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WOOHOO sistahs!Β  Today is the last day of the release and I am so excited.Β  FIRST, I try my best to respond to the comments if there is a question so I am not sure if you receive and email that I responded or you have to manually check πŸ™‚

I am overwhelmed with the personal emails and comments for yesterday’s huge reveal :)… I am SOOO happy there are other sistahs out there interested in journaling etc.. it’s my passion as I mentioned and I am here to help start you off or inspire you with that.. so please feel free to email me if you have any questions at all :).Β  I will make another post on the supplies I use.. I love looking at other people’s supplies.. makes me happy!

I really recommend the class I mentioned yesterday.. it’s a good starting point. and for $12?Β  best money you will spend πŸ™‚

I want to finish off the sneak peeks today, pick the winnahs and announce them tomorrow on the release post!

Ok on to today’s sneak peeks.Β  2 more UPTOWNIES!!

Uptownies Beatrice and Barbara are best friends.. and this image so reminds me of me and my bestie… cuddled up on the sofa.. eating ice cream.. laughing, whispering, sharing secrets.. we may even shed a tear or two (see the kleenex box? LOL)… This image makes my heart sing.. makes me happy and makes me always think of my bestie..Β  I hope she brings you the same feeling especially with the quote I paired with her πŸ™‚

meet Beatrice and Barbara


of course all of these images are coloured in by our Elaineabella.. She brings them all to life really πŸ™‚

Sandiebella made a gorgeous card using these beauties


Tamabella also made a GORGEOUS card using Beatrice and Barbara


For our next image we have uptown girl ABIGAIL the artist!Β  I LOOOOVE her too and LOOOVE her quote πŸ™‚Β  It’s so inspiring!

Meet Abigail


and here is a card by Sandiebella

Tamabella also made a BEEYOOTIFUL card using Abigail


Are these FUN or WHAT?Β  And have you noticed our Chrystal’s (artist) signature?Β  You will find that butterfly on the canvas in many of her drawings πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!

Hope you feel that stamping is as MAGICAL as I do πŸ™‚

Wanna win these??? Leave a comment here for a chance!Β  You have til tomorrow morning to get your comments all in… tomorrow morning is the release!! FINALLY!!!

Mwah to da sistahs who are my true sistahs πŸ™‚



  1. Janice says:

    Love them…want them πŸ™‚

  2. Laila Bianca says:

    Fabulous release!!!!
    These new stamps are gorgeous.
    I know my next purchase will be Up Townies but it will be hard to choose which one to buy first!!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Nichole Pilkenton says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I can’t wait!

  4. Denise I says:

    love love love them! can never have enough of the uptownies!!! woooohoooo!!!!

  5. Tammi says:

    Happy there are so many Uptown Girls in this release, all AMAZING and CUTE! Love these and the sayings, perfect! Lovely cards too! ~hugs

  6. Oh wow I totally love these two stamps , such fab designs and they look great on all the cards, looking forward to seeing them and all the others in the shops
    Hugs Susie x

  7. Teri says:

    Oh my gosh!!! How do you DO this????? These are fantabulously fantastic!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, Abigail!!!!! She reminds me of my 5 year old granddaughter, Kaitlyn, who loves, loves, loves to color, stamp and has her own easel from Christmas!!! And on top of that, her little best friend is Abby and she sometimes pretends she is her!!!! LOL!!! And Beatrice and Barbara! Oh that is me and my bestie!!!! We aren’t able to get together all the time, but when we do… that’s us… snacking and chatting and laughing!!! Perfect!!! Thanks for all the wonderful releases!!!!

  8. Mary C says:

    Finally, one more day until we get to order the new Bellas. I can’t wait!!!! These two weeks have been torture. Lol.

  9. Holly H says:

    These are great! I really love the sentiments you have used on all of these new stamps. πŸ™‚

  10. Vicki Mitchell says:

    Love these 2 new Uptown girls! the one of the 2 friends on the couch is my fave!

  11. I love them all!!!!
    The day can’t get here fast enough so I order these and start coloring.
    I am like you, each of these sentiments I can put with who I want to send them to. They do touch the heart.

  12. Marilyn S says:

    Love them, want them, am going to buy them… tomorrow!

  13. Colcal says:

    you have out done yourself this time; nuff respect mi fren!

  14. Simone says:

    I love both of these beauties! These are must- haves!!!

  15. Roma says:

    Love Love Love them. Can’t wait to get them. They are perfect and I’m going to have so much fun coloring them.

  16. makalah says:

    Ok I want both of these sets! So cute!

  17. The Peddler says:

    Love Love Love both of these images. I’m not sure there is an Uptown Girl that I don’t like.

  18. Kathleen Young says:

    OMG just when I think I’ve picked out my ‘favorite’ Uptown gals to order you come out with more! This is going to be so hard – want them all!

  19. Karen Motz says:

    LOVE these to Uptownies!!! And super duper HOORAY for an early release tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Janelle says:

    I love these uptown girls!! These two are sooo pretty!! I can’t wait to order and enjoy making beautiful cards!!!

  21. Sue says:

    love the best friend stamp…need that to make a card for my best friend of 40yrs

  22. Kathy McNally says:

    I love hanging with my best friend and being girlie!! And of course being creative is a must! Love your new girls

  23. Carole S. says:

    OMG!!! I love them! Gotta have them all!!!

  24. Laurie Alexander says:

    Wow! More Uptown Girls!!! We’re so lucky!!! I van’t wait to get them too!!!

  25. Sabine says:

    insanely cute!!! I love these girls!!!!

  26. Vero says:

    Magic!! I love!!! They are very beautiful!! I wan!!

  27. Margo S. says:

    B & B look just like my me and my sister – even the way the sample is coloured!

    And Abigail the artist ,represents all of us crafty gals!!

    Love all of the New Uptown gals!! And have ideas swirling for many of them!!

  28. Connie says:

    me, too! love them, want them. thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Casey Thrush says:

    I love love love the Uptown Girl line!!! So glad you are adding to it! These are sooooo cute! I hope I win!!

  30. Michele says:

    ADORABLE; love the quotes!!

  31. Sue McKibben says:

    I just have to get the besties for a card to make for my bestie! Love these two sneak peeks.

  32. Robin R says:

    I want all of the new releases!!

  33. Patti V says:

    Love, love, love these!! Reminds me of my two girls.
    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  34. diana says:

    Can not believe how much are for tmr’s release!!! Can not wait!!!

  35. Laura Maunu says:

    SO excited for the release tomorrow. Want all of them!! Just absolutely amazing πŸ™‚

  36. Lori T says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! These are so stinkin’ cute! I love the best friends stamp! <3

  37. Mayumi says:

    Both are great! Can’t wait to see the release. So many of the new stamps in my wishlist ^^

  38. Jannette D. says:

    Love them all! Gotta have them all!

  39. Teresa Kroll says:

    Each one just gets better and better! Can’t wait to get my hot little hands on them…. My fingers are tingling to color them….

  40. michelle r. says:

    adorable…love, love and love

  41. Love the best friends stamp!! Really cute sentiments with it too!! Always a plus!!

  42. Danielle Giroux says:

    Love love love the new Uptown girls!

  43. Tanya OD says:

    Beautiful images, I love them both…the first one makes me a bit sad today though, if my best friend hadn’t been killed 9 years ago, tomorrow would have been her 26th birthday…I miss her so much πŸ™

  44. Carol W says:

    omg….this reminds me of the slumber parties we had as kids (and occasionally as adults…lol). And the painting uptownies…awesome. My dd sketches and is quite good she would love to get a card with this image…fun, fun, fun…great release…love all the images…thanks so much….

  45. Suzi says:

    Love, love, love Abigail – I’m gonna have to invest in her if I don’t winner her *wink wink*

  46. LeslieBella says:

    Way to end the teasers on a bang Emily! These are both fantastic and I LOVE the sentiments you paired with them…perfect! Release away my friend πŸ™‚

  47. Joie says:

    OMG!!! Love the new besities stamp!!! I made a card with belinda and bernadette uptown stamp for my niece’s bday a while back as it represented my niece and daughter. My niece being the girly girl and my daughter the tshirt and jeans girl. Now this stamp deifinetly would be perfect for my other niece and daughter as they’re always on couch doodling and reading teen magaizines! Cousins make the best “besties” Love it !! Can’t wait to get it!!

  48. Amanda Bodine says:

    Both of these are MUST HAVES for my ever growing Stamping Bella collection. In LOVE!

  49. tanya says:

    I love the new stamps. I wish I could afford to buy some new stamps.

  50. RisΓ© says:

    These are so adorable!! I love the Uptownies!! Can’t wait till these are for sale!

  51. Sheila Johnston says:

    I have really enjoyed the sneak peeks. I will be spending hours this weekend trying to decide which of all these beauties will join my stampin stash! Several of them suit some of my friends to a T!

  52. Sandi says:

    They just keep getting better and better!!!! LOVE the friends on the couch.

  53. sammy says:

    They are both so fabulous!
    I’m stupidly excited about starting my journal today… I’m still not entirely certain where I will start, but I’ll figure it out! πŸ™‚ x

  54. SuzanD says:

    Take a well deserved bow. The nes releases are all must haves. The sentiment pull at my heart. Love, love them. The best friends on the couch is me an my best friend. A lot of snacks and Kleenex boex in 44 years.

  55. Elizabeth says:

    LOVE all the Uptown Girls!!!!! These new releases are terrific. I can’t wait to add them to my collection πŸ™‚

  56. Laurie Fowler says:

    OMG…..I hope you have “LOTS” of these rubbahs! OMG they are going to sell out………..Please..PLEASE PLEASE put on reserve for me! : )
    Laurie F.

  57. Vivi Casale says:

    awww. they are both so adorable!! they are a must have in out collection!!

  58. Gloria says:

    OMG I just love Beatrice and Barbara – they are so me and my bff. I need to have those.

  59. Laura Turcotte says:

    wow—like-Love-WANT—Really, REALLY WANT these beauties!

  60. Sandi Redmann says:

    Awwwww I love love love the girls on the couch they remind me of me and my girls super cute cant wait to get that one πŸ™‚

  61. Elaine Hollander says:

    Love them both. Great job.

  62. Linda West says:

    OH, I am looking forward to one day coloring some of these girls!!!!!!!!!

  63. Tracy Rakarich says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the Uptown Girls!!!! A TOTAL MUST HAVE!!!! Heaven help my wallet when all these beauties release!! The BEST form of retail therapy EVER!!!!! πŸ™‚

  64. Kathleen P says:

    Once again – adorable – will be spending a chunk of my paycheck tomorrow – and absolutely will be signing up for the class.
    thanks for the daily smiles!!!!!

  65. Tammie White says:

    Love the best friends on the couch. Is there any chance you are coming to Scrapfest this April? I’m in need of some of these new release stamps. Hope to see you there!

  66. pinky uk says:

    Wowzer wasn’t expecting to see more of the fabulous uptowners!! Thanks so much, can’t flippin wait!

  67. Beverly Soo Hoo says:

    You’ve done it again! Wonderful lovely stamps and beautiful sentiments! I feel like a kid in a candy store…can’t decide…these are the kind of choices I love to deal with! Thank you for all you do.

  68. Melinda says:

    O-mi-goodness! Love Abigail!!! The besties are super cute too …. but I really must get Abigail!

  69. terri brigham says:

    I love both of these.. I think I won all the uptowners == must get these.. they are so versatile and just loved by everyone..

  70. Lisa Geraty says:

    Beatrice & Barbara made me miss my bestie πŸ™
    She’s in Montana & I’m in California. I can’t wait to color B&B in and send them on a card to Montana. Love them!

  71. Jennyfer L says:

    Oh wow! These are gorgeous!! Would love to win either one. Reminds me of me and my bestie too snif

  72. Kim Mueller says:

    Could they be any cuter? No way…just adorable!!!

  73. Meaghan says:

    These images just capture my heart! I love them both!

  74. F Bond says:

    Amazing release! I want it all! Best friends on a couch …too cute! Abigail – simply wonderful! I love that she’s an artist! I know so many creative people that I could use this for. The sample projects are amazing…can’t wait till tomorrow!!!!!!

  75. Dottie says:

    How can I say it any differently than the other gals…can’t! These UpTown Girl stamps are so awesome! I love them and can’t wait til the sneak peaks are done and they go on the market! Bring them on!

  76. Lorraine Melin says:

    I love the BFF’s on the couch and the creative one is gorgeous! Awesome release!

  77. laura j says:

    so many fabulous goodies in this release!

  78. Laura E. Holt says:

    Fabulous images………even fabulous-er sentiments!

  79. Christine Joplin says:

    Love the new stamps and I have to have them! πŸ™‚

  80. Linda Levoir says:

    Oh my…these are just too fabulous. 2 more I may not be able to do without…I shall need a bank loan at the rate….and a bigger house! πŸ˜› xx

  81. suzie says:

    Wow they are so cute. I love Uptown girls

  82. Kerri Boucher says:

    Love them all…I will be so broke!!!

  83. Aileen Ryan says:

    Em, more beautiful uptown girls I love it. The cards done by your team are beautiful, so much talent. You must be very proud of your talented team. Did you know the butterfly is deaf and a symbol often used by the deaf?

  84. Denimo says:

    Oh yeah… FABulous!!

  85. Kathleen Brackett says:

    Luv ’em want ’em need ’em. Gotta have ’em,

  86. Ascension Pardo says:

    I want to have it

  87. chandra says:

    Another great stamp for me sista! When can I buy all these stamps! πŸ™‚ Oh the anticipation!!!

  88. Maria Villasenor says:

    The more I have the more I want, I just love all your girls, they all speak to me, it is like I know them, they are gorgeous. I would love to win them!!!
    Maria V.

  89. Cat Spicer says:

    SO adorable! I would love to welcome these girls into my home. πŸ™‚

  90. Mona says:

    Love Abigail. Beautiful!

  91. Violet says:

    I really like these two – especially the artist one!!!!! and I love that saying too.

  92. Ann English says:

    LOVE these new stamps!!!

  93. Shell stead says:

    Wow this is going to be an amazing release, soooooo many gorgeous Uptownies, I hope we get them all over here in the UK! My bank manager is going to hate me this month :-/ x

  94. Melissa says:

    I just love these ones, definitely it’s me and my bff!!! It’s so wonderful the quote, so true… Love it!!!!

  95. Janet says:

    i L O V E these two.
    i N E E D these two.

  96. Picsnprops says:

    The hardest thing will now be to choose which stamp(s) will be the first add to our collections…. hardest choice!!! Lucky me it’s soon my birthday!!! haha And will keep my fingers crossed until tomorrow. A girl can never have too many StampingBella stuff, right?!

  97. Brenda Gollihue says:

    Major LOVE! πŸ™‚

  98. Susan B says:

    Super cute images. Love all the samples.

  99. Genevieve says:

    Yeah, I love those girls so much! Very happy with this release πŸ™‚

  100. Jennifer Tatham says:

    What an absolutely wonderful group of ‘uptownies’! Beatrice and Barbara are just like my grown up twin girls Elizabeth and Victoria! Definitely must have for their next birthday card. So Great!

  101. Jennifer Tatham says:

    AND…. Abigail is just like Vic using her easel thay Liz gave her for Christmas!!!! MWAH.

  102. Rob Keogh says:

    Oh no!! Just when I thought that you couldn’t possibly come up with any more perfect Uptown Girls, here we have two more gorgeous stamps. You really appeal to my creativity and my sense of joy in making cards for people I love. Thank you for sharing a piece of you for all of us.

  103. louise says:

    Omg totally loving these designs and could see lots of people I could send these.
    Louise xx

  104. Marilyn Cotter says:

    These are keepers!

  105. Sandra corkrey says:

    Words just don’t describe….! I can’t wait to colour them.
    Amazing!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

  106. Candy says:

    Two more perfect stamps πŸ™‚
    How awesome it would be to win them ALL ! ! !
    Thanks so much for all the sneak peeks – I plan to get them all.
    Big Hugs, Candy

  107. Irma Van Oirschot says:

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE both of them…when can we buy them all?

  108. Montse says:

    Beatrice and Barbara remember me my daugthers. So lovely…
    And I need the artist too.

  109. DawnBeery says:

    LOVE these images Em!!!! The new Uptownie images are the BEST!!!! LOVE them all!

  110. Phyllis says:

    Big Shout out to you!!! Whoo hoo – these are sooooo great! I am so excited for the big release! Your entire new collection of stamps are all wonderful. I love the sneak peeks; they build the anticipation for more! lol I am sounding alittle addicted, Yikes. πŸ™‚

  111. Lynne says:

    Love love love the new Bellas! Keep ’em coming!

  112. Aunty sue says:

    So Love These New Stamps Just Perfect For Those Special Friends Awesome Creations I So Need Want Have To Have.

  113. Helen Van Daalen says:

    I love the two last releases. Beautiful colouring and cards by the artists displaying the potential of these stamps.

  114. Kimberly says:

    Oh my goodness. Serioulsy the two on the couch remind me of my daughter and her bestie. The are across the country from each other but they share everything! Great new release. Now comes the problem of picking!!

  115. LoriT. says:

    These are so beautiful!! Totally my little girl and her BFF πŸ™‚

  116. Marrianna says:

    the images just keep getting better. your designers are wonderful and the hand coloring of each one gives me hope that I can do it, too.

  117. Heidi H says:

    These are fantastic!!! Some of my favorites.

  118. Cheri Burry says:

    OMG I am gonna have to hide my credit card, there are so many amazing stamps it’s gonna be hard to pick! Thanks so much for all the 11 days of fun releases!

  119. Carla says:

    Magical, beautiful … Inspiring!

  120. Linda Walker says:

    All you stamps a beautiful. It will be very hard to choose which one/s to get first. You out did yourself. Thanks

  121. Pam says:

    I love these! This is a fantastic release!

  122. Tracy says:

    I want all of the new uptowns! Love them!

  123. Beatrice and Barbara are amazing! they look like the best of friends! love the artist one, too. πŸ™‚

  124. Angie Boutiller says:

    Oh my! I LOVE both of these!!! All the new releases are wonderful! I can’t wait!

  125. Cam says:

    MAGICAL, fantastic word. Loved the release sneak peeks! Awesome uptown images, Beatrice and Barbara remind me of my Sister and I <3

  126. Love the beasties and the sentiment
    The artist is another fabulous one. You rocked the reveal. Way to go!!!

  127. Tiffany G says:

    OMG!!! I love these beautiful stamps!!! I am a big fan of the Uptown Girls!! They are soo much fun!! Thank u soo much for the opportunity to win them!! πŸ˜‰

  128. Beneta says:

    Love the stamps and the cards. I would love to win.

  129. Jenny says:

    SO CUTE! Great sample cards as usual.

  130. Beneta says:

    What a terrific array of uptownies. Thanks

  131. SharonP says:

    Ohhhhhhhh I gotta have these! I just love how many sentimental uptownies we are getting in this release…..Markers ready!

  132. Janet M says:

    I love these stamps so much….I can’t wait to order them!!

  133. ellen says:

    Love these. !!

  134. liaS. says:

    so sweet! I really like these…just wondering will there will anymore bellas in the future? I have retired bella images, and need some current ones to participate in the challenges.:)
    Miss the bellas. I love your new stuff too.

  135. Jami Rudd says:

    I’m in trouble! Love and want them all!!

  136. Julieann says:

    Love the new Up Town’s. I want them all they are gorgeous.

  137. Debbie Porter says:

    Yikes! I love the new stamps and can’t wait to use them. Pick me! Pick me!

  138. Michelle says:

    Oh come on already! The anticipation is killing me. I need all of theses stamps! I have so wanted to journal for sooooo long and just never seem to get it done. I’m going to take the class and commit! Thanks and much love on the stamps!!

    To Da Sistahood!!!!

  139. Sheri L says:

    Loving the new girls!!! It`s been a FABULOUS reveal!!!! Here`s hoping I get a few of the new stamps to try! Cheers.

  140. Michelle-a-bella says:

    oh my goodness! I LOVE the best friends one and of course the artist one is cute too! Love them! Thanks so much!

  141. RW says:

    We are a little older and gray, but Beatrice and Barbara are who we are when I am with my sister.

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