I am SO OFF this week sistahs..LOL.  I am so sorry.  Ever have one of those weeks?

–trying to deal with HOCKEY ISSUES- can’t even get into it so frustrated!!!

–trying to deal with putting stuff on sale.. YUP on SALE!! I am on the BELLA section so if there ever was a Bella you wanted to purchase?  NOW IS THE TIME sistahs!  Because most of these will be discontinued along with a lot of the others on sale.. so don’t blink… BUY..LOL.  I know that feeling when you really want something and you wait and wait and then POOF! it’s gone :(.  Very frustrating!

— trying to keep my creative mojo alive

–preparing a release… yes.  don’t know when so keep on checking on da bloggypoo.. The reason why I can’t give a specific date is because I take so much care in the artwork.. so much care in sentiments, and meaning and image perfection that sometimes it takes me a bit longer than other companies who can release as they change their underwearS (don’t you hate people who say UNDERWEARS?  I know you’re saying it out loud now..LOL UNDERWEARSSSSSSS)..  Ok so enough about my VENTING..

A couple of things to share 🙂

So my Tyler is a hockey player as you know.. a goalie.. and his coach recently took a picture of him and unbeknownst to me, the picture made it on a poster for his goalie school!  I was so proud OMG.  You can tell it’s my “TY TY” (shhh don’t tell Tyler that I called him that in public..LOL)  because you will notice the Spider Man helmet :).. LOL

it’s him doing a glove “THAVE” (save.. he still has his lisp God bless this child..LOL)

Oh and if you are local and want to enroll your child in this school.. it is WONDERFUL :).. just a little pluggity plug (what’s WRONG with me today?  I need to get out more..LOL)

Ok and now for our AJ TOOSDAY on WENNSDAY theme..  I wanted you to make PACKING TAPE TRANSFERS.. we only had one entrant and 3 from me..LOL.  I just want you to see how easy and what a great element it may be to add to your art.. to your cards.. etc.. and SOOO EASY! and can be done in both black and white and colour!

So Here is Heather G’s entry!  She used color photos for her transfers.. GORGEOUS!

Isn’t it FUN???

The one thing I want to try is to use either a MATTE or ULTRA MATTE medium on top of the tape to take away the sheen.. that’s next on my laundry list.

here are mine

you'll notice the tall birdcage.. that is the transfer!

here you will see the vintage botanical image on the left.. that is a transfer!

Here the vintage ladies' face is a transfer

transfers are so nice as they add a layer and allow you to see the layer beneath it.. YUM!

Ok now for next week’s theme… hmmmmm

Use a vintage photograph on your page.. look online for one.. or use an authentic family one.. and write about it… incorporate it into your page somewhere (it’s terrible.. I call these images “DEAD PEOPLE pictures” LOL… )

Ok sistahs..  off to continue to whine to myself




  1. Amandabella says:

    Ok, so yes I was saying “underwearsssss” thank you very much and congrats on Tylers poster! I hope you get one to frame for his room.

  2. Heather Goodson says:

    Emily I really like the images you chose for your transfers! There are many ways to do image transfers. Using gel medium is one of them! I took a workshop on them years ago when Busy Bees in Toronto was still Great Impressions. They were a tad more complicated than packing tape transfers, but I like them a lot better! I too find the packing tape too shiny. The ones with gel medium are less of a “perfect” transfer and have cool imperfections, bubble spots, pieces missing, etc but they look so much more vintage and have a “ghostly apperance” I think you’d love them! There were also some transfers with watercolour paper. Have fun with your transfers and good luck with your hockey issues!

  3. Violet says:

    Great picture of Ty! I can see why they chose it for the poster.
    Love the transfers. I really meant to do one but ran out of time. A great site for old photos is the Graphic Fairy.

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