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Lori McConlogue-O’Shaughnesyy says:

OMG- Stop it please! Can I win a lottery by the 10th? Cutest stamps ever!





Hiya sistahs and welcome to DAY 4 of our SNEAKY PEEKIES!

SOOOOOO?  How are you liking the release so farrrrrrrr?

Today we have a SHMORGASBORD (i love that word) of images to show you..  YOU ARE GOING TO FUH-REAK out at the cuteness factor.  LIKE FOR REALS.  NO JOKES.  I’m SERIOUS this time LOL (every day I think I repeat myself… and I am sure I do.. just ignore)

Let us begin.

Clearly I cannot keep you hanging after you see this stunning banner featuring our SQUIDGY ANGELS..  There are 2 sets of these cherubs.  I wanna SQUISH them.

Please meet our first set: ANGEL SQUIDGIES ORNAMENT and BELLS


SERIOUSLY. Do I need to really say anything here?

They also come with their own “CUT IT OUT” DIES


and they also come in a BUNDLE where you can save 15%!



I can’t even again.. so I won’t LOL.. THE ONLY THING I may mention is to please note THE FEET of the trumpeteer.  CANNOT with the toes.


Our ANGEL SQUIDGY CURTSY and TRUMPET set also have  their  own “CUT IT OUT” DIES


and a BUNDLE where you can save 15%!



Sandiebella made a Garland? Pennant? using ALL 4 of these babies… HOW GORGEOUS!!!

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: SQUIDGY ANGEL ORNAMENT and BELLS set and SQUIDGY ANGELS CURTSY and TRUMPET set card by Sandie Dunne

and Squidgy angel ORNAMENT set by Elaineabella

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: SQUIDGY ANGEL ORNAMENT and BELLS set Card made by Elaine Hughes

Christineabella used Squidgy Angel WITH BELLS and our sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: SQUIDGY ANGEL ORNAMENT and BELLS set card by Christine Levison

and the SQUIDGY ANGEL CURTSY set by Elaineabella

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: SQUIDGY ANGELS CURTSY and TRUMPET set card by Elaine Hughes


And a shaker card by Christineabella using our SQUIDGY ANGELS CURTSY and TRUMPET

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: SQUIDGY ANGELS CURTSY and TRUMPET set Card by Christine Levison

And Elaineabella’s card using the SQUIDGY ANGEL BELLS set and a sentiment from our HOLIDAY sentiment set

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: SQUIDGY ANGEL ORNAMENT and BELLS set card by Elaine Hughes

And another adorable card using our SQUIDGY Angel with ORNAMENT.. LOVE!

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: SQUIDGY ANGEL ORNAMENT and BELLS set Card by Christine Levison

and Elaineabella’s card using The SQUIDGY ANGEL Trumpet from the CURTSY and TRUMPET set

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: SQUIDGY ANGELS CURTSY and TRUMPET set CARD by Elaine Hughes


Next we have a TINY TOWNIE…  I’m gonna tell you a funny story OK?  But don’t laugh at me.

First meet TINY TOWNIE FRIDA loves Frosty


Seriously HOW MUCH does FROSTY love Frida.. THAT FACE!  THOSE TWO faces!! And the UGGS?  CANNOT.

So when I first presented this image to Elaineabella, Frida’s name was FANNY.  Well, I immediately got a message back from Elaine that YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT name HER FANNY.  I’m like WHY? I had an AUNTY FANNY who died 50 years ago.. it’s a cute name!!!  She says if you want any Brits buying your image, you NEED to CHANGE the NAME.  I’m like FINE.  Whatever.

then I looked this up:


(fæni  )

Word forms: plural fannies 

1. countable noun [usually poss NOUN]

Someone’s fanny is their bottom.

[US informal rude]

2. countable noun [usually poss NOUN]

A woman’s fanny is her genitals.

[British informal very rude]

So now her name is FRIDA.  LOL!

Friday has her own “CUT IT OUT” DIE


and will be sold as a BUNDLE where you can save 15%!


Frida loves Frosty Colouring Video:

Watch Elaineabella colour Frida and Frosty in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Full Copic details are supplied in the video.


Here’s Shelabella’s card using TINY TOWNIE FRIDA and also using a sentiment from OUR HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET*

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: TINY TOWNIE FRIDA loves FROSTY. Card by Michele Boyer

And Elaineabella’s card  also using a sentiment from OUR HOLIDAY SENTIMENT SET

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: TINY TOWNIE FRIDA loves FROSTY. Card by Elaine hUGHES

and Jennybella’s card also using our sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENTS set

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: TINY TOWNIE FRIDA loves FROSTY. Card by Jenny Bordeaux

and Sandiebella’s card. She also used a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENTS set

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: TINY TOWNIE FRIDA loves FROSTY. Card by Sandie Dunne

Next is one of my favorites..Like FOR REAL..  well not really because I love them all.. but

you’ll see why this one is up there.



Let’s discuss.  Each of our chicks have a unique personality.  OBVIOUSLY the “star” thought he got the worst deal EVAH.  LOL.. he’s so PISSED.  The bottom right one is like “I’M HEEEEERE and it was I who should have been the STAR”.. Lol.. The bottom middle is like “GET ME OUTTA HERE”.. everybody just takes FULL advantage of me LOL. the one UNDER the star is like.. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO MEEEEE.. and the rest.. would love to hear what you think! LOL.. I do take my stamps VERY seriously in case you haven’t noticed 😉

The chick tree comes with their own “CUT IT OUT ” DIE


and is offered as a BUNDLE where you can save 15%!



Here’s JennyDixabella’s card

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: THE CHICK TREE. Card by Jenny Dix

and Sandiebella’s card

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: THE CHICK TREE. Card by Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card.  She also used a sentiment from our HOLIDAY SENTIMENTS SET (best sentiments EVAH)

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: THE CHICK TREE. Card by Elaine Hughes

Next in our SHMORGASBORD is our CELEBRATING SQUIDGY… She can be used all year round too!  Birthday, Anniversary.. anything!  But for TODAY.. she is bringing in the new YEAR with a BANG!





Celebrating Squidgy also has her coordinating “CUT IT OUT” DIE


and will be available as a BUNDLE where you can save 15%




Here’s Ingebella’s CARD



Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: CELEBRATING SQUIDGY. Card by Michele Boyer

and Sandiebella’s card

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: CELEBRATING SQUIDGY. Card by Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: CELEBRATING SQUIDGY. Card by Elaine Hughes

Last for today’s BUFFET, we have another STUFFIES set.. YES you may faint.  Yes you may need a paper bag to hyperventilate into.. Just don’t say you weren’t warned


THE WALRUS (WALRUS!!!!!??!??!?!?!?!), the POLAR BEAR, and the PENGUIN


THE WALRUSSES ARM around the BEAR’S LEGGGGGGGG..  sigh.. I just can’t anymore (insert BOA and thrusting hand on forehead right about now)..

These 3 besties will have their own “CUT IT OUT” DIE

and will be offered as a bundle where you can save 15%!




Here’s Sandiebella’s sample

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: THE WALRUS, the POLAR BEAR and the PENGUIN STUFFIES. Card by Sandie Dunne

and Elaineabella’s card

Stamping Bella RUBBER STAMPS: Stamps used: THE WALRUS, the POLAR BEAR and the PENGUIN STUFFIES. Card by Elaine Hughes

WANT A CHANCE TO WIN a $25 GIFT VOUCHER  for our release? LEAVE A COMMENT at the TOP of this post letting us know how much you love these images or just that you were passing by and wanted to say HELLO ?

See you tomorrow sistahs with MORE images!

All rubber stamps and dies are available for purchase on Tuesday October 10th 2017!




  1. Alyce Kennedy says:

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    Is it ok to say, while I love all the sneak peeks; (Thank You) , I think Day 2 is my absolute favorite?! I have to go back and keep sneaking a peek! Thank you for including me!

  11. Lori McConlogue-O'Shaughnesyy says:

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    Lovely work, absolutely lovely!

    Sara – #1 Squidgie fan

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  131. Dixie says:

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