Release Day!

it’s RELEASY-DOODY-TIME , it’s RELEASY DOODY time (sang in Howdy Doody tune)

Yep I am GIDDDDDDY!  Cuz

(1) it’s friday

(2) it’s RELEASE day

(3) Looking at these images make me GIDDDDDY

Ok.. so you kinda met Uptown COUPLE Brett and Brenda.. here they are again

and here is Regabella’s card

Now meet Uptown girl AUDREY loves her MAKEUP

and here is Elaineabella’s card using Audrey

here’s Vickibella’s card

And now meet Uptown COUPLE Emily and Ryan under the umbrella (I couldn’t resist..LOL)

>>> can you notice that I FORGOT to send Emily and RYAN to my DT?? LOL.. sorry you will see coloured samples shortly..LOL

and finally uptown girl REILLY needs to RELAX

And here’s Elaineabella’s card using Reilly

And here’s Danabella’s card

Here’s Kimabella’s card

and here’s Amandabella’s card

and Marybella’s card

SO????? whaddya THINK???? I’m in Love with THEM!!!

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE da new DOWNTOWN man


ohhhhh.. and to celebrate the new year…. how about a 10% discount off your whole order?  Ya that’s a good idear!  use code welcome2013





  1. Leslie says:

    Fabulous!!! It’s love when Ryan lets you stand on his foot! 🙂

  2. Olga V says:

    Great release! Thank you for the discount!!! Placed my order a moment ago 🙂

  3. Pami says:

    OMG! Love them all but my absolute favourite is Audrey, I LOVE HER! Wonderful inspiration from the team as usual! Pami x

  4. Diana says:

    Will there be more throughtout the day!?

  5. louise johnson says:

    gorgeous…simply gorgeous! But love the one with the chair the BEST!!

  6. pinky says:

    I love them all and have to have them!!

  7. pinky says:

    🙁 postage from USA to NI me no like…..wish they were digi stamps.

  8. Michelle galloway says:

    Great release! Love em and Ryan and the Reilly needs to relax looks fun

  9. Barbara Thompson says:

    Love the new releases!!!

  10. Dia says:

    I can’t wait to order!
    Beautiful samples like always ladies

  11. Sandi N. says:

    They keep getting better and better!! Love Emily and Ryan under the umbrella!

  12. cazzy says:

    They are really gorgeous! I love the couples.

  13. Susan Todd says:

    Off to order them all!!

  14. Denise I says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Love love love the new uptown gals and guys!!! And thank you big time for giving a discount !!! Woohoo like Christmas all over again!!

  15. Helen Van Daalen says:

    I love all the new images. Wonderful. Thanks

  16. Sheena B says:

    likey! a lot! Particularly fond of the one with ‘brelly….

  17. Maria H says:

    Em, I seriously need your help resetting my stamping Bella password so I can do some shopping!! Help me out! Email me! I need a rubbah fix..

  18. Diane W says:

    Gorgeous new stamps.I need to start a new collection!!! 🙂 x

  19. ava g says:

    love the new stamps………. well done!!!
    ava g

  20. Makalah says:

    I love them all! That’s the problem with such great releases! 🙂

  21. Holly Hughes says:

    These are the best stamps!! I love these! I can’t wait to order them!

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