Release Day!

15% off your whole order cuz it’s been a while :) code : october2012.. Happy Release Day Sistahs!

**ALSO PLEASE NOTE.. I will be posting some images that will be discontinued in our sales section.. first come first serve and once they are done, they are done 😉 **


Ok so I couldn’t wait until I leave for weight watchers to post some goodies.. so HERE GOES… da REFRESHATHON begins!!!

Meet THE HAPPY FAMILY by Rheea.. I couldn’t WAIT to colour these babies up.. (yes I colour.. and yes I MISSED IT.. haven’t done it in sooo long).. I am all about the simple card.. focusing on my passion.. the image and the colouring.. ok and maybe a little Washi TAPE… but that’s it.. simple.. and gorGe.  KEEP refreshing throughout the day to see more goodies

meet uptown girl WINONA loves WINTER

and here’s Elaineabella’s card

Outstanding if I do say so myself 🙂

I’m BAAAACK.. and down 4.8 pounds sistahs!  I am sooo thrilled especially since I enjoyed this week of eating.. FINALLY in control.

So I mentioned that we are releasing a new BELLA’S BESTEST paper..  KRAFT in 8.5*11  It’s GORGEOUS.. you all know that Kraft is the new BLACK.. you can use it for ANYTHING.. it matches EVERYTHING.. it’s like JEANS..LOL  So here’s a sample of me playing around and blending on it.. copic is the base and the shading is done with prismacolor and mineral spirits.. PLEASE NOTE I didn’t study colors.. just picked out of my bucket and went for it :).. gorgeous! you can find the new paper HERE

Refreshathon continues!

Have you asked me for a RAMONA stamp lately?  umm YES YOU HAVE!! So let’s get to it!

Ramona has met a new winter friend and her DEELISH.. has a bit of an identity crisis but deelish nonetheless

Meet PENGUIDEER (his actual name, *ahem* is MISTER penguin)

and here is Danabella’s card.. isn’t it amazing when it goes from black and white to colour?  that’s what makes stamping so magical!

do I need to have an attendance sheet?  Anybuddy here watching?  let me know what you think!

Here is Ramona getting ACTIVE.. she loves to glide.  You can find her here

And here is REGAbella’s card

And here is MISTER Penguin goes for a ride.. kinda like a hitchhiker no?  but a cute one!

And here Ramona is SHARING her hot chocolate with MISTER PENGUIN.. lol.. can you tell I love mister penguin?

meet MISTER penguin helps Ramona 🙂

and here is Paulineabella’s card

and here is UPTOWN GIRL BUBBLES loves her BUBBLY

and here’s CARLABELLA’s BUBBLES’ card

and the inside

and here is another RHEEA creation called  A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR YOU (card to follow tomorrow)  she’s sending her little gift by “air mail” for Christmas.. SWEET!


and here is my card using A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR YOU


Oh another UPTOWNIE you ask?  I LOOVE them.. They are called UPTOWN GIRLS THE THREE AMIGAS.. LOL.. I love the quote/toast I put with it 🙂  Makes me happy .. they are one of my FAVORITEST images


and here is FROSTIER

and here’s Paulineabella’s card

Here is the REINDEER and the BIRDIE

and here is Paulineabella’s card


and here’s CATHABELLA’s card

And here is uptown girl BIANCA and her BIG CAKE.. i need a bite.. I think a bite alone would be 566 points LOL.. but BIANCA has NOTHING to worry about hmph

SOOOOO whaddya think so far??? HMMMM??

off to pick up kidlets from school.. will be back in about 45 minutes… be good… talk amongst yourselves..LOL  or you can discuss on this thread on SPLITCOAST!

i’m baaaaack

meet HOW TO MAKE A SNOWMAN.. I love this image.. so playful and fun!

and Regabella’s card

How about some MO’S??? hmmmmm?


and Henry with wreath OF COURSE! What’s a Hannah without a Henry?

and now for some art journaling stamps.. but they aren’t only for art journaling ya know…  They are for inspirational cards, or any other type of cards.. samples to follow maybe tomorrow 🙂

now if you know me, you know I love collage.. so much so that if my kids aren’t moving for a second, I would stick a piece of paper or a wrapper on THEM..LOL.. I love the art of just randomly sticking vintage or new papers, wrappers, bills etc in my art journal.  But collage doesn’t stop at papers ya know.  COLLAGE STAMPING is an amazing thing too… wanna see? K.

Here is our “foundation” stamp for this set.. it’s a brick wall with inspirational words that you can stamp IN the bricks.. you can also write in the bricks.. color in the bricks.. it’s never ending!  You can use the wall alone for a textured background.. the possibilities are endless i tell ya and I will show you.

here’s THE WALL with words.. now don’t think I am weird ok.. LOL.. Trust me when I say that this stamp will be carried in your kit at all times 🙂

Now are you ready for some “COLLAGE ELEMENTS” or COLLAGE “GRAFFITI”  to stamp on your wall?  HMMM?? keep in mind that these stamps can be used on their own beautifully or can be used to “decorate your wall with different inks, embossing etc”… FUNNNNNNN  see? I told you I loved collage!

Here is our set of journal your art out happy  silhouettes GRAFFITI to go on your wall or to be used alone.. so inspiring.. so uplifting!  sometimes when ya just don’t know what to write.. these could just “capture” that feeling no?

Here’s a sample card I did.. I stamp “collaged” one of my silhouettes right on the wall and stamped a little word.. and also used the scraps of ephemera and washi tape on my table…. have I mentioned that I love Washi tape lately?  I could EAT it.  LOL.. and my “points PLUS” calculater says it’s 0 POINTS.. WOOHOOOO!

You can see that the same application can be done with all of the “graffiti” I have made for this wall . FUN NO???

and now here’s our NATURE GRAFFITI stamp  for our wall.. or of course they are GORGE on their own.. no?

look at this for a sample for a sympathy card

and here I mixed from the graffiti set AND the nature set…  FUN! a little messy but YUMMALISH nonetheless 🙂

and here’s more GRAFFITI for the wall.. including some “spillage”.. set of two


here’s what it would look like on “DA WALL”


and FINALLY some journal your art out JAVA spills to decorate your journals 🙂 (and less cleanup..LOL)

And that my dear sistahs, is the end of a GORGEOUS release 🙂

Now go shopping.. tell your friends LOL because I will not be having a sale for a long time :).. and Christmas is coming and Chanukah! LOL

Mwah to da sistahs who feel REFRESHED.
















  1. Denise says:

    woohoo!!! new stuff and a discount too!!! thanks! 🙂 how long does the special discount last?

  2. Patti J. says:

    Squeal! My refresher finger is itching and twitching! Your coloring is gorgeous!!! Woo hoo – AND a sale? Wowzers… Laters, baby – good luck with your date with the scale 🙂

  3. Elaineabella says:

    Love it when you colour!!

  4. dianayee says:

    hooray for Happy Release Day! (which could be interpretated in other ways by someone looking over my shoulder) but it means more stamping goodness for us all.

  5. Carolyn P. says:

    How’d your first week of WW go for you?

  6. Katherine says:

    Love Winona! When will Charlie by the Chimney be available so I can order them at the same time?

  7. Cath Groden says:

    Yup I’m here and lovin’ your coloring! Happy family is definitely going in my cart. And Kraft paper and Ramona and Winona … Keep Em coming! I’m at lunch and impatient!

  8. Dana White says:

    Love the release so far & that the Bella coloured a sample. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Kraft paper. Congrats on the 4.8!!

  9. Patti J. says:

    Dear Santa, I want it all. And like ‘patience’, I want it now! Oh my, oh my….lovin’ them all!

  10. Maria H says:

    just happily checking in! I love the Ramonas!!! keep them coming!!

  11. dena says:

    WOW…..these are outstanding!
    Well done on a simply fantastic release.

  12. mary says:

    very cute and i LOVE the art journal stamps especially…the brick wall is awesomearooni

  13. Dia says:

    Yay, my order is in, now can you change my credit card to show your store as longos or superstore?

  14. April says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!! I love them all… Going to fill my cart now!!

  15. Leslie G says:

    Excellent work on the 4.8 Em – keep up the good work! One day at a time! Now this release? AWESOME!!!!!!! You’re killing me with all the Ramonas and snowmen and Uptown Girls! You know I believe Ramona was my daughter in a former life so I must get them all!! Fantabulous release!!!!

  16. Karen says:

    Wowzer! There are some fantastic stamps here. Amazing release, possibly best ever (though I think that every single time…).

  17. lindaH says:

    {sigh}…i think i love that wall! I think I might need that wall.

  18. Darci says:

    Holy HUGE release Batman! OMG…you made my day, all of the new stamps are gorrrrgeoussss! Thank you. now I just have to decide which ones I can get (or major hardness!)

  19. Susan P says:

    Good Luck with the new release Emily. Plenty of choice there and great card examples. How is WW going?

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