bellarific friday

Bellarific Friday on SATURDAY!

Hiya sistahs,

I am so sorry for the delay.. this release just about KILLED me… so many images.. so little time….know what i mean?  THEN, I had to prepare the kidlets and Ryan as they were going to a sleepaway camp for a “”tryout” for a weekend.. to see how the kids liked it.. so Ryan and two other dads.. took the kids… AND THEN.. well I was so happy to be alone, I forgot about Bellarific friday!  All you moms out there understand no? LOLOLOL

So here I am in a QUIET house, with my KEURIG MOCHA COCONUT.. honestly my FAVORITE FLAVOR thus far  (thank you susan!!).. and I am in heaven… and peace! LOL

So here I gooooo…

Let’s give out some VOUCHAH’s shall we?

Winnah for CONTRIBUTIN’ goes to… ($20 vouchah)

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

3-JANE YOU WIN!  please email me and I will send your $20 vouchah!

Timestamp: 2012-06-09 14:35:46 UTC


Now for a COMMENTAYTIN’ winnah ($20 in bella buckeroonis)

goes to

True Random Number Service

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

4-Debbie B !  you win!  please email me and I will send you your $10 vouchah

Timestamp: 2012-06-09 14:40:34 UTC

Ok now for this week’s theme…. MASCULINE!  A Masculine card.. colours..

If you don’t see your card here it’s because there was a little glitch and I erased a whole file 🙁  If you don’t see your card please please please email me and I will put it up!

Ok here are our baberoonis cards..

Cathabella used THE BIG GUY GRILLING


Kathybella used UPTOWN GIRL LUCILLE sends her love

Lindabella used an image from PAULABELLA’S SUMMER DAYS set

Natashabella used MOODY FINGERS

Paulabella used VINTAGE HI WHEEL and eclectic backgrounds CHECKER and FRENCH SCRIPT

Here’s Paulineabella’s card using our new DADDY’S SHOES stamp


now is that EYE CANDEEE or WHAT?  SIGHHH I wish I was half as talented as our babehood and sistahood!

Ok now for our sistahood!  (again, if you don’t see your card here, it’s because I deleted my original file in error.. please resend!)

Angela used BEERAFELLA

Corey used JUST MY TYPE

Gaby da minibella used KILO WATT

Lindsay used CHEFFABUGG



Maria (Gabs' mom) used KILO WATT


These are FAMAZING!!!! (hehehehe.. i like this word)..

Next week’s theme is CHOOSE A SKETCH OF YOUR CHOICE that we used throughout the year..use a bella stamp.. whichever one.. and have fun!

see you monday for AJ monday!

mwah mwah mwah






  1. Carol W says:

    Fabulous, gorgeous, bellarific! Need I say more.

  2. lindaH says:

    maybe if you are really lucky they will like it so much they will stay a week! LOL!!!! when our kids were little they used to go to ‘camp grandma and grandpa’ for a week in the summer…kids loved it, grandma and grandma loved it and they had places planned to take them everyday, mark loved it…but NOBODY loved it more than I!

  3. Sandi N. says:

    Guy cards are so hard… these are all fabulous!!

  4. Heidi H says:

    Inspiring!! Nice work, everyone!

  5. Robb_eeie says:

    Some beautiful entries this week, and *man* cards are difficult for me as well. But I still favour my original Bella Men … would love to see a few more of those added to the line ~~~~ Yes I know Em, just what you need, more things added to the List 🙂
    BTW, how is the dandylion killer doing? Haven’t heard any recent gardening stories about the *Mad* woman out poking holes in the lawn. Heheheheeee 😉

  6. Diana.L says:

    I always have trouble with male cards! Thanks for the inspirations!

  7. DianaY says:

    thanks for all the manly inspiration!

  8. Debbie B says:

    Great ideas for fathers’ day cards. Good job everyone.

  9. Mary J says:

    Flippin’ gorgeous inspiration!!

  10. Susan P says:

    Great selection of masculine cards.

  11. Mary J says:

    Fab cards! And what a great idea for the next challenge – now just to choose one!

  12. Leslie W. says:

    Great cards again this week!

  13. Lori M says:

    Great cards, everyone. That vintage bike is really neat!

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