bellarific friday

BellaRIFFIC FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

Ok, every friday I am gonna begin the post by saying.. “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT”S FRIDAY ALREADY?”.. I know it’s boring but it’s da TROOF (truth)..  I really don’t know where the time goes sistahs!!  It’s been crazy here since the release of our exclusive Quickutz Die and we soooo appreciate the positive feedback and the enthusiasm!  ThaSS da WAY I LIKKKKE IT!!!!  Hope you had a great week!  The entries this week are outstanding as usual and honestly? it is my SHEER pleasure to post them for everyone to see!  So sit back, get a cuppa java and enjoy! MWAH!

Here was the challenge this week

Let’s see what da BABES have been up to for this challenge!

Nickabella made a STUNNING card using Suzette Ketto.. This was Nicky’s layout and boy did she get it right! LOL.. look at those BUTTONS!

Danabella made a gorgeous card using Chichiboulie’s  POLLY PACKAGES..

So colourful! so BEEYOOTIFUL!

Dana also made a card on her blog using BEEDAY HUGGABUGG.  In that card she used our cotton candy bonbons which are sooo magically bright!  She also used the Blossom Nestabilities and American Crafts RUTH BUTTONHAM paper (how cute are those names?) GORGEROUS!

Jenabella made a stunning card using ADDY TUDE.. shhhh don’t tell anyone but we have a few more ADDY’s comin’! shhhhhh. Look how BEAUTIFULLY Jen colored, and the bonbons.. and the DIVA stamp (which comes with Addy) on the border randomly stamped.. OMG YUMMMMO!!!

Joannabella made a gorgeous card using TYLER THE JOCK.

Is this not TDF?  the colors.. the COLORING!  LOVE IT!

Karenabella made a stunning card using STELLA HAS HER FIX and she used one of our Bella Badges! from Stella’s Love Set!  How clever! Love the card!!

Lindabella made a gorgeous card using BlueBell BITTYBLOOM.  Is she not DEEEEVINE??? and I love that I now see that “think pink” is so versatile and can really be used on anything PINK! (I am so slow I know).. Check out the coloring..OMG.  Linda also has a BEEYOOTIFUL card on her blog today using LOVEY HUGGABUGG… GRRRR… me wanna color like DAT.

Paulabella made a card using Stella’s Goin’ Shoppin’

I need to do another HMPH re. coloring..LOL  HMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  Stella just comes to life!  Paula also made a card here using Stella has something to say and using Bella Boulevard sweet celebration paper.. YUMMY!!

Sarahbella made a GORGEOUS LAYOUT based on this sketch using Cosmocricket Snorkel and Girl Friday .. yum yum yum!

Shannanabella made a beeyooooootifullll card using Patricia Birthday Cake. LOOOVE IT!!!!!

And here is my contribution 🙂 using my FAVORITE STUNNING PHENOM new CRATE PAPER.  I used monstah bash to match da paypah.  Also posted the new “from the gang” sentiment.. so cute with da monstahs 🙂 and 10 mm glittah dots in poppy .  I layered 5mm bonbons in the middle.. LOVE the dimension.. YUM!

And NOW for da sistahood’s contribution!  THEY ARE SOOO GOOD!



Barb Wesley used SUZETTE KETTO

Barb Wesley used SUZETTE KETTO

Brenda Martin used DAISYBELLA

Brenda Martin used DAISYBELLA

Callie Zenner used Beachabella

Callie Zenner used Beachabella

Carolyn Orgar used PUFF

Carolyn Orgar used PUFF

Catherine Levy used MAISY KETTO

Catherine Levy used MAISY KETTO

Christine Michanos used AGNES KETTO

Christine Michanos used AGNES KETTO

Debra Grady used EMMYBELLA

Debra Grady used EMMYBELLA

Ebru Vatansever used HAPPY FLOWERS

Ebru Vatansever used HAPPY FLOWERS

Jane Bracht used SUCK IT UP STELLA

Jane Bracht used SUCK IT UP STELLA

Janet Rossi used FLOWAHBELLA

Janet Rossi used FLOWAHBELLA

Jeanette Smith used CUPPYCAKE with a HUGGABUG on top

Jeanette Smith used CUPPYCAKE with a HUGGABUG on top

Jennine Chambers used CAKEABELLA

Jennine Chambers used CAKEABELLA

Jessica Willison used KRISTA'S FLOWERS

Jessica Willison used KRISTA'S FLOWERS

Josee Boileau used TATIANA KETTO

Josee Boileau used TATIANA KETTO

Julie Masse used Charlotte Ketto

Julie Masse used Charlotte Ketto

Karen Wilson used SPOSABELLA

Karen Wilson used SPOSABELLA

Karen Daley used GOLFAFELLA

Karen Daley used GOLFAFELLA

Lindsy Harness used giftabella with hat

Lindsy Harness used giftabella with hat

Louise Charlton used Margarita Ketto

Louise Charlton used Margarita Ketto

Michelle Leishman used little EMMY

Michelle Leishman used little EMMY

Nancy Ball used MONSTAH BASH

Nancy Ball used MONSTAH BASH

Patricia Kido used KENYA KETTO

Patricia Kido used KENYA KETTO

Rebecca Power used MISSMATCH KETTO

Rebecca Power used MISSMATCH KETTO

Siobahn Kline used SAKE KETTO

Siobahn Kline used SAKE KETTO

Stefanie Summerer used CAKEY WATT

Stefanie Summerer used CAKEY WATT

Tammy Hershberger used MATILDA MUFFINBREAD

Tammy Hershberger used MATILDA MUFFINBREAD

Tracy Cornhill used TEACUP DAISIES

Tracy Cornhill used TEACUP DAISIES



Terri Dodd used KENYA KETTO

Terri Dodd used KENYA KETTO


Now don’t forget a coupla things

One of our submissions will win a $20 Bella Bucks prize AND…

One of our PEANUT GALLERY commentator’s will win a $20 bella bucks card as well! just place a comment and I will announce da winnahs on MONDAY!

Now for our winnah of da SCRAPPY TOOSDAY contest 🙂

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Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-05-29 17:56:55 UTC


Enjoy sistahs!


MWAH to da sistahs who love to hippity HOP



  1. Rebecca says:

    Great cards everybody! Love those Ketto’s!

  2. Lisa V says:

    great cards, I don’t see mine that I sent in a couple of days ago 🙁 so I will link you to it
    here’s my entry

  3. Mary S. says:

    Great cards!! Love all the great ideas I’m getting….love all of them!!

  4. What a great collection of cards and a fabulous sketch too! Looking forward to the hop tomorrow!

  5. What incredible cards! Must get some Ketto’s.

  6. Vicki Burns says:

    Such great cards! Congrats to Amy. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Hippity hoppity, Kettos are on their way!

  7. Alison says:

    Oh la la!!! I love all of the cards posted this week…they are to die for. I would love to win a GC for Stampin Bella cuz I have alot of things in my cart…pick me, pick me PLEASE!!!!

  8. Ebru says:

    Oh my !! what lovely entries. All the cards are just gorgeous. Emily, it is going to be a touch one to choose. Have a great weekend sistah’s….

  9. Courtney says:

    I love the one by Linda using the Bluebell stamp. So gorgeous!

  10. jen says:

    This was a great sketch- and sooo much pretty work!!! Love ’em all!

  11. Julie Masse says:

    Wonderful cards – I love all variety of stamps and colors! they all look so pretty with the sketch!! 🙂

  12. Jessica says:

    Yummy eye candy!!! My shopping list just gets longer and longer.

  13. These entries are so wonderful to view and get some awesome ideas!
    It just blows me away every week, the amount of talent out there!!
    Emily…please don’t stop these contests…the inspiration is to die for!!

  14. Diana Stout says:

    GREAT cards everyone. I really liked this sketch, I just didn’t have time to get my card in 🙁

    At least I still have a chance to win with the comments thingie.

  15. Lia S says:

    all the cards are wonderful! One of these days I’ll steal some time to submit my own entry! hmph!

  16. Brenda says:

    Wonderful cards!! Everyone did an outstanding job.

  17. Karen Motz says:

    Fabulous cards!!! I love Bellarific Fridays!!!

  18. Beth Scott says:

    Beautiful cards ladies. Love what everyone is doing. Can’t wait for the hop to begin.

  19. Nicole K says:

    These are really great cards, but I’m really in love with the Ketto stamps. Really cool…

  20. Janet R says:

    as always amazing cards!!! 🙂

  21. carla says:

    wowza! my first bellas are on order right now…and wow… love love love the creations!

  22. Gabriela says:

    Great cards everyone!!! It was a great sketch, unfortunately I couldn’t play this week… WHHAAAA (that is me crying).

    I can’t wait to see the KETTO Blog Hop. YIPPPEEE (that is me happy).

  23. Kimberly M says:

    All these cards are fabulous!!!

  24. Karen Wilson says:

    FANTASTIC work girls! WOW! I look fwd to every Friday..ok, and Monday and now Tuesdays! LOL! So much inspiration on here!!

    Have a wonderful wknd everyone!

  25. Carisa says:

    those are great! i love this sketch and am filing it away for another day! whoo hoo, looking forward to tomorrow!

  26. Jess Willison says:

    Another great Bellarific Friday! What an amazing bunch of cards! I totally look forward to every Friday to see everyone’s creations!

    See you all hopping tomorrow!

  27. Stefanie Summerer says:

    Love all of the cards! This was an awesome sketch to work with.

  28. April says:

    OMG!!! All of those creations are great. It just makes me want more and more bella stamping goodies. So many fun things to color so little time!!! Great job everyone……

  29. Tracy C. says:

    Beautiful cards this week everyone. I’m hoping to catch the Ketto Hop. (fingers crossed!)

  30. Wow what eyecandy! Loved the sketch, still have to find some time to use it…

  31. Cathy Groden says:

    WOW… it started with a great layout and grew. Each Bella stamp came to life here – can’t tell you how many cards I have added to my “love this try this later” folder. So glad it’s Friday and I actually have time to make later, now! Thanks for sharing everyone.

  32. Terri says:

    Super cute cards…I sent mine in but I don’t see it posted ;-( Maybe next time!

  33. Linda w says:

    Every one of these cards is fabulous. Let’s see, if I cased each card I would be busy for weeks. Sounds like a good plan to me.

    thanks much

  34. molly says:

    Em you are so right the weeks are just flying by….I love Fridays and not just cause its the start to the weekend…I get to see all the fab challenge entries…wow!! there are some really talented ladies…so glad that I don’t have to make the choice for a winner…mwah back to see you Monday chicky

  35. Alexis Smith says:

    Everyone did such a beautiful job!! They are all gorgeous!!

    So many great ideas

  36. MICHELLE A says:


  37. Callie says:

    a blog hop? how fun! can’t wait for that!! super cute cards everyone contributed this week. see you all tomorrow for the hoppity hop!!

  38. Leslie G. says:

    Great cards ladies – I’m sorry I wasn’t able to participate this week.

  39. Lisa M. says:

    what beautiful cards everyone produced! So many ideas! Great job ladies!

  40. Lisa P. says:

    Gorgeous cards as always ladies! Keep up the great work sistas! LOL!

  41. Jennine says:

    Wow! Those cards are amazing. The talent submitted is amazing. How you can pick just one is beyond me. Looking forward to more! ~Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  42. Kelly Braund says:

    Wow, lots of great stuff!

  43. All of these card creations are INCREDIBLE! Amazing works of art, ladies! Truly amazing.

  44. Tara says:

    These cards are gorgeous!!! Thanks for the inspiration : )

  45. Jane B. says:

    Beautiful cards everyone! Can’t wait for next week’s challenge!

  46. Siobhan says:

    I love seeing everyones take on the sketch! This was a fun one! Beautiful creations everyone!

  47. Josée Boileau says:

    Lots of inspirations in there, I love this blog!!

  48. Julie E says:

    I am loving all the eye candy – Joannabella’s is great, perfect for daboys!!

  49. Laurie P. says:

    Once again, I’m amazed at the great cards everyone made this week. The colouring was really terrific on so many of them – they just glowed! Great job, ladies!

  50. Each one is cuter than the next. Everyone did a great job. Loved them all.

  51. Lindsy says:

    What a great bunch of cards ~ I am LOVIN’ all the bright summery colors the sistahs are using :o)

  52. Christy McMillan says:

    Fabulous Sketch! Everyone has done such a great job! How can you not with Bella stamps???? 🙂

  53. AngieF says:

    Wow- great cards, ladies! =o)

  54. Yvette says:

    Wow! I loved all the projects! So wonderful!!

  55. Tracey says:

    So many gorgeous projects!!

  56. Janet B says:

    These are all gorgeous

  57. Can’t wait each week to see what we’re going to do next week. Just love the cards this week. Wtg sistahs!!!!

  58. Mary Jane D. says:

    Great cards! Such wonderful inspiration.

  59. Fabulous cards!! I LOVE the bellas!!! I want them ALL!! 🙂 And the sketch was super fun to do!
    Here’s my card:

  60. Jennifer Bradley says:

    Can these cards be any cuter!?! Great work everyone!

  61. Joan says:

    Ketto is taking over the world!!!!!! 🙂 Love all the Lime Ricky paper- my current favourite!

  62. Jami Rudd says:

    Great cards everyone!!

  63. Renee says:

    Super job ladies, keep up the great work!

  64. Sarah says:

    Great job everyone…love all the inspiration I’m getting from looking at your work!!

  65. Mary says:

    Great job DT did on all those lovely cards.

  66. Jessica says:

    Gorgeous gallery as always. Well, first I LOVED Atty-Tude – she always cracks me up. One of my faves this time however has got to be Jeanette Smith’s CUPPYCAKE & HUGGABUG card. Love cupcakes and the HB is just too darn adorable.

  67. Marissa says:

    LOVE all the eye candy!!! WOW oh WOW!!!

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