Marker Geek Monday (on Tuesday): Playing with Watercolour!

Hey hey! Elaineabella here with your usual dose of Marker Geek Monday colouring fun, except…it’s Tuesday! Don’t ask – Monday was a blur.

There is no Crazy Tuesday this week – the warehouse are working flat out getting all the new release orders out to you, that’s all the crazy they can handle!

Before all the NEW RELEASE shenanigans last week, I shared a little waffle about colouring mediums for colouring stamped images: Marker Geek Monday Colouring Mediums for Colouring Stamps. In that post I promised I would do a little more with watercolour/water based supplies, and here I am! I’ve got a few fun cards to share, hopefully showing that you can create beautiful, fun cards with whatever you have!

Stamping Bella Marker Geek Monday: Playing with Watercolour!

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Marker Geek Monday: A Quick Tease!

Hi everyone, Elaineabella here! Unfortunately I don’t have a Marker Geek Monday post for you today – I’ve been so busy that I just didn’t manage to get it finished.

Why have I been so busy? There’s a new release on the way! No firm details on dates as yet, but Emily gave me permission to give you a little sneaky peeky to prove I haven’t just been slacking off, so here goes…

Stamping Bella March 2017 Release Tease

Seriously can’t wait to share them all with you – it is another F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. release with so much stamping fun. I’ve had a sneak peek of some of the cards the Babes are creating too and OH MY! You should definitely perch on the edge of your seats and watch this space…

See you next week with the usual Marker Geek Monday post. In the meantime, I’ve got colouring to finish, videos to edit and cards to make…eek!



Marker Geek Monday: Copic Marker Basics Part 4

Hey everyone, Elaineabella here with this week’s Marker Geek Monday post!

Today we’re following on from the last few weeks and my Copic Marker Basics Part 1, Copic Marker Basics Part 2, and Copic Marker Basics Part 3 posts. I hope you’re finding this series of posts useful. This week, in the final post of this series, we’re going to look at some general tips and miscellaneous info that didn’t fit into the previous posts.

Marker Geek Monday - Copic Basics Part 4

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Marker Geek Monday: Colouring Wood using Copic Markers

Hey everyone! Elaineabella here and I’m back with the very first Marker Geek Monday of 2017! I know, we’re nearly at the end of January, where have I been? Well, a horrendous lingering cold and the craziness of the NEW RELEASE left me very little time or mojo! Thankfully I’m feeling better and the new release is of course now revealed and available to order. Since we have a new release, I thought I should probably give you some colouring tips and inspiration to go with it. Let’s get stuck in!

Marker Geek Monday - Copic Coloring Wood with Kissing Booth Squidgy at Stamping Bella! Click through for video and tips.

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