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It’s Bellarific Friday- REPORTING via SATELLITE

Hiya sistahs!

Well, I am at home shuffling my feet feeling sorry for myself and a little bored.  I haven’t been feeling 100% for the last coupla days… Went into the store yesterday and was accosted by several customers confirming that I must be sick (DID I LOOK THAT BAD?!?!?!? LOL).  See what lack of MAC makeup can do to a person? hmph.  So I woke up feeling yuckadoodle (a very popular word in the BELLA household) and I received STRICT DOCTOR’S ORDERS from Denabella (if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please do.. it’s amazing and she is so UBER talented) telling me to STAY HOME.  She actually SCREAMED-ED at me.. LOL.  So here I am, writing Bellarific friday and will continue reading the most amazing book called LITTLE BEE and maybe I will sneak in some of my JUDGE shows..LOL.  Have you read any good books lately?  I love reading just never have the proper chance to sit and enjoy.  So today is my treat (if you call feeling yuckadoodley a treat..LOL)..

First let’s begin with a little announcement.  There’s a new “kid on the block”.. we have our 7th Bellarific babe who will be joining us next week! so please welcome ELAINE HUGHES!  She lives across the pond and is an amazing colorist and person! She is so enthusiastic and wonderful.. makes our team complete 🙂

So give a big hand to ELAINE HUGHES.. go to her bloggypoo and say hi!

Now let’s see what our Baberoonis have created..OUTSTANDING!



Lindabella used JILL IS TWO

Danabella used JUST MY TYPE

Jeaniebella used STELLARINA

Paulabella used ECOBELLA


Are these STUNNING or what??? hmph. I wish I was that talented.

Now for da TALENTED SISTAHOOD.. another hmph wishing I was that talented.

Mckenzie, our 8 year old Bellaholic was so excited when I told her auntie that OF COURSE she can participate in Bellarific fridays! HI MCKENZIE!

Mckenzie, our 8 year old Bellaholic was so excited when I told her auntie that OF COURSE she can participate in Bellarific fridays! HI MCKENZIE!

Angela Pruisman used STELLA LOOOVES RIBBON

Angela Pruisman used STELLA LOOOVES RIBBON

Catherine Bilotto made a layout using JOT IT DOWN memory block

Catherine Bilotto made a layout using JOT IT DOWN memory block

Cindy used BFFABUGS

Cindy used BFFABUGS

Ellena Esteves used AGNES KETTO

Ellena Esteves used AGNES KETTO



Jana Weaver used WOOFIN' IT UP

Jana Weaver used WOOFIN' IT UP





Jessica Willison used Chloe the Coffee Cup girl

Jessica Willison used Chloe the Coffee Cup girl

Kimberly Lowrey used KING OF THE WILD THINGS

Kimberly Lowrey used KING OF THE WILD THINGS

Leslie Good used HUGGYBELLAS

Leslie Good used HUGGYBELLAS

Lori Brown used ANGELINA

Lori Brown used ANGELINA

Lori Tecler used Ellie-phant

Lori Tecler used Ellie-phant

Margo Smith used SUPERBELLA

Margo Smith used SUPERBELLA

Mary Clark used PATIENCE

Mary Clark used PATIENCE

Nancy Ball used CUPPA TEA

Nancy Ball used CUPPA TEA

Rosanne Dreyer used HANGING SIGN

Rosanne Dreyer used HANGING SIGN

Siobhan Kline used JULIA's DIAPER BAG

Siobhan Kline used JULIA's DIAPER BAG

Tanya Fretz used Lulu's BIRTHDAY CAKE

Tanya Fretz used Lulu's BIRTHDAY CAKE

How’s DAT for our SISTAHOOD!  3 cheers!  Loved the cards this week!

Would also like to say HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY to all da sistahs (did Christopher Columbus deem this date?  I always wondered how these days were proclaimed..LOL if anyone has the answer, PUH-LEASE share as inquiring minds NEED to know).   Bellaland is going to be ON FIRE tomorrow.. so if you have a chance to come and visit, please do (I am trying to get HEALFY for tomorrow).. we are gonna have free demos and make n takes and dessert (yum).. LOTSA people.. we have a sold out crop (3 rooms filled).. so it will be a BLAST!! Oh and of course some specials in store only.  So COME IN AND VISIT will ya?

Also, a shout out to Kelli who is organizing a retreat with very limited spots left.  If you are interested, you can read about it here and contact her!  Everyone needs a retreat no?

Oh and update on the BELLA’s EUROPEAN vacay (ahem I mean WORK).. it is confirmed that Ryan and I will sneak over to  PARIS (oui oui!) for 2 days after working at the Craft Barn on June 12th and 13th!  If any of our EUROPEAN sistahs can come and visit I would BE THRILLED! This event is meant to be TOP NOTCH and I would love it if you came!  You can read more about it here

Ok sistahs,  this post has taken me over 2 hours to write (with a coupla phone calls in between) and I am zonked.. so I am gonna go read my book and chill for a little (I don’t really think that will happen but will try.  don’t really know how to ‘chill’ but it sounded so YUMMY saying it).

Please come visit tomorrow.. would love to see you

Mwah to da sistahs who love bellarific fridays, the babes, the sistahood and all things bella

don’t forget to post a comment to win $10 in Bella BUCKEROONIS

next week’s theme you ask?  FLOWERS.. using punches, die cuts and BELLA STAMPIES!



  1. LoriT. says:

    Wow! I get to be first!! 🙂 Love all the cards, ladies!! I’m embarrassed to say how many stamps I have that have yet to see any ink…yikes…

  2. Kelli says:

    Thank you for your shout out regarding the retreat, my friend karen and I are hosting, we do it twice a year and its a whole bunch of fun. The cards are absolutly wonderul, such talented ladies.

  3. Ezmina says:

    Wonderful cards!! Hope you get bettter soon Emily.

  4. Cathy Groden says:

    Love all the cards ladies! So nice to get ideas on color and layout selections for the new releases. Sometimes I get a little flabergasted about where to start but once I see a sample I feel more at ease. Can’t wait to head to my craftroom this weekend. I’d also like to give a shout out to my niece McKenz who submitted her first card. I am so proud of her. You should all stand a little taller today – it’s your weekly inspiration that has helped her meet this challenge. You have watered the seed of creativity and I hope that she will continue to share her creations with us!

  5. Denimo says:

    Man… this would have been such an easy challenge for me if I would have just had the time!!! Dang nab it!! : ) But all you gals did a wonderful job!

  6. Rosanne says:

    Gorgeous creations from everyone!

  7. jen shears says:

    Great job to all the talented ladies!! 😀
    Feel bettah, Bella!!!

  8. Helen says:

    Sorry I don’t have time to comment because I’m too busy getting all the goodies and stuff ready for tomorrow. LOL. All the cards are gorgeous…maybe one of these days I will actually have time to sit and colour! Feel better…we need you at the store for all the fun tomorrow!

  9. Linda says:

    What beautiful cards ladies. Thanks for inspiring my daughter and providing her with an outlet to showcase her creativity. It has been such a fun week. Feel better Emily!

  10. Cindy Redding says:

    Great cards and layouts. Hope you feel better soon Emily!

  11. Olga says:

    Oh, so many amaaaaazzing stamps I’ve never seen before!!!! (writing down “house circle” and “elli-phant” on my list of must-haves 🙂 Love all cards!!!!

  12. Karen Motz says:

    Gorgeous submissions, as usual!!! Hope you’re feeling better soon Em!

  13. Michelle T. says:

    Wow great job ladies, they are amazing. I hope you feel better soon Emily.

  14. Lesa says:

    Great job Ladies!!!

  15. Leslie W. says:

    Great submissions! Hope you are feeling bettah bella! I’m reading Little Bee too! What a great book! Maybe the Mairibella and I will try to sneak into bellaland tomorrow.

  16. Nancy Ball says:

    These are a great bunch of cards. Hope you feel better Emily.

  17. Jana Weaver says:

    I hope the Queen Bella is feeling better quickly!! great projects this week, and a super fun challenge for next Friday, Thanks!

  18. Susan P says:

    All great cards. Hope you didn’t get sick from me Emily. Feel better soon.
    The Craft Barn event looks wonderful.

  19. Sara Spencer says:

    Oh really fun cards! I do love the inspiration so much. Seeing how other talented crafters use these stamps is such a great way to think outside the box for me. Love it!!!! Thanks you all!

  20. Nic says:

    Wow, brilliant cards! Thanks for letting us know that you’ll be at the craft barn in June. I’m soooo going to have to make it down there. It’s only a 4 hour drive… 😉

  21. McKenzie Morgan says:

    Thank you Emily for posting my card it made my day! I had a fun time making the card and look forward to the next challenge!

  22. Lisa M. says:

    Great submissions! I couldn’t even play as I don’t have a stamp that hasn’t seen any ink! LOL! I love my Bellas, and non-bellas! Hope you feel better, Em!

  23. Jayne M says:

    Gorgeus cards as always ladies. Happy ‘Scrappy Day’.

  24. Kimberly L says:

    Feel better soon! WE’ve got a lot of the yucky stuff going on here as well…great inspiration again – my wish list is always growing.

  25. Suzan D says:

    Missed you today. Feel better.

  26. Lisa Galbraith says:

    Astonishly amazing as always!

  27. Linda C. says:

    Most excellent artwork ladies!!

  28. Leslie G. says:

    Sorry, you’re poorly Emiy – hope you feel better soon! Lovely cards ladies and what a selection of stamps. Good to see I’m not alone in my “uninked” Bella stamps 🙂

  29. Shannon says:

    So wonderful! Good job everyone.

  30. Leslie G. says:

    Uh, sorry, that would be EMILY, not Emiy! : )

  31. Libby says:

    GREAT cards!!!

  32. Agnes says:

    I’m sorry you are sick, that sucks!!
    But you have to be better by tomorrow iNSD!!
    Now that’s an order!!!

  33. Margo S. says:

    Get well soon Em!!
    And Happy NSD to everyone!!
    Lovin’ all of the amazing talent – as usual!!

  34. Martina says:

    Emily, I would really love to meet you in Europe. Unfortunately GB is too far for me. Maybe you do the same thing in Germany one time and then preferably in Frankfurt – I will be there then.
    Best regards – your stamps are just darling!

  35. Jennifer Partridge says:

    Aw! Hope you’re feeling better!

    Love all the cards! 🙂 Great job ladies!!! Makes me want to go & get inky…

  36. Janet B says:

    Great cards everyone. Feel better soon Bella!

  37. Wonderful cards. All so beautifully colored! Hope you feel better soon!

  38. paula says:

    WOW, wish I could come and do make-N-takes with you girls…I would wait in line and everything. Though I might complain the wait is toooo long! hehe
    Yeah on alll the cards…..omg they are so colorful and did I see any doubles? I don’t think so….
    If I were closer I would come and make you better, laughter is the key, ya know.

  39. Catherine says:

    so fun to see my LO up 🙂 thanks for posting it! 🙂

  40. Di says:

    I adore evey card especially the elephant! 😀

  41. Ann I. says:

    Get well soon! Love all the cards this week!

  42. Beautiful cards and I sure hope you feel better soon! I just read the Twilight books, I need the last one and I’ll be done – I fell in love with Edward. hee hee 🙂

  43. Sheila D says:

    Another fab Bella Friday. All cards are yummy. Hope you’re feeling better.

  44. Kristin says:

    Cards are great as usual. Planning on stealing some of the layouts this weekend. Lovin the just my type these days!!

  45. These new Mo Manning Stamps are so gorgeous!!!
    Beautiful Cards this Week,
    Hugs Sandra

  46. Kayla T. says:

    very cute cards, ladies! good job as always.

  47. Sarah A says:

    Cute cards everyone!! Hope you’re feeling better Emily!!

  48. Brit K says:

    Aww, I knew I should’ve played with the new stamps I got. lol. All the entries are great! I’m thinking I need the Julia’s Diaper Bag stamp now, hmmm… Great work ladies! Feel better Emily.

  49. Dawn B. says:

    Great job everyone! Hoping I can play next week.

  50. Tanya says:

    Hope you’re feeling better Em!
    Great cards ladies! So fun to see everyone’s creations!

  51. Lindsy says:

    What a great bellarific Friday! It was fun to see which stamps hadn’t been inked up before =)
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  52. ~Rach says:

    Sorry you were under the weather hope you feel much better soon!! SO GLAD you added Elaine, her creations are just amazing and I can’t wait to see what she makes :0)

  53. Kim says:

    Hope you’re feeling better. Those are some gorgeous cards!

  54. Pinky says:

    Hi BellaBoo – I hope that you had a restfull weekend and are feeling better. Great showcase of cards this week Sistahs – such a creative bunch we are!

  55. Diana Y says:

    this is for Lindabella, I wanted to touch Jill and give her a big squeezy hug. You did such an amazing job on her. So much eye candy this week. RE: shopping at Old Navy. I was thrilled when they first opened in Toronto since I was guaranteed to find a lot of boys clothing that was trendy, decent quality and affordable. It’s good to know that other people shop there too. Book that I enjoyed most from my book club last year- No Great Mischief by Allistair McLeod. Short book, great writing. Speedy recovery to you.

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