it’s MONDAY.. ho hummmmm

and I wanted to thank all da sistahs for DA overwhelming response to our purge-athon..LOL.. crazy! so thank you 🙂

I was commissioned last week to make a painting for a little girls room.. I thought I would share it here..  I LOVE it and my Jayden was extremely irritated that I sold it ..LOL .  I then told her the story about the shoemaker and his lack of shoes.  She refused to “get it”..LOL.. so now I am painting for her.

here it is and upon delivery, I was advised I had to make 2 more for her wall..LOL  So I am very busy!  One of my goals this year is to get my artwork “out there”… to share my passion with others and perhaps sell a piece or two even though I can’t part with any of them..LOL.  The demand is there so of course my friends and my husband are pushing me to have the courage 🙂

So this piece is definitely mixed media.. modeling paste, vintage wallpaper, acrylics, vintage children’s dictionary contents, pencils, pens.. the kitchen sink..LOL.   The picture does not do this justice but at least it gives a little idea 🙂

As soon as she got home, I got a picture of where the picture was placed.. with a little note saying we need 2 more..LOL


Another thing I wanted to share was a colouring tutorial by Elaineabella!  It’s on splitcoast and you can find it HERE.  She is using MATILDA ON HER SWING and it is so amazing of her to take so much time for this 🙂  Hope you like it!  you can find it here.  If you go, just leave a message for us in there showing us that you were there n’k?

Tomorrow is AJ TOOSDAY.. don’t forget your entry 🙂 and to post a comment on BELLARIFIC FRIDAY’s post below this one for a chance to win $10 in bella buckeroonis!

Mwah to da sistah’s who like a Monday post 🙂


  1. Christine Larose says:

    Wow very Nice. CAN t wait to see the others

  2. Susan says:

    Love the colours you used-such a pretty piece- and there will be more!!

  3. Deborah says:

    Beautiful piece. She is one lucky young girl to have an original piece of your art in her room.

  4. kathryn p. says:

    Just Beautiful! I do like a Monday post. The butterfly art is gorgeous. I cannot believe I missed the sale-cough syrup for bronchitis knocked me out! boo hoo!

  5. Your artwork is Fab!! Love your stamps!!

  6. Olga says:

    It’s so whimsical!

  7. Karen Steen says:

    beautiful Emily …. you are so talented!

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