Card Samples

Check out what our BB’s are up to!

not blackberry’s..LOL although I am CONSTANTLY checking my blackberry hmph

look at Betty Bombshell on Linda’s blog.. OMG.. beautiful?  and her use of the nesties and coloring and the use of the Bella dots as bubbles? YUM!

Check out Karen Motz’s blog and her card using happy neighborhood and my beeyoootiful bonbons.. they are the PERFECT embellishment (in MHO..LOL)

Don’t forget to enter our CHALLENGE! winner receives a $10 shopping gift 🙂

and stay TOONED for more cards from our BELLARIFIC BABES Nicky, Dana, Monique, Paula, and Jen!


oh, and we have confirmed a date for the upcoming stamp release.. OMG.. it is worth waiting for but I am not sure I can!  the release will be March 6th and I will try to post a sample to tantalizzzzzzzzzzzze and teazzzzzzzzzzzzzze da sistahs

mwah from da MEANIE



  1. Stephanie Eisele says:

    New release on March 6th!!!! So cool…………….My birthday is March 7th so I can spend my birthday money on Bella’s. WOOOO WHOOO!!!

  2. next release is 6 days before my birthday 🙂

    off to play! 😀

  3. Karen Motz says:

    Yummy!!! More new stamps from da Bella…yippeeeeeeee!

  4. crystalbella says:

    I don’t call it my BlackBerry anymore…..I call is my CrackBerry because I am addicted to it. LOL Sounds like you are too Em! Between that (my crackberry) and Bella stamps….I might has well put a stamp pad…er gun to my head. :o)

  5. Liz says:

    You guys are hysterical ! I’m new to stamping, and still have a lot to learn, but my very first purchase (ever) for stamping was a Bella !
    Love it ! Liz

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