it’s AJ TOOSDAY sistahs!

And yes you were right.. Our NEWEST RELEASE will all be CLING MOUNTED.  Yes we all love naked rubbah don’t we?  but I have been getting incessant emails about mounting.. and decided to go for it :)… This will be starting ONLY with our newest release and we will be working backwards (LOL) to try to get everything mounted but it involves A LOT of work.. so we shall call it a CONSTANT work in progress to ultimately achieve the goal of having everything mounted.  The BETTER goal is that we are hoping this won’t involve a price change either :).. so best of both worlds right?  right!

Ok let’s discuss AJ TOOSDAY shall we?  The theme this week was ANYTHING GOES… sometimes it’s nice to have a ‘prompt’ and sometimes it’s nice to just let loose.. so please remember, even if I give a prompt,  EVERY WEEK is ESSENTIALLY a free week because you can submit anything you want and I will showcase it.  I believe so much in art journaling that I just want to share it with everyone.. that being said, let loose, have fun.. scribble, draw, drip, droop (LOL).. do what ever da HECK you want on a page and submit it.  come on.. I dare ya!

So let’s see what our little AJ sistahood came up with shall we?

Here's Leslie's page

Here's PINKY's page

Mary's page

and here's mary's second entry 🙂 I love second entries 🙂

And here's 7 year old Christian's page .. he's working with his mama mary above. WAY TO GO CHRISTIAN!!

and here is Violet's page

I got a little carried away this last week with “arting”  that I made a couple of AJ pages and some canvases have been born :).. if you follow me on IG, you will see a lot more samples but I will try my best to share with you here

I have been looking at this stamp for a long time… since it’s creation, I always loved it.  I can’t explain why.. She certainly is not our most popular stamp but I had to make her because she just made me happy.  She gave me such a good feeling so I had to clean her up and stamp her on BELLA’S BESTEST NEW VELLUM! (trying it out sistahs but so far looking amazing and will be for sale soon)…  Take a looky.  Her name is BUTTERFLY KISSES.  and because I love her so much, I wanted to share her so I put her on sale 🙂  you can find her in our “SPECIALS” tab. enjoy!

see her on the right? *sigh* she makes me happy

Here’s another one using our BE WHOO YOU ARE owl… He’s on the bottom right stamped on our vellum and colored in with prismacolor  pencils 🙂


Next week’s theme is to use CLOUDS somewhere on your page.. I love dreamy fluffy clouds :).  Again, you don’t have to follow this….  submit anything you feel like playing with 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who ARE SCARED to AJ but who will try 🙂

Mwah mwah



  1. dolores says:

    Beautiful pages everyone, really love the colors in Violets page.

  2. dianayee says:

    great inspirational content this week! thanks for sharing everyone!

  3. Pinky says:

    I think that AJ Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. I love seeing what ya’ll have been up to. Each time I open my journal I have a fear of “what is going to happen”, but truly it is so freeing just to play.

    Emily do you have a looking glass into my paper playground? I have a piece of cloud paper that has been sitting on my desk for weeks. Just waiting. Waiting for me to do something with it. Now I know where it will go!

    See ya’ll next week.

  4. Heather Goodson says:

    Leslie and Pinky I love the quotes you used and they made me feel so much better after a rather depressing week on my home front. Two people sick in our house so i had no time to journal (sigh!) I loved all the colours and all the different types of layering everyone did on their pages! You all made my day today! Thank you! Heather

  5. Keighkay says:

    Christian’s page is wonderful…. shows a lot of potential for a 7 year old. Mama Mary must be so proud! 🙂

  6. Jennifer Bradley says:

    I am so scared to try – I bought the book – have been looking at each challenge – but am so scared of creating without the bounds of a card!!!!!

    • Pinky says:

      Hi Jennifer – I think we all feel that way sometimes. I try not to look at the process having to be perfect. (In my former job I had to aim for perfection so that is a natural tendency for me) Art journalling is just pure fun – outcome doesn’t matter. Just play. It is fun. Pinky swear. 😉

      • Jennifer bradley says:

        I am thinking about it. I haven’t water colored in awhile and it would be nice to do it with out having to worry about matching it to patterned paper. I know we don’t have to use sv stamps or any stamps at all but I have been dying to use my uptown girl Ava. All right I am going to at least stamp the image now 🙂

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