Hope you had a great weekend.. we are knee deep in work and I didn’t have a second to really “play” this weekend.  Our hockey schedules are REALLY getting in the way too.  Let’s see what my sistahs think of this story.

So Ryan decided that BOTH of our children should be in hockey leagues and I WARNED him that I was not gonna be involved in the traipsing around etc.. (mmhmm.. cuz THAT worked out).. anyway  of course Tyler’s game and Jayden’s game were at the same time so I was sent with Jayden.. No problem.  for both PHOTOS and the game I should add.  So Ryan got Jayden dressed and showed me how to do it for future games and practices ( I guess I am magically involved) and off he sent the two of us at 11:30 on Saturday for a 12:30 game.  We get there at 12 and the convener says to me.. why so early? excited?  And I looked at her with daggers in my eyes and said “WHADDYA MEAN, EARLY”.. “MY HUSBAND SAID HER GAME WAS AT 12:30!”… she smiles and says, “NO HER GAME IS AT 1:30!”… At this point I am calculating what I can take from the house and what I will leave Ryan with in the settlement… LOL.. so in case THAT wasn’t enough.. she says to me.. “DID YOU GET YOUR PICTURES TAKEN YET?”… I said, No.. that’s why I  am HERE”… and she said “NO YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE ARC (WTF is an ARC) and go QUICKLY cuz you’re GONNA BE LATE”… I asked her kindly what an ARC was and she advised it was an arena about 10 minutes away.  AT THIS POINT, there is NO SPLITTING of household goods.  I get EVERYTHING.

So Off Jayden and I GO to the ARC (wtf) and Miraculously I find it and see NO ONE FROM HER TEAM THERE.  (Oh did I mention I left the hockey bag in the car which was 2 miles away from the arena?)..  So I say, it’s 12:15 I’m not late.. where are the other kids for the group picture.. apparently they were still there and they took one more shot because I was late.  Now did I mention that since Jayden’s gear was on, she couldn’t put on proper shoes?  she put on boots that were SQUISHED at the bottom of her ankles because of the outfit.. she was HOBBLING and couldn’t walk.  Then I hear “MOM, WHERE ARE MY SKATES?  I NEED THEM FOR THE SINGLE PHOTO”… I almost collapsed.  Off I went back to the 2 mile trek to the car to get her skates, sweating.  I was SO unattractive and miserable.  And WHILST this is going on, I am having a massive text fight with Ryan.  Then he says this.. you ready?

” I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE SO UPSET.. MOST OTHER WIVES WOULDN’T BE”.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?   at this point, forget the contents of the house.  The house is MINE with ALL contents.  LOL… So of course at dinner with friends on the Saturday night we had a heated discussion about this.  And thank GOODNESS my friends all came to my rescue and advised Ryan that my behaviour was actually MILD compared to how theirs woulda been. lol

So there you have it.  Needless to say, I was toast for the rest of the weekend..LOL.

Can you beat that story?

Now for AJ toosday… the theme this week was CLOUDS… let’s see what da sistahood came up with

Jennifer B had a great time in her art journal just colouring and trying out cloud-making and stamping of course! This is a great way for card makers to explore.. LOVE IT! Here Jennifer used AVA LOVES TO CELEBRATE

Here is Pinky's page

Here is my page. I used our HANGING CLOUD BLOCK which I LOOOVE. You can journal in it you can paper piece it.. I just love how versatile it is!

Next week’s theme is TYPE.. I LOVE typewriters and type font.  I want you to either haul out your old typewriter and type something.. if you have stamps with a type font then use those, or use your printer with a typewriter font and incorporate it in your page somewhere.  Have fun!

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win $10 in bella bucks!  And if you want to participate in Bellarific Friday, you have a chance to win $20 in bella bucks!

the theme for this week’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY is to use 3 papers and 3 embellishments on your project PLUS a bella stamp.. great way to use your scraps!.  now you can be creative.. do an art journal page, a scrapbooking page, a 3d something.. anything as long as you use a bella stamp in this challenge

Mwah to da sistahs who understood my pain of the above story



***OH also putting lots of stamps on sale.. we have no room and have some stock so keep checking our SPECIALS section




  1. Patti J. says:

    Bwahahaha….LOVED your story! I so woulda throttled that man! lol…

    Great pages, everyone – thanks for the inspiration!!!

  2. Emily, you tell the best stories! I can just see you!!!!Welcome to the crazy world of hockey….I hate to tell you this, but with 2 kids in hockey it probaly wont be the last story you tell us like this!

    Very nice journaling pages!

  3. Denise says:

    Your hockey story was just too funny! Sure it wasn’t so funny at the time but looking back it’s good you can see the humor…. that’s what we have to do sometimes to keep our sanity!! 🙂

  4. Jennifer bradley says:

    I would have been furious at the whole hockey ordeal!!!

    I had a great time with my aj page. As everyone can see it really looks like a card – lol. But, the reason I like art JOURNALING is I can work on it all week when time permits and since it isnt a card I don’t have to worry about coordinating things or getting it done in time for an occasion!!! I love it – now I just have to learn to be more free!!!

    Oh I added “I hope they like it” to the bottom of the page for two reasons. 1). Because when ever I go to a party and have a gift or food or am dressed up I am always hoping that the people, like the gift, like the food and like my outfit. 2.). I was hoping the stamping bella aj crowd liked my page.

    Going to start tonight on my next page. Want to incorporate more of the spray mist stuff I used for the sky on my new page so I can really see how it works. Last project I was just trying not to get it on AVA!!!

  5. dianayee says:

    hey, you survived and now have joined the ranks of hockey moms! Husbands can sometimes think you are a mind reader and neglect to tell you important details. Don’t you wish you could have been on a cloud and float serenely above? Great AJ topic.

  6. Susan P says:

    I can almost beat your story. I was staying with my grandsons ( 2 teenage boys and a 10 year old ) last week for what was supposed to be 4 days but turned into a full week. That included one early morning hockey game and another early practice. At least photos were not involved.

  7. Janis Reid says:

    I remember my Dad staying up late at night typing away at his old typewriter, obviously before computers. He worked for the CBC originally and wrote scripts and commercials. I look forward to next weeks postings.
    Hooray for Hockey Moms (and Grandmoms). If we need a rationalization we should look at the calories burned from trekking around to support the kids.

  8. love the pages that were submitted. I really thought I would have time to get mine done but too busy sewing Halloween costumes. They are now done so I guess I have no excuse not to participate next week. The typewriter is long gone but I have another idea.

    Love your hockey story! Men! Arn’t they just somethin’
    I can just image his outrage if it was reversed!

  9. Lori L. says:

    The pages are so inspiring today. Thanks so much for making my day! And I totally understand the frustration with the husband. They do tend to leave out a few minor details!! Lol!! Hang in there, they grow up so fast and this will get funny in a couple of years!!

  10. paula says:

    Ryan would be dead.

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