work really nicely if you tried some darker colours than the ones I used!

Bubble Chicks Copic Colouring Video:

Watch the video below or in HD over on my Marker Geek YouTube Channel.

Copic colours are provided in the video.

Another Example:

Take a look at fellow Bellariffic Babe Jennybella’s card here:

Jenny used some brighter colours than I did, and added some glitter too for a gorgeous effect. She’s got Blue Violets, Blue Greens, pinks and yellow in there. Don’t feel like you need to stick to blues, be playful with it!

Over To You!

Let’s talk colour! Get in touch via the comment section and let me know what you thought of this post. Also feel free to post any colouring questions you would like answering.

If you are posting your images online, we would love to see them on Instagram and all the platforms mentioned above.  To make it easier for us to find you just use #markergeekmonday and/or #stampingbella as a hashtag. Even better tag me @markergeek and @stampingbella . We love it when you connect, so don’t be shy.

If you’re on Facebook join us in our private chat group Stamping Bella Sistahood to share your creations there and chat all things Stamping Bella related.

Until next time, HAPPY COLOURING!




  1. Laurie says:

    surely appreciated watching you create the look of a bubble, that is really hard to get just right and I’ve had problems before – thanks so much.

  2. Jodi C says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the video.

  3. Laura P. says:

    Wow, spectacular technique! Thanks for taking the time to show us how to color such beautiful bubbles! Love the pearlescent ones!

  4. Patricia Utley says:

    Love bubbles … thanks for sharing your technique!

  5. Nancee Purdum says:

    Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to get my order! 🙂

  6. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Oh my gosh, I love bubbles! I have an amazing bubble maker, 2 actually, and I love to use them. Sometimes they make beautiful bubbles. My sister photographs flowers, light houses and puts them on purses and now shirts and sells them. I would love to have her do something with bubbles like this stamp. Jennybella’s card is amazing! I love how she did her bubbles. I have to watch the video and I have to get this stamp. Can you just see chicks blowing bubbles? Oh wait, that’s just for a stamp, not reality. Darn! LOL Did I mention I love bubbles? LOL

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