Hiya sistahs!  Where have you been?  It’s been crazy around here with Thanksgiving and the long weekend.. don’t ask.  I decided to host it this year which means I had to COOK.  Tyler looked at me in horror saying “MOM.. but you DON’T cook”..LOL.. Little does he know that his MAMA does cook.. and I showed HIM..LOL

On Sunday we invited two other families and their kids and the preparations began at 7AM… my first turkey.. and I think it came out BEYOOTIFUL

Whaddya think?

Tyler helped me baste all morning

my weight watchers stuffing going into the oven

My weight watchers zuchhini casserole... I have NO IDEA who tasted that little piece missing 😉

And much much more but that’s what was documented and instagrammed…

Hope my fellow Canadian sistahs had a great Thanksgiving too.  So much to be thankful for really 🙂

So today is AJ TOOSDAY on WEDNESDAY.. But I think I am missing a couple of entries.. so if I missed yours, please email me and I will put it up right away!

The theme this week was documenting your life with ephemera and stick it all down and make a page out of it 🙂

Here's Angelique's page

here's Pinky's page

and here’s my page which has NOTHING to do with this week’s theme but i went NOWHERE to collect stuff LOL

Next week’s theme is a FREE FOR ALL.. just do anything you feel like on a page and send it in to me!!

can’t wait to see 🙂

Now don’t forget to post a comment on our bellarific friday post from last week for a chance to win $10 in bella buckeroonis!

Mwah to my BEEYOOTIFUL sistahs



  1. dianayee says:

    beautiful turkey and you had such a great sous-chef helping with the basting too. Is that an account ledger book that you used this week?

  2. Susan P says:

    Only just looked at your blog. Your WW food looks good. How did it taste?

  3. Leslie W. says:

    The turkey and the AJ pages all look so yummy! Already repinned the zucchini casserole…can’t wait to try it!

  4. Angelique says:

    So glad you had such a great Thanksgiving, glad you enjoyed my Halloween card. I had fun doing it.

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