and it was all about what was inspiring you this week….

So this week what inspired ME the most and continues to inspire me is CHEAP kraft paper… I just love the texture.. I love to stamp on it and I LOVE to colour with colored pencils on it.. they just POP.  If you follow me on instagram you may have seen this image of my “homely” girl… but it just shows what you can do on Kraft.  This paper I used was actually from a big “scratch pad” of paper I bought at the art supplies store.. 18*24 I believe and I cut it to the size i needed for my new “moley” (moleskine sketchbook). It was $3.10 LOL

In fact, I am SO inspired by this paper that I made my OWN journal with it… One night I was DETERMINED to make a journal with a long stitch (i was up until 2AM).  I have taken all of MARY ANN MOSS’S classes and just adore her.  The “recipe” for this book is from her FULL TILT BOOGIE class.  She is HILARIOUS and makes it so easy… she embraces imperfection.. that’s just my style.  Have I mentioned that I am obssessed with online classes? 🙂  I think I have taken every single one available to sistahkind….

here is the book I made using the long stitch.. my first attempt and I am happy with it :).  the front and back covers are 8*10 canvas boards that I am gonna paint.. it’s chunky , it’s juicy.. it’s kinda like me..LOL

and here’s the inside with my new inspiring paper

hehehehe.. ok now for my entry this week.  My little homely girl who has no self confidence :(… she is giving herself up for FREE (see the bingo card collage piece)..

let’s see the other sistahood entries shall we?

here's Corey's page

here's Violet's

ok so for AJ WEDNESDAY next week, let’s think of a theme… hmmm… Ok how about COLLAGE?  I want you to cut and paste and cut and cut and paste and paste and feel the joy I feel everytime I make a collage 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who will be dangerous with a pair of scissors.. LOL




  1. Cool journal. I like that brown/Kraft paper that is used for packing in my internet orders. It’s free and I get tons of it. I never through that away. Just smooth it out and store it in my scrap basket. Love your homely girl!

  2. dianayee says:

    hooray for kraft paper. I consider it to be less formal type of paper and so you can do more casual type of artwork with it, like doodling, messier stuff. Great that you made a journal with it.

  3. love all three!!! wasn’t able to participate this go ’round but already scheming for the collage page…

  4. Jennifer bradley says:

    That is so funny that you chose collage I was just looking through an art supplies catalog and they had 24 rolls of different colored masking tape and I thought it would be fun to buy for a collage. I have plenty of paper that will do the trick!!!

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