Hiya sistahs!

hope you had a great weekend.. I was “tending” to very sick kidlets all weekend.. it was no fun :(.. one is back in school and the other is pretending to sleep at home whilst playing his new ipod 🙂

Let’s discuss AJ MONDAY shall we?

This week’s theme was HEARTS.. per my little Jayden.. that was her request!

here we go!!!

now I am having issues with my blog.. not sure what is going on.. but bear with me k?

Christy’s page.. WELCOME CHRISTY!

Corey’s page

Deanna’s page

Jennifer’s page

Laura’s first entry to AJ monday! WOOHOO!!!

Leslie W’s PAGE.. 1st entry WOOHOO!

Lindabella’s page

Sheryl’s page

Violet’s page

and my page

used our new stampies 🙂  the GRUNGY KIT #1.. LOOOOOVE it! LOVE CROWNS and BARCODES 🙂

love the texture that the blotchy numbers give below!

LOOOVE AJ monday!  And I SOOOO love new sistahs gettin’ in on it..! Whoever is scared to try it, please please please give it a try! I promise you will love every minute you “mess around” (ohhh that don’t sound so good 😉 ).. in your journal!  I PROMISE YOU!

Next week’s theme……. WORDS.  When you sit down to work in your journal, document what words are coming to you at that moment.. what you are feeling.. and write them out.. decorate the letters.. stamp the words.. PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Mwah to da Artsy Fartsy sistahs!


P.S.  Please don’t be scared that bella is changing styles :)… We embrace new styles of stampies but will NEVAH stop with da WHIMSY… I promise.. I love to colour too much and I LOOOOVE cute images… You just wait for what is in store for you!








  1. lindaH says:

    the entries this week are SPECTACULAR! thanks Jayden for a great challenge. And I must say it here, I think this is one of the most beautiful faces you have ever drawn…me thinks someone has been practicing.

  2. Robin McK says:

    These pages are so fun – I look forward to them every week!

  3. Karen says:

    What beautiful, beautiful pages! The texture! The colour! The composition! Such wonderful expressions of creativity.
    Mwah to the bellas who embrace new styles and keep lovin’ the classics!

  4. jenlynnie says:

    i love that barcode crown!!! and everyone’s pages just rock!! can’t wait to see what everyone makes next week.

  5. Retro Dolly says:

    It was great fun to play along! Already brainstorming words, words, words…..

  6. Corey Robert says:

    Christy you rock! love your inspiration…I kinda had the same idea myself. It just goes to show you that two pages are never the same.
    I was afraid to do this challange ’cause I like perfection, but in this form of art there is none. It’s all about YOU and how YOU feel. Love you Emily and Dena for getting me started!

  7. paula says:

    AWESOME job ladies!! I am thinking up words myself…so far, no work this saturday. I may get some time!!

  8. Jhann says:

    i love aj`s am entering my two latest pages christmas is a comin and it`s on my mind!
    art journally is addicitive and so fun learning so much from this blogabella page. keep doing this!

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