it’s ART JOURNALING TOOSDAY-and some stories

Hiya sistahs!  How was your weekend?  (lol as if you’re gonna answer.. WELL YOU CAN IN DA COMMENTS YA KNOW)…  Mine was pretty good and I was able to squish in some time for FINGERPAINTING… woohoo!  nothing better than getting dirty!

But first… So Jayden had this HUGE infection in her ear (a staph infection).. that she had to get major antibiotics for.  So we go to the pharmacy and this young pharmacist starts making gagging noises and mumbling loud enough for us to hear that this medication smells HORRIBLE and TASTES EVEN WORSE!  So I look at him and say, “you don’t have children do you?”.. and he rolls his eyes at me and says “No, how did you know?”.. so I sayS (lol) “because NO ONE WITH A CHILD IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD do what you just did!!”.. I hope I taught him a lesson.  hmph.  Sometimes I hate stupid people. So of course, it has been a struggle giving the medicine ever since… until I had to involve ICE CREAM.  Do you have any STUPID PEOPLE stories? LOL.  This one just took the cake in my opinion.  I was SOOO angry.  Ok enough venting about this.

Now I am going to vent about Dance moms.. LOL.  does anyone watch that?  (YES YOU CAN ANSWER ME IN THE COMMENT SECTION..LOL).. well I just watched 4 episodes that I taped (yes I still say TAPED and my kids say TAPED even though they don’t know what a TAPE is..LOL)..  I watched all 4 last night and I swear that clique is just SO UNBEARABLE.  What is WRONG with those women?  Ok. I’m done now.  LOL.

Now onto our regularly scheduled program.. AJ MONDAY on TOOSDAY.  I think I scared all DA SISTAHS with this FINGERPAINTING business.  LOL.  I LOVVVVE using my fingers in the process.  Don’t be scared!

Well we have 1 new sistah who joined us this week!

Here is Marti's page and she used JAVABELLAS

and that’s it for da SISTAHOOD!

and now I will show you how I use my fingers (I can’t show you how I use my fingers while I DRIVE..LOL  you can just imagine).. hehehe

Here is a mixed media MAJORLY layered and textured piece using paints, and inks and pastels… Used my fingers for most of it 🙂

And here is another mixed media piece in progress …Major mixed media background which will of course be calmed down and then my little bunnies in pastel which were SMUDGED with my fingers… nomnomnom

and here is where I am at.. I think they will be backwards bunnies.. my friend told me so LOL.  They were ALL painted in with my fingers :).  If I can do it.. so can you!!!

Ok.. next weeks theme…. ANYTHING GOES.  Just look around you and submit an INSPIRATION page.. what is inspiring you NOW? at this moment?

Mwah to da sistahs who feel INSPIRED!



  1. oh Em i just LOVE both your pieces – absolutely perfect! i agree the bunnies are backward facing. i can’t say i have watched dance moms but i do have a stupid people and kids medicine story for ya. a couple weeks ago i rushed my 6 year old daughter (pezza) to the hospital with bad croup and a very high fever. so the nurse comes in with some medicine in a cup and casually hands it to my daughter “here take this” – well my daughter drank it and promptly spewed it right back out all over the nurse and the floor. and then she says THAT TASTES LIKE CAR TIRES! the nurse looks at me all outdone like i should do something about this but i am thinking if you want to give a little kid medicine that tastes like car tires you need to arrive with a PLAN.

    so anything goes next week huh – you got it sistah!

  2. heather says:

    Haaa haa! I agree with Marti-anyone coming in to give a kid horrible tasting or smelling medicine should have a plan! My sick story is very similar-my son got medicine from the doctor when he was about 3 for some sort of virus and after he took it he started gagging and immediately spewed it all over his bed. I was crying and laughing aT the same time because he said it tasted like feet! :0)

  3. dianayee says:

    yes, I watched Dance Moms and its watching a train wreck! haven’t these moms thought about what their children’s future psychotherapy bills if their children watched their moms in action? now I’m going to need some art therapy just thinking about stupid people doing even doing stupider things.

  4. Oh yeah, lots of people saying things in front of kids that they shouldn’t.Glad you gave him an ear full and hopefully he remembers to keep his lip buttoned.
    I had my page almost done but I decided I didn’t like it and it was not worthy of being posted so I didn’t send it in. Maybe I’ll have something worthy for next week. Great pages Em – love the bunnies. I finger printed sheep on mine, and trees but that’s history now.

  5. Jennifer Bradley says:

    I am sorry I missed this week – I just ran out of time – so sad 🙁 I may do a “make up” page – lol but since I have a long weekend I should be able to squeeze the one in for this week 🙂

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